NanoPi Duo2 support?

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Not sure if this is the right forum, or it should be under board bringup....

I have a few Duo2 boards running with the FriendlyElec image, but my OrangePi boards all run Armbian... I do prefer Armbian :-) . Playing around a little I can get the Nanopi Neo Air image running, but not with the wired ethernet. (My boards reside on my own design with a ethernet jack, which works perfect with the FE/FA image)

I have the Armbian build environment running in a VM, and can compile my own kernel etc. ButI need a few pointers how to get the right board config in the image/kernel....

Or... Does someone already have a build setup running for the Duo2, who is willing to share it? 


Thanks in advance for your time..!



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