orange pi one broken?

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orange pi one


I was installing armbian buster. Then decided to abort the installation and turned off power.


If I install armbian on a sd card and then put the sd card into the orange pi one,

the orange pi one keeps rebooting and display message boot. env

file invalid elf header rebooting. Is the orange pi garbage? Can I reset the orange pi one?

Thank you.

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Armbian is a community driven open source project. Do you like to contribute your code?


likely your SD card.


After I aborted the installation, I reinstalled armbian on the

same sd card. Turning on the orange pi one I got

the mentioned error messages. And gparted on a x86

computer displays an i/o error if I want to format

the sd card.


Therefore I took another sd card, which is 4gb and installed debian

on it. Turning on the orange pi one I get the same error

messages as when I used the first sd card. I think it is unlikely

that the second sd card is defect. The 4gb sd card

is a class 4 sd card. That is not good



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4 hours ago, renky said:

The 4gb sd card is a class 4 sd card. That is not good enough?

You wont have much fun with a Class 4 Card.

For better performance get a - if you can and can afford - a Class 10 Card from Sandisk or Samsung.


I like my OPi One's ( got 7 of them ) very much and they do work great for this little SBC.
And in my opinion they do work better with faster cards 

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