Orange pi r1 Wifi unexpectedly stops

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Hi. I'm using "Orangepi-r1_focal_current_5.8.5" Armbian. I'm connected to it via Wifi. Everything working fine, but after few hours, I notice that it is no longer showing on my network. If I connect by cable I can ssh to it via ethernet without any issue and it stays available for several days without disconnecting. Any idea why this happens? when Wifi disconnects I will have to reboot to show it again.  And I am not running any program on it. Is orange pi r1 wifi like orange pi zero wifi suffering from poor software support?

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Armbian is a community driven open source project. Do you like to contribute your code?

3 hours ago, zack said:

Is orange pi r1 wifi like orange pi zero wifi suffering from poor software support?

This WiFi chip is significantly better, but still in case of kernel upgrades, troubles can occur. We need that wireless radio department pick this up.


Other than this:

[115085.411230] w1_master_driver w1_bus_master1: Attaching one wire slave 00.269000000000 crc 3d
[115085.420397] w1_master_driver w1_bus_master1: Family 0 for 00.269000000000.3d is not registered.

things looks normal. Which can only give me a suspicion that somethings else caused that wifi fails. Kernel 5.8.y is not here very long and something would be wrong if there were no problems :P

Try the same with older images (5.4.y) kernel.

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