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  2. sfx2000

    nvidia jetson nano

    Pulled the trigger and ordered one... Arrow and Amazon were sold-out, so ordered direct from nVidia - should be here sometime next week... Hopefully have some time to play with it - busy up to my elbows with jobby-job stuff right now, and that needs to get done...
  3. Very interesting, too bad it's not ARM based.
  4. Something to consider... MIPS based - but full OpenWRT/Linux under the hood - wireguard client/server and OpenVPN client/server - plug into the PC/Mac/Linux and it is an ethernet device, but not needed, just give it power and it'll run... If one is bent toward WiFi hacking, the SoC WiFi is ATH9K based, which is one of the better WiFi chips for documentation purposes...
  5. sfx2000

    Daily (tech related) news diet

    Hehe - vim with tmux or screen - even better with byobu (which is a really cool text window manager written by one of the smart guys at Canonical, Dustin Kirkland - sadly he moved over to the Google Cloud team... It's in the Ubuntu repo's - give it a try...
  6. sfx2000

    Daily (tech related) news diet

    BBEdit - been using it for years on Mac... even before OSX on Classic MacOS SlickEdit (formerly known as vslick) - extremely powerful editor for Windows Both of them are "not free" - but the money spent is worth every penny - and they integrate nicely into IDE's on those platforms... VSC is nice, and it's cross-platform - even in Ubuntu, there's a Snap for VSC - but VSCode has a long way to go... Played with Atom, it's cool - problem there is that it's a memory pig, as it's basically a WebApp wrapped inside an Electron shell..
  7. sfx2000

    Daily (tech related) news diet

    With Big Corp - if one is a white middle-aged male in the staff level engineering/professional ranks - there's a big target on one's back... Demographics be damned, one should be able to compete based on skills... but in today's climate of "diversity" and the desired to be "edge" driven in the latest/greatest systems/methods for engineering, business, etc - a lot of good experienced folks have been kicked to the curb in layoff's, reductions in force, and those folks are having a real hard time getting jobs because of bias...
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  9. sfx2000

    Daily (tech related) news diet

    I've raised this before - the build system having to run as root (or Sudo) - one can run things inside a throw-away container/vm, but still... @Igor did respond - acknowledging the issue, but the current build scripts for Armbian need root access to move things around - I'm assuming this is still on the "To-Do" list...
  10. TonyMac32

    Daily (tech related) news diet

    Looks messy. I had seen some data suggesting east Asian candidates for education and career positions in the US were being discriminated against due to their 'over representation'. It's the standard-issue over-reaction of institutions to external stressors, in this case a logical fallacy that dictates a need for everyone to cross the finish line at the same time, instead of just giving everyone the same track to run on. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  11. hojnikb

    Hardware Virtualization on H6, orange PI PC 3

    You mean PI3 right? PC3 isnt released yet.
  12. sfx2000

    Proof of concept - Realtek 1295

    Take a pic of the board - both sides, and folks can tell you if there is a SPI-NOR (it's not a ROM, BTW)... FWIW - any time one is bringing up a board, this is useful info to have, along with a bootlog or dmesg on a fresh boot... The /cat/proc/mtd will show if there is SPI-NOR Someone with some spare time could script this I suppose... cat /proc/version cat /proc/cmdline cat /proc/cpuinfo cat /proc/meminfo cat /proc/devices cat /proc/mtd ls /sys/devices/platform ls /sys/class/net ifconfig -a See attached - this is NanoPi Neo2, the other is from a Qualcomm Atheros IPQ4018 board (interesting device with Wave2 WiFi) nanopineo2_boardinfo.txt ipq4018_boardinfo.txt
  13. chwe

    Daily (tech related) news diet

    well I'll have a look into why it happens and if we can avoid it. But maybe it had some rational behind it you never know. I don't want atom as root.. as smart as I am I would probably kill somehow my entire ubuntu partition.. and since I don't follow recommendations.. it's not a virtual one.. with other productive stuff on it.. Do what I say not what I do.. Cause it's the news diet chat.. Remember the guy from google they fired cause he said something like women and men are different? (well that's a bit buzz-wordish, in fact he wrote a document about biases which somehow leaked...) Well now microsoft has also employees which may think different compared to their employee.. Things get complicated now.. cause it's not a men, it's a women sharing her opinions. She has some rather taff comments there: I'm curious how this one is going for her assuming that it's kept in the news for a while..
  14. TonyMac32

    Daily (tech related) news diet

    I use gedit over an SSH session with Xming on Windows 10. [emoji38] that keeps me from from having to have multiple mouse/keyboard setups with my gaming PC. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  15. seawolfssn

