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H3 running a lot warmer with 5.8.5 vs 4.19


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I'm testing the OrangePi+ and OrangePi+2 for review. 
I noticed my OPi+ was running a lot cooler than my OPi+2. 
Reason is difference in kernel. Just tried 5.8.5 on the OPi+ and it also ran as hot as the OPi+2. 

OPi+ with kernel 4.19.62 vs OPi+/OPi+2 with kernel 5.8.5

No fan idle OPi+       50C
No fan maxed OPi+      Throttle at 75C to 1.3Ghz at 80C to 1.2Ghz doesn't go higher than 80C    
Fan idle OPi+          27C
Fan maxed OPi+         54C

No fan idle OPi+2      58C
No fan maxed OPi+2     Throttle at 80C to 1.3Ghz at 85C lower. Barely reaches 85C / Debian throttle at 75C to 1.3Ghz
Fan idle OPi+2         33C
Fan maxed OPi+2        60C 2 heatsinks+fan 64C with 1 heatsink+fan

See these 2 next to each other. Both without a fan and with a heatsink 
Here OPi+ with 4.19.62 : http://ix.io/2DeH
Here OPi+2 with 5.8.5   http://ix.io/2DgC

5.8.5 also performs a lot worse in every tasks.

Blender with 4.19.62 : 1h36m39s              With heatsink + fan no throttle 1.37Ghz
Blender with 5.8.5     : 1h49m36s              With heatsink + fan no throttle 1.37Ghz


Even without fan 4.19.62 does still better while throttling to 1.3Ghz : 1h43m52s
But it rarely goes over 80C, while mainline goes easily over 80C and throttles heavily without a fan.

Example with SBC-bench, the same task. Same heatsink, no fan. Left 5.8.5 right 4.19.62



I'll keep using 4.19.62
Just wanted to inform about it. Also the available frequencies are very different. I expect voltages will be different too.

Focal 5.8.5 and Buster 5.8.5 are not stable for me. With Bionic I did not have stabillity issues with 5.8.5, but it does perform a lot worse than bionic with 4.19.62. Never had a crash with 4.19 for +1 year. 
Also zram performs almost 2 x better with 4.19.62 Bionic vs 5.8.5 Focal. 

zram Bionic 4.19.62                1.4 GB/s                   0.01 msec

vs 5.8.5
zram Armbian Focal               0.87GB/s                  0.01 msec     
zram Armbian Buster             1.0 GB/s                   0.01 msec
zram Armbian Bionic              1.2 GB/s                   0.01 msec

All very strange. But I know enough for my video. 

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A lot has changed in the thermal drivers since 4.19, it's possible that the "better temperatures" you are seeing in the older kernel are actually incorrect.  E.g., see https://github.com/megous/linux/commits/orange-pi-5.3/drivers/thermal/sun8i_thermal.c (in particular https://github.com/megous/linux/commit/eac37f0ec6f33e8f3edb8dbdb9d11b4cb8e218e5#diff-e5ac7e093b36d92344ed52a2747602d5e46d366ca34b4abb46cc005f92ee679f).  There are numerous posts in the forums about this and there have been a number of changes in the upstream drivers in this area over the past couple of years...


New (post-4.19) thermal driver history here:  https://lore.kernel.org/linux-arm-kernel/20191226202607.GA9524@Red/T/#mfffc26980cb13605429156c3833464fe3cbdb661 


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@5kft Thank you for the info. I've not really been following this SoC.

I've just done the fingertest, it really is way hotter. Being able to hold my finger and not feeling much vs burning my finger within 5 seconds.
Even with ondemand it runs way hotter vs performance of 4.19. 

Focal is even worse then buster and bionic(+70C idle). No idea why that is.
Also the performance hit is so massive in everything. That is without thermal throttling. With throttling it is way worse.
I'll look into what you shared. 

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IR thermometer also shows higher temps.
Temperature measured on top of heatsink  53C     Focal 5.8.5 1080p
                                                                        44C     Bionic 4.19 1080p
                                                                        40C     Bionic 4.19 720p

So I also noticed the display resolution also creates a lot higher temps. Still doesn't explain the high temps with 5.8.5 focal. 

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odd, both zeropi (http://ix.io/2DtK) and opipc+ (http://ix.io/2DEm) have ok temps (though 7z does not finish) and do not throttle below 80; buster is somewhat leaner than focal (~2C).

have you run without X (acceleration?)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          ?

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