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    Sorry, the line about disabling was just to make sure you disable the armbian-zram-config service by setting ENABLED to false.
    As a warning, though, I found some problems with this if you log to a zfs share. It seems you have to make sure zfs gets loaded before the logging starts up, otherwise you can get a kernel panic on occasion. I didn't really dig into how to fix this, so I just log and swap to a usb drive instead now.
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    You don't need to do anything. 
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    RK3399 has a single PCIe 2.1 x 4 lanes port, you can't split the lanes for multi interfaces unless you use a PCIe switch which is an additional component that would increase a lot the board cost.
    That's clearly the intention, we don't want either to restart form scratch the software and documentation :P
    Yes this will be fixed, it was a silly design mistake. We will also make the back panel bracket holder with rounder edges to avoid user to scratch their hands :/
    We will post soon how to manage fan speed based on HDD temperature (using hddtemp tool), that would make more sense than current approach.
    You can already find an old example : https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/499409/adjust-fan-speed-via-fancontrol-according-to-hard-disk-temperature-hddtemp
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    The design is awesome so I'd definitely not change it!
    I would have liked to have WoL working, that is an important feature for those who don't plan on having it on 24/7. (I know, a NAS is intended to be on 24/7, but to have something more environmental friendly, the ability to turn it off and on without physically touching the device is a must)
    Other than that, I'd also add the option to disable or at least deem the front leds (can't place it in a visible place it near the TV). 
    and ECC ram would also be very welcome.
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    ZFS was just upgraded to v2.0.1 https://armbian.atlassian.net/browse/AR-614 which is a preparation for pushing a kernel on and above 5.10.y. Upgrade was tested on Armbian Buster/Bullseye/Focal/Hirsute. My test ZPOOL was always loaded without any troubles.

    We only support upgrade troubles - for ZFS functional problems, please check / file a bug report here https://github.com/openzfs/zfs/issues
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    0x349850341010010101010100 reacted to Werner in No HDD1 when using M.2 SATA on SHARED port.   
    Shared lines are not uncommon even on x86 mainboards. For example: https://www.asrock.com/mb/intel/fatal1ty z97 killer/#Specification
    Take note at Storage and Slots sections:
    That is to mention as addition to @tommitytom.
    You can try to sell it in forums. I already noticed a few people who did this successfully here. However if I were a potential buyer I'd consider a person with such an attitude not necessarily trustworthy
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    0x349850341010010101010100 reacted to tommitytom in No HDD1 when using M.2 SATA on SHARED port.   
    Seems like the mistake is yours.  It's made pretty clear that the port is shared (it's even mentioned twice on the front page of kobol.io), it's not exactly a secret.
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    From the wiki:
    Source: https://wiki.kobol.io/helios64/sata/#sata-controller-diagram
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    I added zfs zfs-dkms_0.8.5-2~20.04.york0_all to our repository so at least Ubuntu version works OOB (apt install zfs-dkms). I tested installation on Odroid N2+ running 5.9.11

    * packaging mirrors need some time to receive updates so you might get some file-not-found, but it will work tomorrow. Headers must be installed from armbian-config.
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    Yeah definitely the topic deserved a dedicated thread, even a page on our wiki if someone feel like contributing https://github.com/kobol-io/wiki
    IMHO zfs-dkms would the easiest approach for most people.
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    Yes you can upgrade. The issue of instability wasn't related to the kernel actually but to some silly bug in Armbian hardware optimization script.
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    Patch versions are reserved for emergency fixes, but we don't necessarily update all kernels. We need to test things before pushing out update to minimize unpleasant surprises.

    A major update (20.11) is around the corner and things will be updated then.
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    To fellow zfs users, I just saw that the 0.8.5 release is out with many compatibility patches, we should wait until this version lands in the repos to use it on the Helios64
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    *** ZFS Version: zfs-0.8.3-1ubuntu12.4
    *** Compatible Kernels: 2.6.32 - 5.4

    For 5.8.y you need at least 0.8.4 from sources: https://github.com/openzfs/zfs/issues
    DKMS on Debian / Ubuntu is simply too old. Install attached .deb package (i tested this on Ubuntu Focal) and it will work: