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    Tido reacted to PDP11 in when did you last donate to the armbian project ?   
    Donated about two days ago.  The community "vibe" was part of it, and also a a somewhat restrained anti-rpi kept to a minimum, prompted me.  (I'm a big "Pi-Core" / Dcore / Tinycore fan as well.  I don't run Raspbian much as PiCore fascinates me much more instead).
    For me, it's just as much of a cool community helping each other out, as it is the hardware itself.  I see similarities between the vibe of Armbian, Tinycore, and even Busybox, fullfilling the small-ish group centric thing that our originators, Ken Thompson / Dennis Ritchie / Doug McIlroy / Brian Kernighan and the whole host of others who had the "drive" to do something unique and interesting and helpful for others....
    Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but I can feel a common thread going waaay back.
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    Tido reacted to TonyMac32 in Pi-Factor power solution   
    Because the board is intended to work on any Pi-shaped board that can be powered via gpio, Like a Pi, Le Potato, etc. A lot of those don't pull as much as the ATB.

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    Tido reacted to Humberg in Pine H64 Model B   
    PINE64 PINE-H64_lpddr3_v1_2-20181211.pdf
    Here is the schematic plan.
    Have fun
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    Tido reacted to TonyMac32 in Official Asus Tinker Board Case   
    Another Tinker "case", this time one geared toward the developer who needs to access pins/jumpers: http://electricgraveyard.com/index.php/2019/03/07/asus-tinker-open-case-diy-kit/
    Instead of flooding the forum with 100000 pictures, leave it over there.   The TL;DR is that it has a much nicer cooler included than the board gets initially, and the base itself is a nice stamping.
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    Tido got a reaction from StuxNet in Burn ISO Image to Micro SD Card   
    because it is an electron programm.
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    Tido reacted to TonyMac32 in Le Potato general topics   
    Interesting post, 4.20 is not supported, and I have a potato that I boot up periodically without issue, so perhaps this has to do with some additional hardware you have attached. 
    You've been around long enough to know you need to provide an armbianmonitor -u link.
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    Tido got a reaction from lanefu in board support - general discussion / project aims   
    but it sounds like we have to look around the corner, something is coming
    EFI Support
    We are moving towards having standardize boot by supporting EFI.  However, the bootloading process is using the EFI facilities and you will now have a EFI-based GRUB GUI that lets you control boot parameters where as it was hard coded before.
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    Tido got a reaction from gounthar in Burn ISO Image to Micro SD Card   
    A little update on that topic, in c't Magazin I read about two others which are low in price and fast:
    Kingston MobileLite G4 UHS-I
    Hama USB 3.0 UHS-II
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    Tido got a reaction from guidol in Improve 'Support over Forum' situation   
    it depends on the angle you look at it, it shows whether this is the first time or a regular writer in the forum. How the individual takes its measure from this information is up to the individual and shouldn't be censored ((I have to smile while writing that) I know I can look it up in his profile, but I am lazy). Other forums have that too, so we shouldn't hide it, I think.
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    Tido got a reaction from Igor_K in Better suited for (light) desktop   
    I would agree on that
    Le Potato from Libre Computer,  is less expensive and will offer you better performance than RPi
    Allwinner H3 is also good supported, except for the shutdown part https://linux-sunxi.org/AR100  depending on your know-how you can fix it for you or help others as well.
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    Tido got a reaction from NicoD in PINE64@FOSDEM PineBook Pro, PinePhone, Pine H64, ...   
    Maximum Geek
    The Rock64 Revision 3 is the latest version of the company’s mini PC with a Rockchip RK3328  processor.
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    Tido reacted to nachoparker in Support of Raspberry Pi   
    Hi all,
    I wrote a blog post about some of the issues with the Raspberry Pi that you can find scattered around this and other forums. Hopefully it will save us time from repeating ourselves over and over again.
    As we know, people don't read the forums until it's too late.

