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  1. @tnt Two things I'll note.  Unless you are only testing, you should use the stable builds (not the unstable development community builds) located here: https://redirect.armbian.com/aml-s9xx-box/archive/


    Second, in moving to the new armbian build framework post 23.02 release, there is an incompatible change in how the kernel .deb package is installed.  After this change there no longer is a /boot/uImage file created.  So the /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf file will need to be changed if you upgrade to a later built kernel changing from uImage to Image.  I don't know if this might be what you are running into, or some other instability in the development/unstable tree.



  2. Can you include pictures of the top and bottom of your box and then open the case and take pictures of the top and bottom of the board (with good enough resolution to see the markings on the board as well as on the chips).  My boxes work fine, so I want to see if your box as different hardware.  TV box manufacturers often make hardware changes but still call it by the same name.

  3. @vitor  Have you paid for support?  Armbian is composed of volunteers who donate their time.  If no volunteer desires to work on any particular board/feature/bug, no one is getting paid to be told to add such board/feature/bug.  This is open source so anyone can go in and make changes/fixes/improvements and then hopefully submit them back for others to benefit from.  First and foremost Armbian provides a place (forums, frameworks, source code) for anyone to join the volunteer community and help support the wide variety of boards that are out there.

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