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  1. 14 hours ago, Mario663 said:

    perhaps because it already starts with the 5.88 configuration!?

    No that wouldn't impact anything as the two environments are separate.

    Does it go through the initial configuration if you are using the cli/server version? Can you reproduce the issue by starting with a new image on the sd card and trying again?


    Also on the failure to run the install-aml.sh, does the script have execute permission set?

  2. You are typing the command wrong.  There is a space after sudo, but if you are already logged in a root, you don't need the sudo at all.  And in the case you did the command without sudo you didn't include the ./


    Also note that you can't install on emmc if the box has an s905 cpu (you need an s905x or newer for emmc support).  There was a recent thread that talked about this in the forums.

  3. The s905w2 is a new cpu from amlogic.  As far as I know no one has tried to get mainline linux running on tv boxes containing that cpu  Generally when a manufacturer comes out with a new cpu it takes the main line linux community a couple of years to get a stable system working on it (if there is enough community support).  So I would suggest you use your box as an android box and come back in a year or so to see if there has been any movement to support this cpu. Or if you have the skills work on bringing support for the cpu into mainline linux.

  4. @Serkan Polat  You don't mention what kind of board/box you are using.  However I am assuming you are using some sort of android TV box (since your post mentions coreelec and a random tv box dtb file).  You should note that TV Boxes are not supported by armbian.  I should move your post to the TV Box community forum, but I will leave it here since you are offering to pay someone for help and this forum is where you are more likely to find someone with the skills that might be able to help.  (The TV box forums generally only have end users reading the posts).

  5. You can't mix and match different distributions.  Each expects the boot environment to be setup in a specific way by multiboot (multiboot is what is setup when you press the reset button at power on).  That is why some old builds will use things like uenv.txt vs extlinuc.conf i the new builds.  As your video here showed (https://forum.armbian.com/topic/25519-armbian-mxq-pro-4k-s905no-work/?do=findComment&comment=156933) you had it booting to the point of finding the corrupted extlinux.conf file.  So I go back to you needed to deal with that issue first.   I can't and wont spend my time helping diagnose issues with old builds from unknown origins.


    My overall recommendation for you would be to restore your box to the original android firmware so it is in a known starting state.  Then follow the steps in the instructions using only a linux machine to edit the extlinux.conf file (don't allow the sd card to touch a windows machine).


  6. TV Boxes are not supported by Armbian.  This forum is provided for the community to share information.  It is not a support forum.  I am only one person, and I volunteer my time to help.  But I can't teach people linux or basic skills that they should already have, or at least be able to figure out themselves with the help of google.  I have pointed you in the direction you need to look, but if you are unwilling to do any of the work, then then linux on a tv box isn't for you.  As the FAQ link I just posted says, these boxes are really only useful to run servers.  If you are running a linux server, I expect you have basic linux skills in which to do that, and anyone who has been around linux/unix for any length of time, knows about the evils that windows editors do to linux text files and would know how to fix them.

  7. Pictures would be helpful as the T95 name is used for a lot of different cpus.  But I'm guessing you have an older box (not one of the newer blue boxes) as the board info you gave mentions s905 which would be an amlogic cpu.  Assuming you do have an s905 amlogic cpu, you should be able to follow the instructions in the TV Box FAQ:




  8. Your extlinux.conf file is corrupted.  It has windows newline characters added to the end of each line. 


    The boot output shows:

    Ignoring unknown command: FDT

    Ignoring unknown command: append


    Is showing that the contents of the extlinux.conf file can't be read properly.  When I downloaded the file you attached to your post, I can see the windows characters in your file.

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