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Nvme issue





I have installed Armbian distrubution focal

i am running with boot from sd and system on nvme

I installed gnome disks and i did a benchmark.


drive/ model number

Transcend 512GB NVMe PCIe Gen3 x4 MTE220S M.2 TS512GMTE220S


advertised speeds 3100 read/2100 write

The results where as followed:

750 mbs read >>>inline with epectations

150 mbs >>> way below expectations for the drive


is there a atch availeble?


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7 minutes ago, LNoodle said:

advertised speeds 3100 read/2100 write


The M4V2 only has 2 lanes PCIe. So 750MB/s is about the limit I think. The RockPi4 has 4 lanes so that can do a bit beter. There is a setting for that to use gen3.
The write speed doesn't seem right. What filesize do you use to benchmark? I use 100MB.
How you do the tests? 
I've noticed the fuller the NVMe the slower it is. Greetings

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it is the nanopi m4 v2

i am aware of the pcie gen 2 speeds(and i sough ur video  sys on nvme "nico D big fan")

i did the default test with default sizes and i did the same test with blocks of 100mb


it is the low write speed that makes it odd makes me think somthing is wrong

its a near empty nvme of 512 gb (less then 20 gb is occupied)


i used the default kernel when you download the armbian focal image of the website.

if the problem persist il try to instal buster image....aldo i hope there is a patch



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