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    zgoda_j reacted to tkaiser in RK3399 Orange Pi   
    Really? It follows RK3399 reference design pretty closely but adds an ASM1061 or maybe ASM1062 to attach a SATA disk. Regarding pricing and software support some information can already be found here: http://www.cnx-software.com/2016/11/25/firefly-rk3399-development-board-will-fly-with-rockchip-rk3399-hexa-core-processor/#comment-536776  (even same Ampak for non-crappy Wi-FI used here but what's the use case for an ARM board that costs as much as a real Mini PC?)
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    zgoda_j reacted to tkaiser in Orange Pi Zero wireless module status (XRADIO / ST CW1200)   
    So please go visit https://lede-project.org/supported_devices and choose a supported device. If you really want to use crappy Wi-Fi (single antenna, 2.4 GHz band only) there are a lot of cheap AP to choose from. Please also note that you're using legacy kernel and literally no one ever will be that dumb to even touch this driver version.
    Why the hell do people buy an SBC if they want an AP instead? Is it really saving the few bucks? Why are people that weird and believe in advertising and then add also (wrong) assumptions to that ("if there's Wi-Fi I expect it to be performant and stable, it has to be useable as access point and of course with monitor mode too")?
    BTW: the thread you entered with support questions is a developer thread talking about tweaks for the mainline variant of the driver or similarities with a different and already present driver there. In the meantime I think it was a mistake starting to support those cheap H3 devices and it got even worse with H2+
    What to do with the pollution of this thread (whining and support questions)?
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    zgoda_j reacted to jan.pal in ARMBIAN for Amlogic S905 and S905X (ver 5.44 =<)   
    hi all,
    this is newbie question... sorry for this...
    I have a  X96 tv box which is Amlogic S905X + Mali 450MP GPU device. Would love to have working armbian .
    I was able to run Libreelec. Supprisingly, it works  well, however,  Armbian_5.24_Amlogic-s905x_Debian_jessie_3.14.29_20161028.img will end in boot loop.
    Libreelec contains dtd.img, which apparently differs from armbian  structure. I suppose, dtd should be a key for running kernel on  particular device.
    Any hint how should i proceed to make armbian working?
    My device is rooted s i can get some usefull data from android if that would help.
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    zgoda_j reacted to martinayotte in OrangePi PC GPIO UART and Arduino   
    For UARTs, you don't need those library, you only need to access kernel serial device, such /dev/ttyS1, using python-serial.
    For example, the following piece of code will print any character received on RX :
    import serial serport = serial.Serial("/dev/ttyS1", 115200, timeout=1) while True: while serport.inWaiting() > 0: c = serport.read() print c
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    zgoda_j reacted to Grom in [SOLVED] Orange PI PC H3 Winner, compiled with igorpecovnik jessie desktop   
    Hi all, i have same display for long time but without usb. I followed this guide and i have display up and running finaly. I still cant get touch-pad running. Did anyone managed to get that touch screen running on Orange Pi PC over SPI?
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    zgoda_j reacted to Melanrz in 3.2 LCD   
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    zgoda_j reacted to Melanrz in Tiny 3$ lcd on orange pi   
    Tutorial for ili9325 and spfd5408

    soon tutorial for fastes ili9341

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    zgoda_j reacted to farrukh in Orange Pi Zero went to the market   
    Designed a case for it. Available on thingiverse if anyone interested - http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1918590