    Thanks tkaiser, I took a sample output from your vcgencmd script.
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    Tido got a reaction from lanefu in Selling Pi-based products very hard to hack   
    Hi Pietro,
    If your software is so good, that people are willing to pay money "if they rather use it than steal it", well done.
    If you offer it to others who do not have the money but use it, test it and give you feedback and even help you to make it better - win - win.
    This is how https://www.invoiceninja.com/  built a great company - listen to the podcast on https://twit.tv/shows/floss-weekly/episodes/506?autostart=false
    so long
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    Tido reacted to zador.blood.stained in Improve 'Support over Forum' situation   
    I think you meant "expect the user to read and not just mindlessly tick checkboxes that prevent them from posting their question"?
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    Tido reacted to Igor in Improve 'Support over Forum' situation   
    Ideally/must: we want to deal only with a problems that are a consequence of our actions. General Debian problems and help on users solutions have to be filtered out. I don't want to see them not even close to the bug tracker and TBH not even on a forum. At least not in any official areas. I am aware that many people have no idea whether issue is Armbian or generic Debian and sometimes I have to think as well. Only a few people jump straight to Debian bug tracker list while other simply expect a few people (they don't even ask that) that work on Armbian is going to fix all (their) (upstream) problems. 
    Setting a clear line what can be considered an issue is a first problem we have to solve.

    My biggest concerns goes here. Relation between people that want something and people that do something is extreme and even for lighter tasks, there is no interest to help: https://forum.armbian.com/staffapplications Having a bug tracker without additional help will only put more pressure on the usual suspect which means all this can can be one step forward and two back.

    Let's try to figure out how to reinforce the crew.
    If we limit who can open a ticket (groups: moderators, developers, angel) in a system as this https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/9085-database-tickets/ a problem is almost solved. We only need people to solve those issues ...  
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    Tido reacted to TonyMac32 in Just a test   
    Like most things there needs to be a balance, and where there is a balance, few of anyone is truly pleased with the outcome because it means compromise.  The compromise is reduced with more active participation all around. 
    Now, who is participating?  
    -Vendors: Almost every vendor has some software team, or they pay for one.  They could spend more time making sure their hardware is well supported here directly, or indirectly upstream (Libre Computer does well here, if only Amlogic wasn't playing games with their firmware)
    -Advanced Users: OMV-like special distros, products with special hardware where our build system would be advantageous, etc.
    -Users: buy the board, try our software, ask for/provide help from/to others.  Very important for a project, a bit lacking here.  Of course the bulk of users come from the RPi train and, because they don't care to improve the hardware support, can talk to users all day.
    Targeting a group in this requires time of its own, but honestly we need the feet on the ground.  It's a paradox, @tkaiser disagrees with the terminology of support, I agree to a point, but also, @tkaiser is adamant about refusing to add shitty boards because of support issues.  I think we are all in this boat, I love seeing what Armbian runs on, hate getting insane questions or dealing with SD card issues, but also don't want to say (or really see someone have the ultimate authority to say) "no, you get no help because we hate your board".  A prime example is the Tinker Board, which somehow has failed to create the support issue even I thought it would despite a respectable download number. 
    For other issues that have been a gnawing problem:
    Decouple the kernel updates from the image type.  That way if we move our "next" images to 4.19 from 4.14 is doesn't cause a meltdown.  I'm going to guess this is on the "very complicated" side, but I think boards should maintain kernel number with only patch level increases unless the user specifically chooses to change.  The tag "default, next, dev" would be the build recipe only, ideally.  We require the diagnostic output that gives you the kernel anyway.  (Tinker has to have 2 dtbs because of adding overlays, and mismatch between vender kernel dtb name and mainline). Odroid C2 can never have a kernel update for "default" because there is absolutely no way to properly migrate from 3.16 to 4.19+ .  Etc.
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    Tido got a reaction from Werner in Just a test   
    I guess this speaks for yourself...
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    Tido got a reaction from 062621AM in Orangepi 3 h6 allwiner chip   
    here you find the overview:  https://linux-sunxi.org/Linux_mainlining_effort#Status_Matrix
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    Tido reacted to zador.blood.stained in Just a test   
    Don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan of the current form implementation, but it's only the first iteration. Since "Technical support" section is mostly used as a bug tracker and we wouldn't be able to support a standalone bug tracker / task management system, adding data collection form to the forum is a step in the right direction.
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    Tido reacted to zador.blood.stained in Just a test   
    Unfortunately "getting information" != "answering the same questions and requesting even the basic info again and again and again".
    For example, threads like this one would have 1 reply with a simple answer - eMMC CSD checks for revision 8 were fixed more than a year ago. It took 5 posts to confirm that this is the culprit and it is still impossible to tell which kernel version (I mean kernel compilation date) is used due to missing dmesg from "armbianmonitor -u".
    Funny thing is that this thread was created after the addition of the new information collection form, so we may as well make providing armbianmonitor -u output mandatory with 2 exceptions in dedicated subforums - devices without network connection and devices that failed to boot completely.
    Applying your knowledge and experience while at the same time learning something new is fun, and it can happen when you are talking with a person who at least tries to understand what he is doing and who respects your time by trying to provide requested (and even more than requested) information.
    Reading 90% of threads in the "Allwinner H2/H3" section made by people who expect performance and software quality of at least a $200 PC like a J5005 based NUC7 from a $20 board like Orange Pi PC is definitely not fun for me. YMMV.
    Unfortunately supporting low end (by price) boards attracts their target audience aka people for whom even the Raspberry Pi is too expensive.
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    Tido reacted to Igor in Just a test   
    Technical support section is mainly a feedback to improve Armbian as operating system. We can only deal with Armbian images and our tweaks. That's plenty of work and we have to do something about that.

