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    NicoD reacted to rooted in Announcement : Odroid N2   
    It accepts 7.5V ~ 20V according to the specs, powering with a battery pack shouldn't be an issue
    This range makes it perfect for automotive use, such as a CarPC.
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    NicoD got a reaction from manuti in Support of Raspberry Pi   
    A good read.
    I've learned something. I didn't know the ethernet and usb share the same line. The thing is even crappier than I thought.
    I would also have complained (a lot) about their ancient ddr2 RAM chips. I find this the biggest flaw in the design of the 3B+. The SoC is so bottlenecked by this that even at OC of 1.5Ghz, it performs very badly on ram dependend tasks. 

    The thing is just one collection of design flaws. I don't know what was going on while they were designing the 3B/3B+. They were clearly not concentrating on their work.
    Either they don't have good testers, or they just don't listen to their concerns. All these issues should have been fixed after the first tests.

    I still love my 2B, and still use it often. That's got advantages towards other sbc's(power efficient, no throttling, much more stable, ...) I still hope they're going to do better with the next one. But for now I'm going to use my RK3399's and dream of the Odroid N2.
    Great job, thanks.
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    NicoD reacted to rooted in Announcement : Odroid N2   
    I would run it NicoD but the device is headless currently, when I get around to installing the necessary packages to get the UI up I can render the scene and give you the statistics.

    I'm running sbc-bench with the cores mildly overclocked, will post those results when finished.
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    NicoD reacted to chwe in Announcement : Odroid N2   
    just highlight thomas here, maybe he reads it..   @tkaiser
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    NicoD reacted to rooted in Announcement : Odroid N2   
    It's my N2, it's not using a fan.

    Ambient temperature is 22.7° C
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    NicoD reacted to chwe in Daily (tech related) news diet   
    huh.. that wasn't addressed to you.. more to the politicians I quoted in my starter.. not that you get me wrong on this one..
    well, they might sold less discs.. Production cost for studio etc. are still here.. but the whole music industry was a way to late to get the money out.. Now spotify and apple music gets a large amount of it.. It's not that they didn't saw it.. Napster was a clear signal that they should find a way to deliver their content and make some money out of it..
    well that's a difficult crippled topic.. I worked in pharma for several years and currently doing pharma related research at university ergo govt. funded. Not everything there is govt. funded, pharma companies also spend a huge amount into research.. This might be a good one if you want to dive into this topic ( @martinayotte, didn't even know that your country has pharma... ):
    I'm not willing to nail down this fully, it's a way too much to consider to 'get the big picture'.. Pharma related research is unbelievable expensive.. Rule of thumb, if a device can be used for pharma related research it's roughly 10x the price you would expect.. The actual production costs of a drug is quite often only a small fraction of the price you pay for it.. The majority goes into other channels, including research, customer promotion and also a bigger amount into dividends - just look how much dividends a pharma-company pays yearly to its shareholders, you wouldn't expect it..
    Not cause I would prefer an open knowledge world everyone has to agree on my opinion.. People should be free to choose a closed environment if they want..
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    NicoD got a reaction from rooted in Announcement : Odroid N2   
    Thank you for that. It seems like I thought it would be. Quite a bit faster than the NanoPi M4 @ 1.5-2Ghz, but no giant step. Temperatures seem very good, I wonder if they're using a fan. 52°C for cpu miner at 100% is good.
    In CPU-Miner it even beats the octa-core NanoPC T3+. This uses 100% of all cores. 
    In 7-zip it does a bit worse than the NanoPC T3+. (Only decompression I use) But the T3+ has a higher percentage useage of the cores (795% of 800% - 543% of 600%). So actually they are about equal.
    That means that the N2 actually is faster than the T3+. T3+ uses 99% of it's cores, the N2 90%. 
    So the (10254 / 100)  * 90 =  9321.81 would the T3+ get with the same % useage as the N2.

    Compression numbers are more useless, only 625% of 800% vs 543% of 600%. So you can not use the totals in 7-zip. I find decompression the most value of 7-zip.

