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    NicoD reacted to Tido in Daily (tech related) news diet   
    Don't forget the 'grey' cost. I do not replace my "old-power-saving-bulbs" because of the grey energy needed.  Same thing as driving an old car until it breaks or buy a new more efficent car.

    PinePhone UBports Community Edition Pre-Orders Now Open
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    NicoD got a reaction from Tido in Daily (tech related) news diet   
    Bit off topic, that's what the topic is for
    So I've been using the NanoPi M4/V2 for over a half year as main desktop and left my pc off most of the times. That today gave me a nice advantage in my electrical bill.
    While the price of electricity goes up, I consumed 8.8% less only by using SBC's instead of my pc. And that not for a full year even. I can still improve with LED lights. And keep using my SBCs.

    This does give an example why using ARM can be very benificial. I even made a quick video about it. Not really Armbian related. I don't think I need to convince any of you of the advantages of using arm.
    But it is a good thing to think about where we can save money/energy in replacing x86 machines with arm boards.

    Arm also has disadvantages off course. Less user friendly, do it yourself... I also talk about that. So you don't need to see the video any more actually, bit if you do, please enjoy.
    Greetings, NicoD
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    NicoD got a reaction from TCB13 in NanoPI M4   
    Try bigger files. This test does files of 64k. Try files of 100MB 100times.
    dd if=/dev/zero of=test bs=100MB count=100 conv=fdatasync I use the gnome-disks utility to benchmark. It shows the performance with big files, but also the latency what is important for small files. That way you get numbers that can be understood.
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    NicoD reacted to williamv in NanoPI M4   
    just shared in another post on this forum my NVME iozone results for my Nanopi M4v1 with 1TB XPG SX8200 Pro.
    800000+kBytes/sec both read and write.
    specially for @NicoD some pictures. I power with 4a adapter. Self designed and 3d printed cabrio case, that does not fit well now with nvme board.

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    NicoD got a reaction from OrangePee in Need your help - what else beside Etcher   
    I never stop testing.
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    NicoD reacted to ning in [Announcement] Xupdate for debian is created. updated mesa for mali GPUs.   
    Xupdate: includes updated mesa libraries for mali GPUs.
    how to use:
    add below to you source.list
    gpg key can be found at:
    after that, run `sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade`
    before reboot, please update your xorg.conf, follow below webpage:
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    NicoD reacted to ning in [Announcement] Xupdate for debian is created. updated mesa for mali GPUs.   
    this is ONLY for debian buster, if you are ubuntu user please go to graphics-drivers PPA, no duplicated work.
    and this repo is located in Shanghai China, maybe slow oversea.
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    NicoD reacted to AndreBotelho in Unable to make Panfrost work on H6   
    attached dtb with working config for panfrost and hdmi, just paste on /boot/dtb/allwinner and test.
    I've followed panfrost instalation guide and is working fine, changed gpu supply fixes the one color system hang and change hdmi supply fixes dvi no dtc hdmi output making sound works.
    PS: just a fix, not a solution but at least is working like librelec.
    PS2: I have OPI lite 2, for OPI3 just copy the changes to OPI3 dtb
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    NicoD reacted to JORGETECH in Unable to make Panfrost work on H6   
    Do I need to convert it back to dts too, or do I leave the armbian kernel dts? Do the modifications come from other patches?
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    NicoD reacted to JORGETECH in Unable to make Panfrost work on H6   
    I examined @AndreBotelho's DTB and it's not really much different from the DTB I'm already using, so I don't think it would change anything. However, patches like this could help, I think I should wait first for the Armbian patches to be adapted for 5.6 kernel and then continue testing. Forget it, it's already been merged, but I still have my doubts over the posted DTB.
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    NicoD reacted to AndreBotelho in Unable to make Panfrost work on H6   
    Yes, use DTC tool
    Like I said it just a quick fix while it is not merged, I've built Armbian from source and the hdmi still is not working with default DTB so using Libreelec source( works but buggy) I've changed some options on the DTB( I'm not expert). It appears that the hang is beeing caused by the GPU clock table and the dummy clock driver from Panfrost and the HDMI missing sound and resolutions is due to some bug on voltage source option.
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    NicoD reacted to JORGETECH in Unable to make Panfrost work on H6   
    Ok, now I understand better how hardware is defined in DTS files. I realized the Orange Pi Lite 2 DTS is really barebones compared to the Orange Pi 3. I can wait for kernel 5.7 to test more.
    The question I have is: How does it work in LibreELEC if the same DTS is used? (Is it only needed for X11 acceleration?)
    EDIT: I answered my own question. The LibreELEC pull request for Orange Pi Lite 2 (which I merged on my local repository) adds the GPU and Display Engine entries in the DTS. So Armbian would need to merge that in the first place, @Igor can you take a look at the commits from this pull request (if you have the time of course)?, it has both the GPU and DE added to the DTS unlike Armbian's one. I would do it myself but I fear I would break the working patch since I have to learn more about git and diff. EDIT: I enabled the gpu myself but I found the system to be unstable after doing that, I will try to debug it with UART (SSH crashes too) and report back.
    Thanks, I completely forgot about that Linux naming convention inside the kernel.
    As always, thanks for the useful advice and answers.
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    NicoD reacted to jernej in Unable to make Panfrost work on H6   
    No, they are disabled because nobody took time to properly enable them in board DTS until now (it will be in 5.7).
    No, sun4i-drm is for all Allwinner SoCs, it supports Display Engine 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0. It's just named by Linux tradition where it takes name of first (oldest) supported platform.
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    NicoD reacted to ning in Unable to make Panfrost work on H6   
    if you use ubuntu, don't build mesa your self, you can use
    if you insist to build your self, please also update libdrm and libglvnd. these two deps are also important.
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    NicoD reacted to ning in Unable to make Panfrost work on H6   
    if you use wayland session, panfrost is used by default.
    if you use Xorg, a config file is required, which is same as lima. please follow:
    and make sure your xorg >= 1.20
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    NicoD got a reaction from stut in Build Armbian with Panfrost   
    Panfrost instructions Armbian
    !!!! I made a script that does all this, check a few posts later for the script !!!!!  
    This tutorial explains how to build an Armbian image with panfrost. And what else you need to make it work.
    These are early drivers. Many things don't work yet. Only OpenGL 2.1 works now.
    You need to build an image with kernel 5.2 or later.
    For this you need an x86 pc with Ubuntu 18.04 or a virtual Ubuntu 18.04 x86 image.

