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  2. w1 works Armbian_5.83_Bananapim3_Debian_stretch_next_4.19.38.img there onewire@0 { compatible = "w1-gpio"; gpios = <&pio 4 4 0>; /* pin 37 */ status = "okay"; };
  3. I'm always willing to make a video about any subject you guys choose. Give me the details of what you want to see/hear and I'll do my best with it. @Igor Are you at the next Fossdem in Brussels? If so we could try to meet for an interview. You do not need to prepare for that. Just repeat a sentence when it didn't come out right. I cut and paste everything so nobody notices mistakes. Otherwise I could make a question list(and you can add questions you want to answer). And you could film yourself with a smart-phone answering the questions. I can then use that video and cut/paste my questions in between. I'm also not a good presenter, so live questions over internet would come out badly. I always have to redo my intros many times for my videos until I feel it's acceptable. I always got more blooper footage than useable video
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  5. 1080p display xrandr --newmode "1920x1080_60.00" 173.00 1920 2048 2248 2576 1080 1083 1088 1120 -hsync +vsync && xrandr --addmode HDMI-1 1920x1080_60.00 && xrandr --output HDMI-1 --mode 1920x1080_60.00 720p display xrandr --newmode "1280x720_60.00" 74.50 1280 1344 1472 1664 720 723 728 748 -hsync +vsync && xrandr --addmode HDMI-1 1280x720_60.00 && xrandr --output HDMI-1 --mode 1280x720_60.00 You can add the line to armbianEnv.txt if I remember well.
  6. Hi. I don't have the OPi1+, but I do have the OPi3 and PineH64. Here are my temperatures for the OPi3 Temperature ----------- With 5V fan idle : 35°C + heatsink maxed : 65°C 3.3V idle : 39°C 3.3V maxed : 69°C No fan/heatsink : 55°C maxed : between 73°C and 85°C throttle to 1.3Ghz over 75°C Mine seem lower than what you are perceiving. But what's shown here is within seconds. You could try with a fresh reboot, and wait a while for it to go to it's idle temp and check manually. cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp You could also try to run SBC-Bench from @tkaiser It takes a long time, but afterwards you get a good picture of the temperatures it's running at.(and many more...) wget sudo /bin/bash ./ -c My conclusion with the H6 was to use it at 1.5Ghz when you don't use a heatsink/fan. That way it doesn't overheat/throttle too quickly. In some CPU intensive tasks it will perform better because of this.
  7. Hello, no i dont think so, i know the sound of "fan eat cable" its more something vibrating. However, yesterday i put a piece of silicon under the Helios, since then everything is fine. The fans are spinning in an expected noise-level. I still guess the case is not tight enough and starts vibrating. My Helios stands on a wooden floor, maybe its not a good combination. Independently from my experience, maybe you could add a silicon ring for the HDD screws between HDD and case in the next Batch. Thanks for your support, im fine and happy now
  8. I've uploaded it to megashares -!g3xiFYgb!yzBHGRfaICeFSd7l8eJgEIdb3viHXBKuaHTNMYnrf5E File details - Armbian_5.37_S9xxx_Ubuntu_xenial_3.14.29_mate_20171226.img.xz - 843185252 bytes, md5sum aae9310959de43cdf3984d3105892bef
  9. Hello; It was tried with armbian buster, stretch and bionic. Orange pi zero connect wpa/wpa2 networks without problems, but connect to open network. I was trying different methods and wpa_supplicant conf file (key_mgmt=NONE) and different version of armbian. It cannot connect to open network. I need a solution for this problem. Thanks.
  10. Hi everyone, I'm new here and I need the image: Armbian_5.37_S9xxx_Ubuntu_xenial_3.14.29_mate_20171226.img.xz or another with kernel 3.14.29 for the S9XXX if anyone can download it, I really appreciate it. I've searched the web a lot and haven't found it. Thanks!!!
  11. Couldn't it be the ribbon cables of the fans that touch the fan blades ?
  12. Since it's merged, will it show up in some nightly build?
  13. Good day to all. Question to experts. How to change the resolution of the HDMI output in Armbian. Which file to make changes to: boot.cmd or armbianEnv.txt? If you can a couple of specific examples.
  14. Hey guys, I bought the A5X MAX+ and the specification is rk3328, 4GB, 1GIB, usb3, android7. I tried to burn the blewing roms on my USB flash drive and SD card: Armbian_5.76_Rk3328-tv_Debian_stretch_default_4.4.154_20190306.IMG Armbian_5.96_Rk3328-tv_Debian_buster_default_4.4.154_desktop_20190911.IMG Armbian_5.96_Rk3328-tv_Ubuntu_bionic_default_4.4.154_20190911.img And I tried to input the text "rk3328-a5x.dtb, rk3328-a5x-1500.dtb, rk3328-a5x-mx10.dtb, rk3328-evb.dtb" in "/extlinux/extlinux.conf", the system entered android instead of armbian which i really wanted. I followed the steps as belows: 1. Burn the SD card or USB flash drive; 2, edit: / extlinux / extlinux.conf 3. Insert the SD card or USB flash drive into the TV box; 4. Powered TV box; The final result is that the system cannot enter armbian, but android. Could you guys help me check where the problem is?
  15. Thanks for your help. 1. I would be happy to submit a patch, but I'm not sure you want it--concurrent mode cuts wifi transfer speed in half, because the radio is continually switching between two modes. Would that be acceptable to the project? 2. Thanks for the tip. I'll look into dkms. 3. Not my prefered choice, but that's always a fallback...
  16. Here you go, sir. armbianmonitor -u output
  17. Okey. I'll try "default" next time then. Did you specifically include the dwc3/core: xHCI host not responding to stop endpoint command patch provided by Amlogic through tobetter in the build (Armbian_5.96_Aml-g12_Ubuntu_bionic_dev_5.3.0_20190917)? If you included that patch, I would need to include it by my self when I build further kernels until it's not necessary anymore. However, if you didn't include the patch, then I don't need that patch eventually as the latest commits to linux-amlogic fixes the issue.
  18. There are several options: 1. If your work doesn't break basic functionality, sent your changes with a patch 2. Make driver dkms capable and build out of the tree. That module should automatically rebuild on kernel change 3. Freeze kernel and don't update
  19. Use EXPERT="yes" to unlock development versions/features.
  20. Our script uses "correct" way: 1. Adds sources 2. Download key 3. Update and install You can also check official instructions which does the same. There is a note: Older versions of Docker were called docker, , or docker-engine. If these are installed, uninstall them:
  21. Its my mistake. I should check that before merge ... and when you check it quickly its always something which is manifested only on some Like Xenial is next to go out, but today. It's related to building video accelerated sunxi legacy kernel images. Almost only for that.
  22. Video, lol. I can hear you typing, but you don't speak :-( In regard to presentation, funny and interesting: You suck at power point: Steal this presentation:
  23. This text is outdated and it is not necessary to pay attention to it. Many additional patches are included in this kernel.
  24. The reason for why I did not choose "default" was that it states: "Vendor provided / legacy". I do not want a vendor kernel, I want to update my 5.3RC6 to 5.3.0. I've to look elsewhere then. I ask again: Your build Armbian_5.96_Aml-g12_Ubuntu_bionic_dev_5.3.0_20190917 you uploaded fixed the IO errors over USB3.0 interface for g12 devices. Did you actually include the patch i referred to into this build or is it pure kernel 5.3.0?
  25. I didnt know that rng-tools arent available in Xenial But why buidl Xeninal, when Bionic 18.04 is also LTS? Are there any old drivers that not in Bionic?
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