    Here a list with sbc's I've benchmarked. Note one benchmark says nothing. But you can get an idea with many.
    64-bit SBC's Odroid N2 |SBC bench result |CPU Miner |7-zip s/c A53 |7-zip b/c A73 |7-zip multi avg. of 3 |Blender |GIMP |GTKPerf |Sysbench Ubuntu Bionic 11.35kH/s 1564 1879 9988 50m28s NanoPC T3+ |SBC bench result |CPU Miner |7-zip s/c |7-zip b/c |7-zip multi avg. of 3 |Blender |GIMP |GTKPerf |Sysbench Armbian Bionic 10.99kH/s 1290 10254 1h10m25s 1m24s 10.11s 21692 Arbmian Stretch 8.55kH/s 1275 10149 1h13m55s 1m32s 11.06s 3.2s NanoPi M4 |SBC bench result |CPU Miner |7-zip s/c |7-zip b/c |7-zip multi avg. of 3 |Blender |GIMP |GTKPerf |Sysbench Armbian bionic 10.23kH/s 1335 2005 8352 1h13m50s 0m29s5 5.06s 26763 Armbian bionic nightly 10.24kH/s 1329 1990 8292 1h13m28s 0m29s 5.12s 26733 Armbian stretch desktop 8.66kH/s 1350 1977 8400 1h14m12s 0m31s 5.24s 3.1s Armbian stretch dsk nightly // 8.80kH/s 1359 1993 8500 1h15m04s 0m31s 5.32s 3.3s Armbian stretch core no fan // 8.80-8.65kH/s 1353 1989 8461 Armbian stretch core // 8.76kH/s 1354 1988 8456 Armbian stretch core nightly // 8.82kH/s 1357 1994 8494 Lubuntu Bionic arm64 9.24kH/s CPU Miner 1056 1551 6943 1h28m13s Lubuntu Bionic armhf 1111 1769 7705 2h02m54s 0m57s 6.97s 1666 32-bit Lubuntu Xenial armhf 989 1507 6339 2h20m51s 0m59s 49.77s 49.7s 32-bit Khadas Vim2 Max |SBC bench result |CPU Miner |7-zip s/c |7-zip b/c |7-zip multi avg. of 3 |Blender |GIMP |GTKPerf |Sysbench Ubuntu Xenial 6.86kH/s 823 1134 6682 1h14m39s 1m53s 16.26s 3.8s 7-zip only 600% of 800% used Odroid C2 |SBC bench result |CPU Miner |7-zip big core |7-zip multi avg. of 3 |Blender |GIMP |GTKPerf |Sysbench Armbian Stretch Core 4.65kH/s 1390 5342 Armbian Stretch Core Nightly // 4.66kH/s 1391 5340 Armbian Stretch Desktop 4.65kH/s 1394 5363 1m23s 11.66s 5.96s Armbian Stretch Desktop NGHT // 4.59kH/s 1394 5356 2h38m18s 1m23s 12s 6.0s Meveric Stetch No-OC 1337 5223 2h40m00s 1m25s 10.41s 5.99s Meveric Stretch Only RAM OC 1361 5292 1m25s 5.99s Meveric Stretch OC 1548 6049 2h14m17s 1m14s 8.80s 5.24s Ubuntu Mate Bionic clocked to 100Mhz 2h35m10s 1m17s 10.01s 12026 Ubuntu Mate Bionic