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Hardware Graphic/Video Acceleration in H3 Mainline

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Kodi with KMS/DRM/GBM backend only

Tried MPV, but it didn't seem to work . Looks like MPV is not supported http://linux-sunxi.org/Sunxi-Cedrus#Player_Support

we're tweaking the sources and scripts to release a new RetrOrangePi version , so hopefully a working tutorial will be available soon

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@Alerino Reis If you're using ffmpeg patches from LibreELEC, then you need only this additional patch to make it compatible with mpv. I tested yesterday and it works for me when running without any window manager running with either of these commands:

mpv --vo=gpu --gpu-context=drm --hwdec=auto video.mkv
mpv --vo=drm --hwdec=auto video.mkv

You can append "-v" parameter to check if mpv really uses HW decoding.

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