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    zgoda_j reacted to Igor in Orange Pi Zero went to the market   
    You should go for OPi One or similar board if you need HDMI ... but you only need a display or better, serial console, only in case of troubles. Attach to network, look for boards IP on router and connect via SSH. Just check documentation.
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    zgoda_j reacted to HarfTarf in Orange Pi Zero went to the market   
    Yeah!!! Who in their right mind would need more than one network interface??? I only want to see computers nowadays with only one interface, or NONE!
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    zgoda_j reacted to tkaiser in Realtek RTL8192EU WiFi driver?   
    Wasting another few hours of your life googling for '8192eu -8192cu ap mode' and stuff like that? Most probably to realize that the only place on earth where this works are seller pages on Aliexpress?
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    zgoda_j got a reaction from XTL in Realtek RTL8192EU WiFi driver?   
    This 300Mb/s vs. 150Mb/s is a marketing bullshit. All of these dongles are 802.11 b/g/n capable and actual efficiency depends only on chip used, in theory 802.11n data rates may go up to 600Mb/s. 8192eu may not be the worst one, but hey, it's 2016, no one should be forced to build kernel driver for a network card.
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    zgoda_j reacted to tkaiser in Ralink RT5370 OPi PC   
    What about trying a different/better way? Remove wlan0 from interfaces file and configure Wi-Fi using nmtui as outlined here: https://github.com/igorpecovnik/lib/issues/493#issuecomment-252751466 
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    zgoda_j got a reaction from jake in B-Pro plug into computer, QT development   
    You can mount BPro local storage using sshfs or any other FUSE based proto.
    I was able to run QtQuick based applications written in Python/PyQt but this required compiling "stuff" (MALI binary drivers and some X11 parts). Just follow https://linux-sunxi.org/Xorgand https://linux-sunxi.org/Mali_binary_driver
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    zgoda_j got a reaction from jake in B-Pro plug into computer, QT development   
    See http://forum.armbian.com/index.php/topic/841-bananapro-lemaker-5in-lcd-legacy-kernel/?p=6418
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    zgoda_j reacted to tkaiser in Orange Pi+ panic reboot   
    Flash memory cells can only be written a few times, that's why controllers (called FTL -- flash translation layer) implement wear-leveling (on SD cards, on eMMC, on SSDs). It's 2016 and you find a lot of weird stories on the net claiming to not put swap on flash media and other BS since people read about SSDs or SD cards ten years ago and think nothing has changed.
    Use good SD cards, check your use case (using bloatware like Firefox or Chromium might ruin flash storage in pretty short time) and be prepared that every hardware will die when it's used.
    In other words: Just use it and do backups if the data has any value.
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    zgoda_j reacted to MartinKeppler in Enabling LCD in u-boot Kernel 4.7.2   
    Okay Guys,
    I've got a little success. My display is on now. I think the worst thing I could do, was to let HDMI plugged in and HDMI monitor switched on. Only by luck, I saw, that my display is working when HDMI monitor is switched of.
    Now, I will search for the correct solution and post it here soon.
    Yours Martin
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    zgoda_j reacted to zador.blood.stained in Using pwm without rebuilding kernel   
    Keep in mind that if you upgrade the kernel you will loose these changes. You can use something like
    apt-mark hold linux-image-next-sunxi apt-mark hold linux-dtb-next-sunxi to prevent kernel upgrade or just redo this procedure after each Armbian kernel update
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    zgoda_j reacted to BenCranston in BananaPiPro. Video Accelerated No Work.   
    I know the OP is talking about leveraging the video acceleration, so I wanted to throw in a few of my experiences...
    For a faster desktop experience (which is not what I understand is the focus of Armbian) you want to install the fbturbo_drv Xorg driver.  Instructions for that can be found here:  http://linux-sunxi.org/Xorg
    This works with or without the Cedar and MALI drivers.  Typical desktops used on ARM platforms don't use compositing and therefore get no real boost from these drivers.  the Cedar (vdpau) driver is the one for accelerated video playback.  It uses the NEON functions.  There's a great writeup here: http://www.cnx-software.com/2013/12/10/most-embedded-gpus-do-not-support-hardware-video-decoding-acceleration-the-vpu-does/ 
    I was recently *chastised* by one of the authors of the lima driver, which is reverse engineering of the ARM MALI binary blob, for asking for video acceleration via the MALI subsystem...  
    I've used the guides here: https://archlinuxarm.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=33&t=5979 and here: https://blog.eldajani.net/banana-pi-arch-linux-accelerated-mali-gpu/ to get both Cedar and Mali to work.  The caveat is that both of these methods rely on vendor provided proprietary binary blobs that are only compatible with the 3.4 kernel...
    I've found the same issues that RagnerBG pointed out regarding mplayer having the vdpau components not compiled in the repository.  The steps outlined in the previous post work for me as well.
    Anyway, apologies for the rambling..  good day all!
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    zgoda_j got a reaction from Igor in BananaPro, LeMaker 5in LCD, legacy kernel   
    I'm sorry guys, I had one wrong value in FEX in lcd0_para section, lcd_if = 8 (should read 0). I don't know what I was thinking about. Now everything works OK, including touch interface with ft5x_ts. Thank you for your support.
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