OC Doesn't work/Clocked to 100Mhz 1607 5960 2h10m21s 1m09s 8.94s 13755 Rock64 |SBC bench result |CPU Miner |7-zip small core |7-zip multi avg. of 3 |Blender |GIMP |GTKPerf |Sysbench Armbian Stretch 1.5Ghz 4.06kH/s 1406 5407 3h00n32s 1m39s 15.91s 7.0s OLD Armbian Stretch 1.3Ghz // 3.80kH/s 1211 4904 Armbian Bionic 1.5Ghz core // 5.00kH/s 1384 5379 10.0s Armbian Bionic 1.5Ghz dsk // 4.94kH/s 1379 5326 2h55m56s 1m31s 15.00s 10172 32-bit SBC's Odroid XU4 |SBC bench result |7-zip s/c |7-zip b/c |7-zip multi avg. of 3 |Blender |GIMP |GTKPerf |Sysbench Debian Jessie 950 1653 8823 1h12m19s 1m08s 18.53s 41.3s Ubuntu Bionic 1219 2094 9395 1h44m19s 1m10s 14.36s 2200 Asus Tinker board |SBC bench result |7-zip big core|7-zip multi avg. of 3 |Blender |GIMP |GTKPerf |Sysbench Tinker OS 9.5 Stretch 1983 7536 2h55m00s 1m19s 189.82s 63.7s Raspberry Pi 3B+ |SBC bench result |7-zip small core |7-zip multi avg. of 3 |Blender |GIMP |GTKPerf |Sysbench Raspbian Default no fan 1471 5027 2m09s 9.85s 88.2s Raspbian Default 1411 5371 5h47m31s 2m09s 10.04 79.5s Raspbian OC 1591 6141 1m55s 8.81s 70.8s Ubuntu Mate Xenial 7-zip didn't work 2m17s 11.71s 90.5s CPU Clocks ---------- Odroid N2 : Ubuntu Bionic : 2x1.9Ghz(A53) + 4x1.8Ghz(A73) 64-bit NanoPi M4 : Armbian Bionic/Stretch : 2x2Ghz + 4X1.5Ghz 64-bit Lubuntu armhf/ARM64 : 2x1.8Ghz + 4X1.4Ghz armhf 32-bit / ARM64 64-bit Tinker Board : TinkerOS Stretch : 4x1.8Ghz 32-bit Odroid C2 : Armbian Stretch : 4x1.5Ghz 64-bit Ubuntu Mate Bionic : 4x1.5Ghz RAM 912Mhz 64-bit Ubuntu Mate Bionic OC : 4x1.75Ghz + RAM 1104Mhz 64-bit Rock64 : Armbian Stretch : 4x1.5Ghz 64-bit Armbian Bionic : 4x1.5Ghz 64-bit RPi 3B+ : Raspbian Stretch : 4x1.4Ghz no fan 4x1.2Ghz above 60°C 32-bit Raspbian Stretch OC : 4x1.570Ghz over_voltage=4 core_freq=500 sd_freq=510 32-bit Ubuntu Xenial : 4x1.4Ghz 32-bit Odroid XU4 : Debian Stretch : 4x1.4Ghz + 4x1.9Ghz 32-bit : Ubuntu Mate Bionic : 4x1.5Ghz + 4x2Ghz Underclocks when above 75°C 32-bit NanoPC T3+ : Armbian Bionic : 8x1.4Ghz 64-bit
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    NicoD reacted to rooted in Announcement : Odroid N2   
    N2 results

