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  1. Generally this means that you are holding the reset button too long.  When powered with the reset button pressed it should after a few seconds 'reboot' at that time you can release it.  If you continue to hold for an extended period of time it will go to the android recovery.

  2. You need to go to the Inovato site for questions/support.  Per their website:

    "IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have any questions or problems with this process, by all means use the Armbian Forums to search for information, but please DO NOT ask questions if you can't find your answer.  They don't support the Quadra firmware: We do. So please use the Support category on this forum."

  3. More specifically, you downloaded from a site that is not Armbian.  They are a fork of armbian, but continue to use the Armbian name without permission.  They do not participate in these forums.  There is no way we can help you since you aren't using Armbian, you will need to go to the location you downloaded your build from and get help there.

  4. 2 hours ago, Mario663 said:

    I've tried to download it from different places

    What are you trying to download from different places?  Be specific.


    The screen you are showing isn't something that you should ever be in.  This isn't part of the install instructions.  Please give the steps you are performing, that lead you to this screen?

  5. sudo prompts for the users password (not roots password) - that is the whole point of sudo, allowing a user with sudo privilege to issue commands as root, but first requiring they re-authenticate themselves.

  6. @SergioAiello  If I understand you correctly, you still have access to the system via a regular user account.  It is likely that this regular user account was the one created during your first boot, in which case that user will have sudo permissions.  So you can sudo su root to become the root user, and from there you can reset the root password.

  7. The only suggestion I have on the usb burning tool is to try different versions.  I have found that with some older TV boxes, the latest version sometimes doesn't work, but an older one will.

    One other point I will mention is to have the box disconnected from power when you are trying to connect to it with the burning tool (it should get power over the usb connection) and to try different usb ports on the box.

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