    "If you deal with everything you fix nothing"
    Common issues sections is already on the edge/outside since mainly contains generic Debian/Ubuntu problems, which we don't have intention nor resources to deal with. Armbian specific problems are already enough. I am seriously thinking to move it to less restricted "community" area, where only general restriction apply.
    More topics in technical support could also mean developers are doing a lousy job in making Armbian. But since overall user base is growing and since we people are lazy by default (I also belong to that tribe), this section also grow. No forum around is happy on opening more topic for the same issue. Over and over again. Technical support questions are specific. They need to contain certain things or they are useless.

    That was also intendenten. When you are putting a pressure and wasting precious time, you are making a damage and if you are aware of this, a progress was made. For all of us. It's like traffic regulations.

    Yes, that's all about. All this is just yet another SPAM filter. One out of many that we already use.
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    Tido got a reaction from lomady in Orangepi 3 h6 allwiner chip   
    Not  armbian,  of LINUX. 
    The implementation of the PCI Express controller of H6 is broken, you find more information here and here.
    (the above text is from Pine64 H6  https://www.armbian.com/pine-h64/ )
    Well, at least it is powered via barrel jack == one problem less 
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    Tido reacted to guidol in Orangepi 3 h6 allwiner chip   
    cnx-software-Link: https://www.cnx-software.com/2019/01/19/orange-pi-3-allwinner-h6-sbc/
    Quote from cnx-software:
    ...but who want to use a OrangePi with a OrangePi-image?
    The H6-support of armbian is very limited - so I wouldnt buy a H6-board now
    Last year I did buy a NanoPi K1 Plus because the H5 is much better supported.
    The H6 is also "only" a QuadCore A53 like the H5 - so only the newer Mali T720 GFX is the difference.
    The OPi 3 H6 would be nice for the price if the complete hardware is supported by armbian

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    Tido reacted to Igor in Improve 'Support over Forum' situation   
    Agree. It's a step forward if there is a field ... it has to be optional and we have solved this problem.
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    Tido reacted to Werner in Improve 'Support over Forum' situation   
    I am torn about this. For various you may not be able to generate such a link. Like network issues (you still get the output but not the special link), I/O issues or boot issues.