    First install git, then clone the build folder from Armbian, and enter the build directory.
    apt-get -y -qq install git git clone --depth 1 cd build Now run the script with EXPERT=yes so you can choose to build a dev image.
    sudo ./compile EXPERT=yes Choose "Full OS image for flashing" Then "Show a kernel configuration menu before compilation" Choose your board. If it's not in the regular list, look in "Show SCS/WIP/EOS/TVB". Choose Development version kernel configuration -> device drivers -> graphic drivers -> panfrost  
    Let it run until it's finished. The image will be in the /build/output/images
    Burn it to an SD-card/eMMC/...
    Now we need to install all the needed software
    sudo apt install flex bison python3-mako libwayland-egl-backend-dev libxcb-dri3-dev libxcb-dri2-0-dev libxcb-glx0-dev libx11-xcb-dev libxcb-present-dev libxcb-sync-dev libxxf86vm-dev libxshmfence-dev libxrandr-dev libwayland-dev libxdamage-dev libxext-dev libxfixes-dev x11proto-dri2-dev x11proto-dri3-dev x11proto-present-dev x11proto-gl-dev x11proto-xf86vidmode-dev libexpat1-dev libudev-dev gettext glmark2 glmark2-es2 mesa-utils xutils-dev libpthread-stubs0-dev ninja-build bc python-pip flex bison cmake git valgrind llvm llvm-8-dev python3-pip pkg-config zlib1g-dev wayland-protocols Download and install meson
    wget sudo dpkg -i meson_0.52.0-2_all.deb Download and install mesa DRM
    git clone git:// cd drm meson build --prefix=/usr ninja -C build sudo -E ninja -C build install cd .. Download and install mesa graphics
    git clone git:// cd mesa meson -Ddri-drivers= -Dvulkan-drivers= -Dgallium-drivers=panfrost,kmsro -Dlibunwind=false -Dprefix=/usr build/ ninja -C build/ sudo ninja -C build/ install REBOOT
    Optionally, update sdl (recommended)
    git clone cd SDL mkdir build cd build cmake ../ make -j6 sudo make install REBOOT
    Only thing that works ok with it is supertuxkart, to install it.
    sudo apt install supertuxkart
    Panfrost - Linux games working from repo
    SuperTuxKart - Works well
    ExtremeTuxRacer - lots of glitches
    AssaultCube - lots of glitches
    Instructions by Salvador Liébana & NicoD
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    NicoD reacted to sergiigladchuk in NanoPi M4 Mainline wifi not working   
    Thanks NicoD. No hurry here, I checked yesterday official Friend Elec images for NanoPi M4, they are still on 4.4 kernel, so I just installed Buster server with 4.4 and all works fine, and hat should be fine as well. 
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    NicoD reacted to ning in How to use HW video codec?   
    mainline amlogic hwvdec with patches still in review, can be directly used by mpv with `-hwdec=auto`
    cpu usage drop to 10% from 50%
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    NicoD got a reaction from pfeerick in RK3328 Media Script (Rock64, Renegade)   
    @JMCC The video is ready.
    I don't think it will get too many views. But it can help other frustrated users
    Thanks for the help.
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    NicoD got a reaction from XTL in Armbian for new Amlogic S905X3   
    Did you try different dtb files?

