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  2. Hello, I have an orangepi win plus and I installed "Armbian_5.90_orangepi_ubuntu_bionic_next_4.19.57_desktop". I'm using ttyS2 and ttyS3 ports and working well for serial ports. But bluetooth not working. Bluetooth icon is shown at right top on screen. When I clicked bluetooth on and click search new devices, system say to me "adapters not found." I tried, And too many options I can't remembered but I can't. How to devices bluetooth on? If you have more information, I will send you any information from terminal. Sorry for bad English. Thanks for help.
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  4. There is some movement upstream
  5. Hi, I bought x96mini with 2G RAM and 16G emmc and booting to android works fine. I want to run armbian on it so I followed this post: to solder serial console. Aftre plugging to pc and starting minicom I cannot see any info out of serial console. Does anybody experience similar or something else must be done to have output on serial console? Thanks a lot. Marek
  6. And what changed "today"? Only logs (armbianmonitor -u) can give valuable information.
  7. The procedure is very simple and 99% of people does not have problems. This 1st login experience can be improved a little bit but not much. You need to: - login somehow (this could be done automatic but we would need to sacrifice some security) - change root password (this should be done by repeating password. no other go) - username creation. (well, this could be shortened by not asking for extra fields, but username and Name is a must to get from you) You have troubles with latest image but older is working OK? Builds are manually tested only for supported boards ... new release is coming this week. Perhaps you shell try that. 3328 chips are well support but expect that not everything works. Especially when it comes to Chromium and multimedia support.
  8. armbian-firmware = minimal blobs that are needed that on-board wireless function + few popular ones = - full = + everything else You can install one of those, while source package, headers and armbian-config are optional. Also armbian-firmware if your will not be running any wireless. Kernel = image + dtb package. Those are the core.
  9. some one maybe know I have submitted Armbian support for khadas VIM1, what's the different? these images are built with patches/config from khadas (fenix), thus support all their devices. you can get it from Baidu Netdisk: URL: Code: py8r 链接: 提取码: py8r
  10. Hi, I'm building my own kernels but just wanted to know what the difference is between armbian-firmware-full vs armbian-firmware? Which packages should I be installing after building custom kernels? armbian-config_5.98_all.deb armbian-firmware_5.98_all.deb armbian-firmware-full_5.98_all.deb linux-dtb-next-sunxi64_5.98_arm64.deb linux-headers-next-sunxi64_5.98_arm64.deb linux-image-next-sunxi64_5.98_arm64.deb linux-source-next-sunxi64_5.98_all.deb
  11. I have set up the accounts many times and passwords accepted so I'm at a loss. It is really difficult and takes many tries. Keep getting double key entries. Since passwords don't show how many keys, it takes many retries. Tried several keyboards too. Maybe this is the problem? Had no problem with the old image except for Chromium and the double key entries in command line. The media script almost made it usable. Buggy Chromium killed it for me. I really liked what I saw from Armbian. Wish I had bought a supported board. Oh well. I'll check for a new image in 6 months. Tired of reinstalling!
  12. Hi ! I have a few Orange Pi boards- Zero, One, PC, One Plus, Zero Plus What I would like to know is about overclocking them. I already use 12v fans for cooling. Can someone please guide me how to overclock these boards. I just want to try the capabilities of these boards. Thanks to all the awesome people in advance.
  13. I've come across this error from time to time and it's caused by either a poor internet connection or mirror. Try adjusting the /etc/apt/sources.list -->
  14. In my case the USB3 port comes up as 006 001 when checking with lsusb and if I do the following it resets the port. sudo sh -c 'echo 6-1 > /sys/bus/usb/drivers/usb/unbind' sudo sh -c 'echo 6-1 > /sys/bus/usb/drivers/usb/bind'
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  16. If you started with a desktop image - all you need is to follow instructions. If you miss one point (creating a user) you won't get a desktop ... and you are on your own to fix it. Start with latest desktop image and read & respond to 1st login procedure.
