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  2. I have now tried adding board_name=hc1 usbstoragequirks=0x2537:0x1066:u,0x2537:0x1068:u as well as setenv board_name "hc1" setenv usbstoragequirks "0x2537:0x1066:u,0x2537:0x1068:u" to boot.ini directly. Neither seem to have any effect whatsoever, on the model shown when ssh-ing to the machine or on the sata drives being missing after reboot. Cold boot make sata drives appear but does nothing to MOTD. The only way I can change the MOTD is by using armbian-config. After the reboot the MOTD says HC1 but sata drives are gone. Cold boot after that restores the drives while keeping the
  3. I made the same experience as Adrian. Many of us use armbian for production in Soho or as smart home appliance, so I think it should come as a proper Linux system, not Just as a development playground to be reflashed after a few days. This behaviour basically renders htop useless, because if you have e.g. nextcloud running you only see lots of threads of one server and this have to config htop every time again, which is so annoying! In 20 years of Debian usage I haven't seen any script messing with another packages configuration or a script rewriting all users configuratio
  4. Need to check armbian-config, but you can try this in the mean time:
  5. According to your logs, not really: It's not very well tested upgrade path - if you are coming from some old build, a clean install is recommended. But that solo doesn't explain this odd behaviour. I am having one Cubietruck in the quality assurance lab and it performs within expectations, #28 Perhaps firewall rules are responsible for speed downgrade? They eat CPU and if there is a lot on CPU, network speed goes down. Allwinner A20 is not very powerful device.
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  7. Without logs its hard to tell what happens. Connect serial console, HDMI console, connect to interrnet via wireless and run armbianmonitor -u Armbian use Network Manager to config networking and its pretty easy to use. So far those upgrades didn't make troubles. They are usually minor, but upgrades from Stretch to Buster could be troublesome. My orangepiplus2e test device is running Ubuntu based Armbian, so its not completely the same, but it performs as expected Initial locales are set based on your location. Keyboard is added,
  8. Couldn't find anything in the Helios64 patch or other RK3399 that relates to port multiplication. Not sure I'm looking at this correctly but when I search the repo for 'pmp' I'm seeing a lot of results in config/kernel folder with CONFIG_SATA_PMP=y Extrapolating those search results, I think I can assume that port multiplication is off by default in Armbian, and needs to be enabled for that specific SoC or device. No? But later I found this on So apparently port multipliers should be supported on Helios64, or will be
  9. rockchip64 family is built from mainline with those patches applied on top: Feel free to take a look into. Curious about that too.
  10. Here you go... use 4 HDDs and an SSD cache. Or sell your unit, quite a lot of people wanted to buy one and couldn't in time. OR, Frankenstein your unit and add in port multipliers to original SATA ports. Can add up to 20 HDDs to the 4 original SATA ports, and up to 5 SSDs to the remaining 1 original SATA port. The hardware controller specs say that it supports port multipliers, not sure about Armbian kernel, might have to modify. Btw, you can take a look at the new
  11. Moved to Common issues / peer to peer technical support
  12. There is a tool called iperf that can run in server and client mode. To debug WiFi transfer speed it might be good to setup the server connected via cable to the access point and the client on a laptop and walk around while transferring to see how the speed differs by location.
  13. Shared lines are not uncommon even on x86 mainboards. For example: z97 killer/#Specification Take note at Storage and Slots sections: That is to mention as addition to @tommitytom. You can try to sell it in forums. I already noticed a few people who did this successfully here. However if I were a potential buyer I'd consider a person with such an attitude not necessarily trustworthy
  14. orangepiplus2e: I have been using an OS that i downloaded in the usa. Now I am in ukraine and after i do an update & upgrade, which does run through, the OS tries to connect to the internet, but fails; the page tries to open, but all i see are a few lines of the internet homepage i connected to. So, it does go to the page, but won't open it. I have tried multiple times using different url's. During the update, the OS upgrades to the current version, Buster 10.7. I downloaded a new OS from both "usa" & "europe", but upon trying to install it, i go
  15. I have experienced a similar problem with the Realtek Semiconductor Corp RTL8188etv wireless LAN 802.11 network adapter. An SD card image using Armbian_20.08_1_Orangepipc_buster_current_5.8.5.img.xz detected the dongle. An SD card image using Armbian _20.11.6_Orangepipc_buster_current_5.10.4.img.xz was not recognized as a wireless adapter, although it did show up in the usp devices with lsusb. I am using an Orange Pi PC. Tim
  16. u-boot and device tree optimizing works wonders here - need to declare the interfaces before the kernel boots, otherwise it's going to grab the first one ready...
  17. Seems like the mistake is yours. It's made pretty clear that the port is shared (it's even mentioned twice on the front page of, it's not exactly a secret.
  18. I used large video files and iso's of multiple GB. Using the desktop with default file manager. After a few seconds it shows at what rate it transfers. No idea where the bottleneck is. I want to try if I connect the HC4 with 5Ghz wifi if it then is faster. And with both devices connected to my router with cable. But haven't gotten to it. Too little time for too much to do.
  19. I literally registered to post this complaint here. How STUPID it is to have a M.2 SATA SHARED WITH HDD1!! IT DEFEATS THE WHOLE PURPOSE OF THIS ENCLOSURE. PERIOD!!!! My mistake was that I did not know what it meant that M.2 was SHARED before I purchased this enclosure and now, I have a need to expand beyond the measly 16GB of your eMMC and I found out THE PAINFUL WAY that IT IS NOT POSSIBLE because of the shared SATA port. IT"S BEYOND FRUSTRATION. YOU CANNOT EVEN IMAGINE HOW STUPID THIS DECISION OF YOURS IS. IT JUST LITERALLY DOWNGRADED YOUR NAS FROM AN E
  20. Thanks. I added it to our tracker
  21. How are measuring transfer speed? How are you transferring. Also lots of small files (like retro games) typically have terrible transfer.
  22. Well, I had Plex running. I had two other tabs open: Tautulli and (the racing has started) but it wasn’t playing any video. Or doing anything else. Syncthing also running in the background. That’s it. I have Jellyfin installed but yet to configure it for remote access so not currently using it. Can I do anything to rectify the memory usage issue (assuming Plex is the culprit) ?
  23. Bonjour @sdelhaye ! J'habite aussi en France et je serais intéressé par ton helios64. J'ai créé un compte juste pour te répondre donc je suis encore en période de "validation" sur le forum et par conséquent je ne peux envoyer qu'un seul message par jour. Peux tu m'envoyer ton adresse mail en MP pour qu'on puisse discuter plus simplement ? Orfeas
  24. Hello! We have sent second version of patches for A3720 which should make 1 GHz mode finally stable:
  25. Ok. Simply Red... If it works, don´t touch it... I was assuming, it would need some manual config or such. Good to know it works out of the Box. greetings "again" from Hamburg. Zui
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  27. I have already wrote that led 2 connected to GPIO does not work on espressobin v5. And on espressobion v7 is already enabled and available in mainline kernel v7 dts files.
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