statistics on the number of image downloads

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Since infrastructure upgrade from single server to group of servers we are running round robin re-director around servers. Since current capacity is overkill, we actually don't need to worry about that. We have statistics in some form - @lanefu can provide more data - I hope we have it :) We have no info from downloads from torrents or direct download from mirrors.


Image build targets are manually adjusted in this file: 


Since images are built multi threaded and we have lots of CPU cores / enough memory to build 50-60 images at once, this is also not most critical problem. But building u-boot, kernel and BSP is only partially parallel ATM. Its planned to fix this problem and, probably next year, upgrade build infrastructure.


There are two levels of download infrastructure:


first - cca. 600 images)

- fast servers

- latest stable images shared around servers

- torrent network


second - several thousands)

- slow servers

- archived images

- test images

- beta repository


There is plan to move beta to faster connections.

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