    Helios4 Support

    Well I don't know what happened but a few days ago I started getting SMART warnings from one of my drives. Then the next day seek errors on all 4 drives. They are older so i figured nothing out of the ordinary. I ordered new drives to start replacing these. Last night the entire system died. And what's weird is it took the external USB drives I had plugged in down as well. They were on, but they were just clicking their heads. I plugged the externals into my own PC and they turned out to be OK, for some reason they aren't getting enough power from the USB of the helios4. Well I went and disconnected the NAS drives and on a hunch i plugged the external back in, and put the helios to power without any NAS in it and the external drive worked again and was detected! So I figured some malfunction in the 3.5" drives must have caused other issues like the externals not working. I tried a different 3.5" drive I had laying around. Was never detected. Tried another brand new drive, still not detected. I plugged a 2.5" drive in just to see what would happen and it was detected fine! I plugged one of the brand new WD reds i just bought and still nothing. I don't even think it's even spinning up. I tried all 4 power connectors, and even reseated the cables into the board to make sure they were secure... I don't think they're getting any or enough power :\
  16. Igor

    Daily (tech related) news diet

    I don't think there is any. Unfortunately not everything is perfect in this build system ... but we will fix it once
  17. jeanrhum

    Armbian for Amlogic S9xxx kernel 4.1x (>= ver 5.55)

    I'm currently using a GT1 ultimate with 5.75 release of Balbes150 and vim2 dtb. I don't use it as a desktop but with another s912 box used as a desktop, I use also vim2 dtb successfully.
  18. First of all, thanks for sharing your opinions. My shortlist is: 1) Odroid HC-1 - due to known stability 2) Rock64 - it has USB3 on board and recently I purchased USB3 dock for 2 drives. Works nice, uas supported, but no trim. So idea was to connect 2 drives -ssd for system and rotational for data, but looks like trim support is not for me. That's not good, but, well. Nothing stops me for rotational drive for system. Or leave system on _good_ _expensive_ microSD, or make the "read only root", which is promising, but I guess kernel updates will suffer while changing "/boot" data. 3) Orange Pi Prime. Good for it's price, has wifi onboard (hope it supports host mode for hostapd in latest kernel), but no USB 3.0. (2) and (3) are 64bit I guess. Not sure I do have 64 bit tasks (e.g. Apache/nginx large file upload), but still good to have. Also I'm quite sure they both consume less power then HC1. The case is not electricity bill, but requirements for PSU. I run my "rig" from 10A 5V psu, which powers cubie, usb hub, couple of orange pi's (pc2 and pc) without any issues. Probably HC-1 will be ok with this setup also. Personally I really like coming Allwinner H6 boards. They are colder on same Mhz's, but Armbian is in testing stage for them and quite far from stable version.
  19. I have a Beelink GT1 (not Ultimate) with 2GB RAM and 16GB storage. I tried installing the 5.77 build but can't seem to get to the desktop (I've tried many of the DTBs to no avail). On CoreElec I use gxm_q201_2g.dtb but that file itself caused issues. Has anyone gotten Beelink GT1 to work? All of the posts I searched from Beelink GT1 users are from several years ago.
  20. jeanrhum

    Home server - Cubieboard2 replacement

    You're right, but znoxx may already have an USB-sata bridge since he mentioned this option. If price is not so important, rk3399 is clearly a better choice with other possibilities.
  21. well is it really cheaper? Assuming the 2gb ram is really a requirement: Board: 35$ Reliable USB-Sata bridge: 10$ you save roughly 5$.. Depending on other requirements, the HC1/HC2 has a lot more horse power and a proper casing solution which is still missing if you opt for the rock64.. If encryption is important maybe a ARMv8 might be a better choice. But then I would probably opt for a RK3399 (support not 100% mature yet) but decent mainline support and more options to bring up SATA than with a RK3328 (and the price for the cheaper RK3399 are quite okay)..
  22. chwe

    Daily (tech related) news diet

    notepad ++ for windows and atom for armbian (on ubuntu).. problem is.. when creating patches.. the whole kernel repositories are root:root which makes editing in it uncomfortable.. @Igor a rational behind it?
  23. Igor

    filesystem error on one time

    Your SD card is failing or its fake. Use some completely different one.
  24. AndrewDB

    Armbian for Amlogic S9xxx kernel 4.1x (>= ver 5.55)

    I have also experienced that, it's the kernel random generator that requires a source of entropy to initialize the driver. There are a number of workarounds , google for it.
  25. Igor

    Orangepi 3 h6 allwiner chip
  26. Hello, I'm trying to activate the uart interface Gpio 8 + 10 on the rock pi4. I have currently installed the image of radxa. --> ARMBIAN 5.67 user-built Debian GNU/Linux 9 (stretch) 4.4.154-rk3399rockpi4b My Linux knowledge is still in the beginning. Who can help me to activate the upart interface Gpio 8 + 10 on the rock pi4. Thank you
  27. greg798

    Orangepi 3 h6 allwiner chip

    Prompt real to include linux kernel video gpu mali midgard opi3? And possible midgard to apply?
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