  17. I have had usb3.0 problems with my NanoPC-T4, close relative of your NanoPi-M4 but not really the same. When using my ZWO ASI294MC pro camera (USB3.0) the first image in any sequence is saved, but then the software goes into a cycle where the countdown continues for the next image, reaches zero but the image is not saved, this continues over and over. To reset, I need to shutdown the software and re-boot the NanoPC-T4. The camera works fine when plugged into one of the NanoPC-T4 usb2.0 ports, it just saves images at the usb2.0 speed. That isn't a big problem for me as I just do DSO imaging anyway. Still it would be nice to have it working as I need all three usb ports. There are reports from NanoPi-M4 users on the forum having the same problem as I have with the ASI294 camera and their usb3.0 ports. A few weeks ago I burned the Armbian 5.98 image to an SD card, then upgraded the kernel to 5.3 from Armbian-Config and the usb3.0 problem with my camera was cured, however networking did not work so I am still using the 4.4.192 kernel for now. If you have an extra SD card you could give the 5.3 kernel a try. Sorry I can't be more helpful
  18. Installed desktop, ran start desktop. From there I was back in text mode. Rebooted still no desktop. Tried startx, xinit and, several other start desktop commands from various OS's. I've been working on this for 3 days now. Don't know what I'm missing. I also tried installing lightdm, no change. I could also use the shut down command. Tried everything I could think of there too. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I hate wasting your bandwidth and time. I'm stuck! I'm done wasting bandwidth and moved to time now. Funny it asks me startx like in (OS name). Wish I knew how to tell it Yes! exactly lol! Thanks in advance ROC-RK3328-CC Armbian 5.98 Renegade
  19. Yes, that's what I've done to see if it's active after I got the Input/Output error and it was not there only ttyS0, ttyS2 Regarding SPI, thanx I'll try that above once again, maybe the error lies somewhere else, as i had cabling like that already before but get always "Bad address" however /dev/spidev2.0 is there
  20. I've the same problem since today. But my C2 was running a long time. With connected keyboard it's running very well. Someone any ideas? And USB Hot-Plug is still not working at all.
  21. Hi I have been able to use armbian (Stretch) on the Cubox-i well. But I tried to use the Buster images, and I get the same problem for all of them. The initial display starts up, I get about 10 lines of output, and then the screen goes blank. On the router, I don't see the board, so I don't think that I can ssh in. (It's being used as a headless server, but I need to a display or SSH to fix it). Any ideas why buster wouldn't work but stretch is OK ? I could just go back to stretch, if necessary. By the way, is there a link to download the armbian stretch images ?
  22. I'm not sure. Perhaps I had enabled this manually, or I had started from dev build a long time ago... Sudo apt upgrade had upgraded the kernel as well. First time I had just recovered from this by booting from sd card and modifying links at emmc /boot for kernel and dtb and copying initram from sd. This time I've first collected this log. Well, hopefully I will have some time to debug it.
  23. GPIO2_B1 = SPI2_MISO GPIO2_B2 = SPI2_MOSI GPIO2_B3 = SPI2_CLK GPIO2_B4 = SPI2_CS0 So, you don't need spi-add-cs1 overlay in such case. The UART4 overlay is working fine on both my RockPro64 and RockPi. Check "dmesg | grep tty" to see if it became active. You can also use a looback wire to test it. EDIT: I've just tested UART4 overlay also on my NanoPiM4 ...
  24. Test version 5.99_20191117 with kernel 5 and working sound for rk3328.
  25. How is this possible? We haven't put out a kernel upgrade yet. At least not on a stable kernel branch. Nightly or development builds are for testings only and anything can happen there. This board does not have anyone that would acknowledge this issue and since board is also among "not supported" ones upgrades are never tested. Why this board doesn't have attention? Because we already support too many of them. Start with research is your best go. First would be to use our kernel with upstream device tree blob ... which can also be a solution.
  26. With an Armbian 5.98 g12 image, I have no kernel panic with my s912 km8p. The soc temperature seems also cooler with ~47°C for kernel 5.3 5.98 against ~57°C for latest generic 5.4 next image.
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