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  2. It is more convenient to use Etcher to flash the Armbian ímage to sd.
  3. Hi Thanks! I will take a try for this patch and tell you if it works for me. Really nice board, it's responsive and well documented
  4. Dear colleagues! I think many of us are trying to use SBC boards with Armbian as server, control units etc. How do you handle instant power OFF, due to power loss, for example. I am thinking about small UPS development, it will contain battery for 30 seconds of Orange Pi Pc+ operation and set Orange Pi I/O as signal for correct shutdown. But is it actually needed? I keep switching my Orange power OFF from AC adapter instead of shutting down for 1 year and still no problem there.
  5. Hello Community, I want to take a look at Wireguard, now I heard that that Wireguard is supposed to be already integrated in the Kernel of Armbian. Is this actually correct and if yes how do I please active it? Thank you, blub4747
  6. I did it again... outdoorpi@orangepizero:/usr/src/linux-source-4.19.62-sunxi$ sudo make clean [sudo] password for outdoorpi: outdoorpi@orangepizero:/usr/src/linux-source-4.19.62-sunxi$ sudo make scripts HOSTCC scripts/basic/fixdep HOSTCC scripts/kconfig/conf.o YACC scripts/kconfig/ LEX scripts/kconfig/zconf.lex.c HOSTCC scripts/kconfig/ HOSTLD scripts/kconfig/conf scripts/kconfig/conf --syncconfig Kconfig HOSTCC scripts/dtc/dtc.o HOSTCC scripts/dtc/flattree.o HOSTCC scripts/dtc/fstree.o HOSTCC scripts/dtc/data.o HOSTCC scripts/dtc/livetree.o HOSTCC scripts/dtc/treesource.o HOSTCC scripts/dtc/srcpos.o HOSTCC scripts/dtc/checks.o HOSTCC scripts/dtc/util.o LEX scripts/dtc/dtc-lexer.lex.c YACC scripts/dtc/ HOSTCC scripts/dtc/dtc-lexer.lex.o YACC scripts/dtc/ HOSTCC scripts/dtc/ HOSTLD scripts/dtc/dtc HOSTCC scripts/mod/mk_elfconfig CC scripts/mod/empty.o MKELF scripts/mod/elfconfig.h HOSTCC scripts/mod/modpost.o CC scripts/mod/devicetable-offsets.s HOSTCC scripts/mod/file2alias.o HOSTCC scripts/mod/sumversion.o HOSTLD scripts/mod/modpost HOSTCC scripts/selinux/genheaders/genheaders HOSTCC scripts/selinux/mdp/mdp HOSTCC scripts/bin2c HOSTCC scripts/kallsyms seems to be worked... I changed the of usb-redirector-linux-arm-gnueabihf # KERNELDIR=/lib/modules/`uname -r`/build KERNELDIR=/usr/src/linux-source-4.19.62-sunxi start the outdoorpi@orangepizero:~/usb-redirector-linux-arm-gnueabihf$ sudo ./ install-server *** Installing USB Redirector for Linux v3.8 *** Destination dir: /usr/local/usb-redirector *** Checking installation... *** Detecting system... *** distribution: debian *** kernel: 4.19.62-sunxi *** Compiling kernel module... *** Kernel module successfully compiled *** Creating directories... *** Preparing scripts... *** Copying files... *** Setting up init script... *** Starting daemon... *** Please allow incoming connections on 32032 port for USB Sever to be able to accept connections from remote clients. *** INSTALLATION SUCCESSFUL! To uninstall, run /usr/local/usb-redirector/ outdoorpi@orangepizero:~/usb-redirector-linux-arm-gnueabihf$ seems also to be worked. tried to start usb-redirector: outdoorpi@orangepizero:/usr/local/usb-redirector/bin$ sudo ./usbsrv -l ******************** ERROR *********************** Cannot connect to USB Redirector daemon. Please make sure usbsrvd is loaded. If the module is not loaded, please contact our support team. Error log can be found at /var/log/usbsrvd.log **************** **************** **************** outdoorpi@orangepizero:/usr/local/usb-redirector/bin$ /var/log/usbsrvd.log Aug 19, 2019 07:03:36 Daemon startup Aug 19, 2019 07:03:40 Daemon can not be started! Error 0 Module 0x0003 Line 24 Aug 19, 2019 07:03:40 Daemon shutdown
  7. No, I do not see any limit in user space. cpufreq-info shows "hardware limits: 408 MHz - 1.42 GHz" for CPU 0-3 and "hardware limits: 408 MHz - 1.80 GHz" for CPU 4 and 5. Highest entries in dts are opp-1512000000 and opp-1992000000. Maybe there is a setting somewhere that excludes them, but I do not see it.