    Take these results with a grain of salt since i paid no mind to starting load average.
    Could someone give me a break down of the results compared to say a rk3399?
    I have never used this benchmark and have no idea if the results are as they should be.
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    NicoD reacted to JMCC in Announcement : Odroid N2   
    Just a notice that I edited my last post above, to include a link to a very interesting discussion at CNXSoft, that clarifies the PCIe matter. A kind of a summary, with some additional insights by @tkaiser in this article:
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    NicoD reacted to rooted in Announcement : Odroid N2   
    I'm running sbc-bench on the N2 right now, will share the results when finished.
    I did have to alter the script in order for it to run, there is a process called (vdec-core) which is using 4% of a core and throwing off the load average.
    (I do not have any external storage attached)
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    NicoD got a reaction from balbes150 in Pine H64 Model B   
    Still no real specs.
    TL told me that it in the beginning of Februari would be sold(2nd week). But still nothing has changed on the website.
    Here a announcement with picture of the H64.
    I also made a video about it and the other new products they'll bring out.

    You can buy it here on

    The board does look good, I like the model b a lot more than model a. I hope there's quickly going to be good software for it so I can test it well.
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    NicoD reacted to manuti in Support of Raspberry Pi   
    One of the more honest Raspberry Pi ... today I think the RPi 3A+ is more decent, honest and humble with the user.
    I complaint about the bottle neck longtime ago in Spanish of course.
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    NicoD got a reaction from Dante4 in USB connected monitor with NanoPi M4   
    May I know what reason? Seems a bit drastic to do. Are you sure you need to do this>
    You do realize you can use MIPI-DSI for a monitor? 
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    NicoD reacted to Igor in USB connected monitor with NanoPi M4   
    I am just informing you that there are problems hidden deep inside. We have encounter some and some are ready to be found in a process when kernel gets matured. If I would sit in the plane where captain would say: "Welcome on board. This plane is running RK3399 ... I would immediately leave that plane"  In a few months from now, situation will be changed ... if there will be enough interest to have this kernel pitch perfect.
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    NicoD reacted to Igor in USB connected monitor with NanoPi M4   
    I hope you are not going to fly soon?  RK3399 is not ready to fly yet 
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    NicoD got a reaction from Werner in Pine H64 Model B   
    There are a few differences between both boards. It's like saying that an Audi car is the same as a BMW because they have the same engine(I know nothing about cars).

