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  1. On 4/25/2023 at 12:04 PM, Thibault DESAULES said:

    The current version (Armbian 23.02 Jammy Kernel 6.1.y, Size: 579Mb, Release date: Feb 27, 2023)

    There is a bug in armbian-install in this version that will likely cause your scenario to fail.  You can manually fix/verify the issue by looking at the armbianEnv.txt file installed on the nvme drive and look for the uuid of the drive.  It should be prefixed with UUID= (compare to the armbianEnv.txt on your sd card).  Or you can use a nightly image which will already contain the fix to armbian-install and retry.

  2. @tepo  The Banana PI M2 Zero is not supported by Armbian maintainers.  It is "Community Support" status, which means that it is available for the public at large to support.  There is currently no one in the community that has stepped up to say they will be a maintainer for that board.  So the board is languishing for lack of support by anyone interested enough to contribute.

    Armbian is first and foremost a platform for building images for the many different Arm based boards that are out there.  But with limited resources (both people and money) only a handful of boards get officially supported by the project.  The majority end up supported (or not supported) by the community of volunteers interested in the particular boards.

  3. 14 hours ago, Patrick Domack said:

    How can I go about installing then onto an r6s. I have not figured out how to boot armbian on one of these devices.


    13 minutes ago, Patrick Domack said:

    That is so not helpful, if that worked, I wouldn't have bothered to ask.

    Maybe if you provided more than a one sentence description on what your problem is and what you have tried, you would get a better answer.  u-boot logs are really useful in debugging booting issues for example.

  4. On 4/15/2023 at 10:46 AM, tehsoosoo said:

    1. How can I boot from sd card again? Just in case something's wrong with the eMMC etc.

    If you are using the community armbian build, then it will first try to boot from the sd card if present and then boot from emmc if no sd card.


    On 4/15/2023 at 10:46 AM, tehsoosoo said:

    2. Can I still use a blank sd card for storage? Or there shouldn't be an sd card attached because it will try to boot from sd card?

    I don't know, I've never tried it.


    If you install to emmc, you should have a backup of your android firmware and know how to reinstall it if something goes wrong.  Otherwise your box could end up bricked.

  5. 20 hours ago, Priscilo Jessico Silva said:

    When I turn on the power of the TVBox with the reset button pressed and the SD card inserted, it simply goes into a loop, only showing the H96 PRO Plus logo and then disappearing and reappearing.

    That sounds like you have then properly enabled multiboot and it is trying to boot from the sd card.


    On 4/9/2023 at 6:19 PM, Krypton said:

    Note: In case your sdcard doesn’t boot rename u-boot-s905x-s912 to uboot.ext

    Have you done this step to enable the boot process from the sd card?

  6. 11 minutes ago, JaimeDB said:

    the ethernet and emmc install is ok, but NO audio?

    That is pretty good.  Better than many tv boxes.


    Have you read:



    11 minutes ago, JaimeDB said:

    I use meson-sm1-a95xf3-air.dtb

    Have you tried all the meson-sm1-* dtb files?  The idea is to find the one that is the best fit for your hardware where there isn't an exact match in the linux kernel.


    12 minutes ago, JaimeDB said:

    Can I use emuelec dtb files?

    Maybe.  dtb files are kernel version specific (but not alot changes between linux versions) so if the dtb is from a recent linux kernel it may be compatible.  There would be no harm in trying.

  7. @iloveomv The location you posted is a fork of armbian. Their developers use the Armbian name without permission. We discourage people from posting links to that project in these forums as we can't help people with those builds as the code isn't armbian.  Because they use the armbian name people get confused and think they are using armbian code and come here for support.  Those developers do not participate in these forums, nor do they support armbian development.  Feel free to PM the the information but direct followup questions should be directed to their support methods.

  8. 1 hour ago, yopp said:

    Temporary workaround is to add 


    drm_kms_helper.edid_firmware=HDMI-A-1:edid/1920x1080.bin video=HDMI-A-1:1920x1080-24@60


    at the end of `append` in  `extlinux.conf`. 

    Video signal now appears after kernel initializes

    That makes sense, you at telling the kernel which display settings to use, instead of trying to discover the correct settings for the attached monitor.  I'm curious how you figured this out?  Is there some reference you used, that you could link here for others to read more about how/why this works?

  9. OK now I understand.  It is common to have incompatibilities between older TV boxes and SD cards.


    You also said you: 

    3 hours ago, Adan said:

    Tried the ADB method with the SD card inserted (not recognized) and it boots Android again

    Which sd card was that with?  Obviously if the box can't read the one card, nothing is going to work with that card.

  10. 2 hours ago, Adan said:

    What I mean is that I have two Micro SD card, one with the "Armbian_23.02.2_Aml-s9xx-box_bullseye_current_6.1.11.img.xz" , I try the update app on Android but it says "No sd card".

    That is yo be expected.  As I said earlier:


    18 hours ago, SteeMan said:

    The current builds do not even include the aml_autoscript.zip file because it is rarely needed.  There is nothing special about this file it is a zero byte dummy file, that is supposed to trigger the loading of the aml_autoscript file via some update apps.

    You would need to create the empty aml_autoscript.zip file on this build manually.

  11. 23 minutes ago, Adan said:

    Also tried flashing "Armbian_23.02.2_Aml-s9xx-box_bullseye_current_6.1.11.img.xz" into another SD card and the TV Box didnt even recognize the sd card. My computer does.

    What do you mean by "TV Box doesn't recognize the SD card"?  How is it different from before?

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