  8. Dear friend, I tried it! sunxi-pio -m "PG11<1><0><1><1>" modprobe vfe_v4l2 modprobe gc2035 modprobe ov5640 This give same result... /dev/video0 does not appear... May be someone have some description (or link on description), like "how to work CSI" ? What does udev need to identify a CSI-device?
  9. Added nightly minimal images (root ≈ 500 Mb in size) for La Frite.
  10. Solution for MIC not working in H5 Boards For H5 boards with Armbian Mainline Kernel, 4.19.67-sunxi64 #5.94 SMP Sun Aug 18 14:35:13 EDT 2019 aarch64 GNU/Linux The solution can be found at the end of this other following post...
  11. Thanks @hexdump for your support.. I used your method and it worked (my memory card has broken so other error occurred but I fixed it)
  12. Thanks goes to @Neil Armstrong and BayLibre, they've been handling mainlining Amlogic. I simply curate any additional patches and keep things playing nice with the build system.
  13. Hi, We haven't started to work on 5.2 but maybe you can try the patch by Gontran Baerts for ArchLinux
  14. Yesterday
  15. Your suggested workaround is not good enough. So I wont bother explaining why your completely round-about nonsense side stepping the actual issue is in fact idiotic. You want a LINK? Go to the website and open your eyes. Here is a sample: If you sell NAS and says 48+TB storage it IMPLIES 48+TB storage. Who will read that and say "Wow 48+TB as 12TB individual disks! Can't wait to use this as a NAS solution!"? Your attempt to invalidate common sense with technical side stepping is bullshit. Because your doctor didn't EXPLICITLY say he or she wouldnt leave a spoon inside your anus after an operation doesn't mean its fair to find one there afterwards you tool. There are certain common sense assumptions that are perfectly legitimate in various contexts. Anyway I have nothing more to add.
  16. @jernej - will give it a try tomorrow and let you know then. thanks a lot for thinking about how to get this forward.
  17. Hi S912 owners, Since my exchange with @balbes150 I came to the conclusion that the: Tanix-TX92 (Vorke Z6 Plus) Amlogic S912, 3GB RAM, 2,4 & 5 WiFi, USB 2.0, only 2A PSU, Power Button sound like a good balance between price and features USD 52.- from China. Now I was wondering how happy you are with the Chip/Box per se? What is the latest Android that runs well on this box (no interruptions in a movie) ? How is armbian performing in Dual boot, perhaps with Kodi 18? Can someone recommend a good power supply 5V 3A? Thanks
  18. Hi, there is no /dev/amstream* in Armbian so Kodi can't use hardware decoder. Could support be added please?
  19. Unless you are using this PR, glamor on X11 will not work with lima. Even with this PR, according to one dev on #lima IRC, there are still troubles with slowness. In short, lima is not good enough yet for running X11.
  20. Hi, An other question : I would like to run the latest vanilla kernel (5.2.*). Is there a patch for the dual fan ? The patch provided in the pwm section seems for kernel 4.x and is is rejected. Thanks! Kind regards, Xavier Miller.
  21. I think you have to activate the gpio before loading the modules
  22. Did you rebuild the scripts as shown in post #2? Are you sure it's the same error? Scripts must always be rebuilt when compiling natively because the kernel package is built on x86_64 so the binaries in that directory will be x86_64 format and must be rebuilt for execution on ARM.
  23. yes but I used a other package of USB-Redirection... without usb-redirector-linux-arm-gnueabihf. but same error...
  24. For the sake of completeness - I've been running 5.3.0-rc3 on one of my nanopineoplus2s for a few days now and it has been working great! Nice work!!
  25. The problem in the previous post (unable to load driver: was because compiling and installing the lima userspace driver somehow changed the DRI library search path from /usr/lib to /usr/local/lib. But after resolving that, I still was unable to figure out how to make Xorg use instead of I'm setting this project aside until I find new information.
  26. You have seen this error before. Do you not remember? Look at post #2.
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