Odroid HC1 does not boot with kernel 5.4.6

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5.4.19 working fine on my HC1 through several reboots and with no apparent glitches. Lightly loaded system running a Samba / NFS file server + LMS (Squeezebox) music server. Although "unsupported" it seems quite happy with a Debian Stretch Lite userspace - is there a critical reason why I should upgrade or re-install to Buster for this kernel?

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On 3/28/2020 at 1:44 PM, nihilista said:

Just to inform, newest 5.4.28-odroidxu4 kernel seems to work fine too. Hopefully past problems with every new update are gone ;-)


A few days in with 5.4.28 on odroid XU4, only serving light NAS, DLNA and torrenting tasks - fine so far.

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i don't know if it's related but i answer an other post here with a similar problem : " no network access ".

resume : my HC1 boot well on unencrypted sdcard but when i try to boot on my full root encrypted ssd, it fail after successfully run cryptroot_unlock from initramfs .

Do you have any clue ?

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Is there the same IP adresa after update and reboot? I had the same problem - after update i have got ip, but before it was - i realy do not know why 

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