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At the moment there are three different saved actions that kind of cover the same thing: Complain about missing data :P

I suggest to merge those to one standardized reply that covers missing data and armbianmonitor -u as well as tips.

Something like this (with a bit of additional formatting):



Your support topic is lacking of important debugging information. Please edit and fix!


Please describe your setup as best as possible so we know what your operating environment is like.


  • Name of your board with all details, version number, take a picture if you are not sure what you have
  • Name of the image you installed or logs if you can boot the board: armbianmonitor -u (paste URL to your forum post)
  • If your board does not boot, provide a log from serial console (UART) or at least make and attach a picture, where it stops.
  • Describe the problem the best you can and provide all necessary info that we can reproduce the problem.
  • If anything is attached to the board, supply all details




  • use spoiler  when adding a long text,
  • use  when adding a code,
  • be concise.

Will unhide and add this reply.

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