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  1. Thank you Igor! This is what needed to be said. I had not been super happy with the helios64, mainly because of the instability issues. But I will give it a last chance for some more time. If we help each other and stick together as a community, we can still make our machines work. Now, I'd certainly like to hear other peoples opinions on how this community will go forward. (Maybe this is not the right thread though). @Igor Will this Club stay open on the armbian forums?
  2. Thank you for clarifying and pointing that out. Logging to a USB drive as a swap seems like a neat workaround. It would be better though, if we could work out how to avoid the kernel panics without having to change when zfs mounts.
  3. Hi, I had that same idea and I'm just setting this up based on your suggestions. Thank you for starting the thread. Just one thing: There is no option regarding compression in /etc/default/armbian-zram-config, or did you mean to disable another option?
  4. Is it required to remake pools, or can we just use the one we already created? Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
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