    Try this thread for more info.
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    NicoD reacted to balbes150 in Single Armbian image for RK + AML + AW   
    If you use an arbitrary u-boot (not files that are already specially prepared and located on my site), then you use two commands to write u-boot.
    This is indicated in the instructions in the first message of this topic (in the spoiler for old u-boot). 
    AML also uses the first bytes, so the universal option (which will work on all platforms the same way) is specified in my message. 
    Pay attention. A key feature of my ready-made u-boot is the ability to write them in a "dumb" way (by any program), including in the Wibdow system, where there is no easy way to perform complex writing options (for saving the partition table).
    @NicoD  To use your received u-boot file (which you will get yourself), you need to write this file with two commands (these commands are in the first message of the theme in the spoiler). I asked you for this file, just in order to process it at home and make a u-boot file that can be used in a simple "stupid" recording mode by any program in Windows. If you provide me with verified files from other devices (models), I can also make the necessary u-boot options from them (for simple recording) and put them on the site for General use by other users.
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    NicoD reacted to balbes150 in Single Armbian image for RK + AML + AW   
    You did almost everything right, one small mistake.
    sudo dd if=/dev/mmcblk2p1 of=u-boot-opi3.img bs=512 count=8191
    sudo dd if=/dev/mmcblk2 of=u-boot-opi3.img bs=512 count=8191
    Note that you need to copy the first sectors of the device (not the partition). The loader is always located in the first sectors of the device. 
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    NicoD got a reaction from Werner in Request for new Video about current state of Armbian project   
    I'm always willing to make a video about any subject you guys choose.
    Give me the details of what you want to see/hear and I'll do my best with it. 

    @Igor Are you at the next Fossdem in Brussels? If so we could try to meet for an interview.
    You do not need to prepare for that. Just repeat a sentence when it didn't come out right. I cut and paste everything so nobody notices mistakes.
    Otherwise I could make a question list(and you can add questions you want to answer). And you could film yourself with a smart-phone answering the questions. I can then use that video and cut/paste my questions in between.

    I'm also not a good presenter, so live questions over internet would come out badly. I always have to redo my intros many times for my videos until I feel it's acceptable. I always got more blooper footage than useable video
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    NicoD reacted to martinayotte in Single Armbian image for RK + AML + AW   
    The U-Boot is located after the partition table but before the first partition. So, when you grabbed the U-Boot from Armbian image, and when you start the extract at byte # 0, it is also grabbing the partition table followed by U-Boot itself. U-Boot location is at byte #8192, so the extract should be done like that :
    dd if=ambian.img of=u-boot-only.img bs=1024 skip=8 count=1024 This will extract a 1MB image, big enough since native Armbian U-Boot is sized about 620KB ...
    Then, you can place it inside Balbes image without touching it own partition table by doing a "seek" :
    dd if=u-boot-only.img of=balbes-image.img bs=1024 seek=8 conv=notrunc That should do the job without scrapping Balbes original partition table ...
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    NicoD reacted to balbes150 in Single Armbian image for RK + AML + AW   
    Getting the right file is very easy. Run any version of Armbian on OPI3, and run  the command
    fdisk -l
    pay attention to the number that indicates the beginning of the first section on the SD card, then run the second command, which uses the number of the beginning of the section minus 1
    for example you will get this output
    /dev/sdf1                32768  1081343 1048576   512M             e W95 FAT16 (LBA)
    /dev/sdf2              1081344 10239999 9158656   4,4G            83 Linux
    32768 - 1 = 32767
    dd if=/dev/sdf of=u-boot-opi3.img bs=512 count=32767
    You send the received file u-boot-opi3.img  to me.