Sdcard not formatting..

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Hi again... Im posting this issue to get some reply about a original sdcard i've used to install armbian to an orange pi device,.. as told before i flashed armbian on it an it just worked fine.. but i need to erase/format now and in any partition type it'snt working.. i've tried this o a windows machine and on a linux machine.. thats it.

i couldnt format this 8gb sdcard in any partition type.. (on a windows machine i've got a warning concerning its protected, but on a linux machine no warnings just doesnt work)..

Can someone tell me how to format this sdcard?.. (there is armbiaN for orangepi win plus on it)..

Thx a lot..

Board: Orangepi PC+
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Armbian is a community driven open source project. Do you like to contribute your code?

Can't even trust Amazon any more, either, IMO... I had good results so far with "real" stores like B&H, NewEgg, Micro Center, etc...


This is assuming US of course. Substitute whatever reputable "brick and mortar" electronics / computer shop you have in your country...


Then as soon as you get it, do tests as outlined in links in my sig...

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add last bit
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