    I've got the PineH64 model B here, but I don't have a complete overview of the specs yet.
    What I can say is OPi has LPDDR3 ram up to 2GB, while the PINE H64 has got LPDDR4 up to 3GB.
    The OPi has got room for a smd eMMC module, while the Pine has got a eMMC socket so you can remove it.
    The OPi has got 4xUSB3.0 ports while the Pine64 only has one USB3 + 2 USB2 ports. I don't know if there is only on USB3 root hub or multiple. So could be that the 4xUSB3 on the OPi are just over the same hub what makes both OPi/Pine as fast.
    The Opi also has got USB2.0. The Pine H64 is a lot more compact.
    It is way too early to say if these boards will have good support for everything you want. You'd be better buy something that's know to have all that instead of one of these. It will take months, and it is to see how many people want to develop for it.
    For now all I have is a very badly working Android image, and a Armbian Bionic that only works when I dissable all networking. But that's not very useful at all. It is a very nice board tho. 9/10 for looks
    The OPi is also on the way, should have been here a while ago. But they didn't send before Chinese Newyear, so only this week it's departed. Great I've got the PineH64 now. (thank you @Humberg )
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    NicoD reacted to JMCC in Announcement : Odroid N2   
    Regarding the lack of support for NVMe/SATA, I think it is as simple as the fact that the SoC doesn't seem to support them. Amlogic aims to release SoC's that are just enough for a standard TV box, they don't have things such as Chromebooks in mind when they design their SoC's (as, for example, Rockchip does for their higher-end SoC's). And that is the reason why we can buy this board much cheaper than any equivalent RK3399. Here you trade brute horsepower for extra features in the SoC.
    [UPDATE]: Even though PCIe was never mentioned in the official announcements of S922X (see, for example here and here),  recently someone pointed out that they got a "leak" from Amlogic saying otherwise. According to that "leak", the SoC would have a single-lane PCIe interface, but it is pin muxed with USB3. In other words, you would need to disable USB3 in order to use PCIe, and that would still be single-lane.
    Definitely, disabling USB3 in favor of a possible SATA/NVMe interface would be IMO a very bad choice for a general-purpose board. Maybe if they release in the future something like the HC1, based on S922X, it could make sense. However, given the fact that Amlogic has not officialy announced that PCIe support, and after the "fiasco" with the broken PCIe in Allwinner H6, I won't believe that these are real options for this SoC until I see it actually working.
    You can find the whole discussion about the matter in this page from CNXSoft
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    NicoD reacted to chwe in Support of Raspberry Pi   
    well their official forum is quite entertaining..   I had some fun the last days when someone proposed that the next pi should have GbE and their mod explained that by 'electrical characteristics' doesn't really matter to me.. As usual those threads get closed.. and due to heavy bloating.. it's soon out of the first page and therefore nobody will see it anymore..
    I wouldn't fully agree on this one. There are some good people there.. Also people exactly knowing the RPis limitations.. Obviously their paid moderators/developers have to defend their product.. Hey it's part of their job, not always the way I prefer but understandable.. I think the reason you think it's full of trolls is cause they show up first when write something which doesn't end in 'those guys in Cambridge are superior compared to other SBC makers'... They have somehow a weird relationship with the VC4 but well, everybody is free to love whatever s/he wants.. The problem with the RPi is still the 32bit/64bit mixup.. If supported most of the 'nice' features wouldn't work due to 'only 32bit workable' yet..
    The potential amount of 'customers' would increase whereas chances that new devs will join cause of the RPi are rather low.. A decent dev could already add the RPi to Armbians buildscript, it would need some hacks here and there.. but it's not that much an issue to do it. Personally I don't see a reason to do it. For most use-cases there are simply better SBCs on market for a similar price.
    how dare you are---
    whereas the only supported RK3288 board is even more powerhungry and also powered by microUSB..
    well we shouldn't support boards based on the shittyness of support they have... I would prefer one based on 'interesting features'.. If a 'new RPi' is based on a interesting SoC with some nice features without threadX why not? But I don't think this will ever happen, they're just too much tied to broadcom..
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    NicoD reacted to nachoparker in Support of Raspberry Pi   
    Hi all,
    I wrote a blog post about some of the issues with the Raspberry Pi that you can find scattered around this and other forums. Hopefully it will save us time from repeating ourselves over and over again.
    As we know, people don't read the forums until it's too late.
    Thanks tkaiser, I took a sample output from your vcgencmd script.
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    NicoD reacted to TonyMac32 in Support of Raspberry Pi   
    Same SoC as Pi 3 clocked higher.
    The only thing interesting at all, but not enough.
    Same catastrophic design failure as every other Pi.  Useless "upgrade"
    I could do this with any board I currently own, make a PoE board for it.  Not at all special.
    Still goofy firmware nonsense.
    Well thank God since it was garbage before.
    Sadly the Pi 3 B+ brings nothing of interest to the table when it doesn't even match competing boards that have been released and available for months to years.  Until they move away from the current series of SoC's they won't be of interest.  And they won't do that because it would break their compatibility and destroy the only thing they have that is worth note: the homogenous community support situation.
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    NicoD reacted to chwe in Orangepi 3 h6 allwiner chip   
    3.10.65 on OPi 3? Armbian will never deal with the BSP kernel for H6 boards, you may ask in Xunlongs supportforum.
    it would be worth to have your buildscript and it's changes (as a fork) on your github as well, so that people interested in your work can see what you tried so far or even contribute to it.
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    NicoD reacted to mitag in RockPi 4b 'board bring up'   
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    NicoD reacted to TonyMac32 in Announcement : Odroid N2   
    Well, the USB hub isn't the end of the world, since it isn't the center of the system's modern connectivity like a Pi.  I'd take one if I could get it. 
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    NicoD got a reaction from guidol in Announcement : Odroid N2   
    Hi all. As regular I was looking for news about a new Odroid.
    Finally the news arrived. The N2 will have the Amlogic S922X with 4xA73(@1.8Ghz) + 2xA53(@1.9Ghz), a Mali-G52 GPU and 4GB DDR4 RAM. Looks very promising. It should quite a bit faster than the RK3399's.
    It does have a giant heatsink, so this thing will get very hot I suppose.

    Please let me know what you all think of this. I find it very interesting.
    Greetings, NicoD
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    NicoD reacted to Tido in PINE64@FOSDEM PineBook Pro, PinePhone, Pine H64, ...   
    Maximum Geek
    The Rock64 Revision 3 is the latest version of the company’s mini PC with a Rockchip RK3328  processor.