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  1. At that point you are doing kernel development.  There is no reason that the kernel source code being used by Armbian (the vendor branch) supports the features you are enabling.  It is very likely that patches from mainline linux will need to be backported to the vendor kernel branch that you are trying to build.  This isn't an Armbian issue, but something you would need to do.  You are essentially adding features (by enabling kernel feature that Armbian doesn't curently support or test).  If you want to go down this path, you should enable items that you need in your kernel config one by one and see which specific features are failing.

    Again, if you diff your kernel config with the one Armbian uses there are many differences.

  2. 1 hour ago, holm said:

    Since you have the idea I should complain to the company that build that board(s) ..I got them for free, trying to do something useful with them, only bought the breakout

    boards for $20 and 2nd:

    why you are developing Armbian here at all? There are companies that should provide support..companies for every board that you are supporting here..Why the heck you are here?

    My last comment on this.


    The sad reality is that what the handful of volunteers that are Armbian produce is on average the best support out there for these boards.  Many (I would even say most) of the other SBC builds out there take their code from Armbian and then add on a few things.


    You talk about 'companies', there aren't any that support these boards.  The companies are the board manufacturers and they don't support their own products.


    You ask why Armbian is here, it is here because people like me have a bit of spare time and want to help and find these boards a fun and challenging hobby.  But it is entitled people like you that make me not want to do this.


    Finally, you have no investment in Armbian thus Armbian owes you nothing.  If you were paying for something here you might have a reason for your behavior.  But you are using something provided to you for free, as is with no warranty.  If it doesn't work then go find something elsewhere that you think is better (and good luck by the way).  Or since this is open source you can always fix it yourself.

  3. @holm  The board you are using is not supported or maintained by Armbian.  It is Community Maintained.  That means that no Armbian resources exist to support this board.  It is up to people outside Armbian to submit PRs to keep it alive.  That is what it means when Armbian says it lacks resources to maintain hundreds of different boards out there.

    What Armbian provides to you free is infrastructure, automated builds and a forum.  It is up to you or others who care about this (or any Community Maintained board) to submit PRs to keep it alive.


    I'm just a moderator of the forums trying to help.


    If you really want to complain to someone, instead of complaining to those of us here trying to help you for free (as I volunteer my time to receive the abuse you just gave to me), you should complain to the company that took your money for their board but then don't provide any software support for what they sold you.  They just take your money and run, and hope others (like Armbian) will support their hardware without any compensation.

  4. A quick look shows:

    Current u-boot sets CONFIG_GMAC_TX_DELAY = 1 (I didn't look at history if this has changed over time)


    and there is no patch in Armbian for Cubietruck that changes that value:



    It should be fairly simple to test different values to see if that addresses the problem and submit a PR to Armbian (or to upstream u-boot) to fix

  5. There shouldn't be an upper limit on your power supply (as long as it supplies enough to meet the boards needs, so lower limit yes, upper limit no).  Those numbers only indicate the amount of power available to the box, not how much it will draw.  You could use a 2amp or 3amp power supply without any problem.

  6. Is that the only dtb you have tried?  Per the instructions you should try all the meson-gxl dtbs to find the one that comes closest to matching your hardware.  P212 is just the reference dtb and doesn't really indicate much.

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