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  1. Another factor is that at least as far as the armbian builds go, there is no uboot suitable for your box available.  It isn't feasible/possible to build uboots for the hundreds of different tv box hardware configurations out there (and the tv box manufacturers don't release their source for their android uboots), so the uboot on the armbian build sd card is basically just a place holder (generic uboot that 100% is guaranteed not to work for your box).  The whole armbian amlogic tv box strategy is to use the uboot that comes with the tv box on emmc.  So if you are trying to get something working from sd, it isn't going to be armbian unless you can get your emmc working again.

  2. 16 minutes ago, stut said:

    Is there a thing I can do to always make it both from sd card?

    If your emmc is not working, I don't think you can.  My understanding is that these amlogic boxes basically are hard coded to look for uboot on emmc.  That is why the aml-s9xx-box builds use the emmc uboot to then chain load the distribution from sd/usb/etc.  It is always using the emmc uboot initially.  If your emmc is working, you should use recovery to reinstall the android uboot and then you could move on from there.  But in your case you have already tried that, and it didn't work (likely indicating that your emmc is not working).  Based on your comments, it sounds like you have previously reinstalled the android firmware, so you know that process used to work (the reason I am stating this, is that sometimes different boards/firmware combinations require specific versions of the amlogic burning tool)

  3. @Juan C. Guarnizo B I would first point you to this FAQ item on status of TV boxes under Armbian: https://forum.armbian.com/topic/16976-status-of-armbian-on-tv-boxes-please-read-first

    Second I would point out that the builds you reference are old (the newest is over a year old).  No one that I am aware of is currently spending any time on TV boxes under allwinner with armbian, and the builds you reference are not official Armbian builds, but builds produced by a community developer outside official Armbian distribution channels.

    So unless someone else from the community responds, you will need to have the skills to figure this out on your own, given the work jernej has provided.

  4. armbian-install will not work on amlogic tv boxes.  Please follow the instructions here: https://forum.armbian.com/topic/17106-installation-instructions-for-tv-boxes-with-amlogic-cpus


    Also, why did you abort the first run setup steps?  You may have left your box in an incomplete state that could cause issues in the future.

    On further thought, I think your box has the s905 cpu.  And installation to emmc isn't possible on this cpu.  The next generation amlogic cpus (s905x) are supported for internal emmc install.

  5. Since you are posting in the TV Box sub-forum, I'm assuming you are talking about a TV Box.  But you have't provided any informaion about your setup.  What TV Box do you have, what version of Armbian do you have (by version I mean the name of the image you downloaded, and where downloaded from).

  6. 3 minutes ago, МИХАИЛ said:

    Which armbian desktop version should I download

    Where are you looking?  I only see one desktop build - xfce (although a Debian version and an Ubuntu version).


    6 minutes ago, МИХАИЛ said:

    which dtb should I use?

    You probably would be best suited using the dtb from this thread.  Otherwise the instructions say to try them all and see which works best (note that s905x3 is meson-sm1).

  7. Generally this means that you are holding the reset button too long.  When powered with the reset button pressed it should after a few seconds 'reboot' at that time you can release it.  If you continue to hold for an extended period of time it will go to the android recovery.

  8. You need to go to the Inovato site for questions/support.  Per their website:

    "IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have any questions or problems with this process, by all means use the Armbian Forums to search for information, but please DO NOT ask questions if you can't find your answer.  They don't support the Quadra firmware: We do. So please use the Support category on this forum."

  9. More specifically, you downloaded from a site that is not Armbian.  They are a fork of armbian, but continue to use the Armbian name without permission.  They do not participate in these forums.  There is no way we can help you since you aren't using Armbian, you will need to go to the location you downloaded your build from and get help there.

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