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  1. Le Potato (S905X)

    the USB port at the bottom closest to the ethernet port has dedicated bandwidth. "I found this here" sounds interesting, dual boot: We ran into an issue with dual boot Android and Linux due to the way Amlogic packages the Android. We are continuing to work on this.
  2. Asus thinkerboard hangs

    sorry for confusion, I should have written on the next boot instead of reboot. I even remove the power cord. Still I face the above written surprise. Can be the PSU or the board.
  3. Asus thinkerboard hangs

    I have started my "transmission-board" with: Armbian_5.32.170724_Tinkerboard_Ubuntu_xenial_next_4.12.3_desktop.img and did all upgrades as offered currently at: Linux tinkerboard 4.13.2-rockchip #43 SMP PREEMPT Sun Sep 17 I sometimes remove the SDcard to copy the files to other computers - and on the next reboot it will start (red light) and die. I unplug, power it again and it runs. I use this IKEA PSU and I am not sure if it matters on which of the 3 port I power it or not. But when it runs, it works like a charm Little load I have to admit: System load: 0.03 0.24 0.24 Up time: 10 min - no cooler attached - chip feels around 50°C when I touch it. It didn't make sense to me to build something up below 4.12.3 because the reboot was not working before.
  4. RaLink RT3572 | 2,4 GHz und 5,0 GHz 300 Mbps WiFi There is a name for such solderable moduls/units but it won't come in my mind.
  5. This is form another thread about Kernel 4.13
  6. Ähm, I see this different, you (TK) confuse the users by not using specific names for each tool - but I understand the complexity. Instead of complaining here, why not simply change its naming schema so it makes sense in the next release. in example: armbianmonitor -text armbianmonitor -html but this would be still confusing, because the main name stays the same. I cannot come up with a good idea - anyone else ?
  7. Sounds good. I hope others also had a look into the 'open issues' or documentation, well and also the armbianmonitor for other SBCs can need a brush up, just installl it on your SBC with the command: armbianmonitor -r (to install RPi-Monitor) it is a very small package. Beside improving the script it is also good if you just test if it works on the SBC you have. Please report back if you find any issues.
  8. @Mike C this is a great chance to bring this information into armbianmonitor (see link above). I already started to collect some parameters for the tinker board in this posting.
  9. I AM DISAPOINTED ! Serjaru's - posting is totally useless, Igor totally kind and even TK just some very little sarcasm. I was looking forward to some real funny postings - ironic - trash - deep sarcasm. Well, maybe next time Serjaru tests an image from armbian Last but not least - "I" would not have written a word to him - this is somehow the proof that the intro for new users is still ignored - although in red color. Why bother. Another last but not least, can we use his second posting as the intro-for-new users. I guess people would read this.
  10. Nothing, but replace the HW. Within the Google Docs I made you also see some slides, in that explain the relation of the HW & SW. So instead of combining the WiFi & LAN, you combine the WAN and LAN. Should be straight forward.
  11. The built in WiFi in R1 is - to say the least - shaky. You will never want to use that as a Gateway. See Google docs in my signature or search the forum for DSA
  12. Hi, On the main site: https://www.armbian.com/ it says only 60 days to go for the next release :-) Well, to have a good user experience and squash bugs I think we should do a feature-freeze from about day 50 onwards - what is your take on that ? To do so, I was thinking about how you could handle this period on Github. Will “pull request’s” after feature-freeze be tagged for later integration? Everybody is welcome in squashing bugs (only the ones in code) eg. updating or adding configuration file for armbianmonitor ? eg. updating or adding information to the documentation ? Last but not least, if you can help with some ‘stubborn’ code or improvement here or here ? If you support this upcoming release just a little - it will become a great release for you too Did you already pick one from the above or do you know a dark corner in armbian you always wanted to do some clean up? Now is the time to do that. Post your idea here, write on github or simply fork the project on github and submit your pull request Tido
  13. Trying to boot NanoPi-K2

    It is fun to look back how the community didn't let you to give up. And now you have a running SBC more to play with and not even Allwinner
  14. If this is so, then why have many podcasts this in use ? In my opinon Patreon would be a good additional option to: PayPal: Make This Recurring (Monthly) - option Patreon, beside being an american company like PayPal, I see no bad thing about it, you keep 90%. "It is popular among YouTube videographers, webcomic artists, writers, podcasters, musicians, and other categories of creators who post regularly online." What are my responsibilities as a Patreon creator? As I was reading this, does @Igor hold a Trademark for "armbian" - otherwise such donations could also be used to register it.
  15. Btrfs as root filesystem?

    I fully agree with you. It can suggest a size and in brackets (recommended) but the user can still change the value. I raised that topic a while ago - even if related to a bug at that time. @zador.blood.stained "in my opinion first boot has too much interactivity already." I disagree - either you want a SBC and security or you buy a RPi. -> You will horribly fail, if you try to make everybody happy (translated from german).