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t95 allwinner h616 armbian


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@shacodelico as was explained earlier in this thread support for the H616 cpu is experimental.  Also TV boxes in general are not supported.  So you are asking how to run a build that is experimental on a different unsupported box than the build is intended for.  If you want to go down this path then the expectation is that you have the skills to be building u-boot and kernels and hacking this together.  If that isn't your skill level then this isn't a path that you should be going down.  If you do have those skills then we welcome your contributions to the project.  But because you are working with an unsupported device don't expect much help in your efforts as the resources around here are spread thin just supported the supported sbcs.


Also, if you haven't already please read this post 


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According to Linux-Sunxi Wiki:

device support for many H616 SBC / TV box has been merged since Kernel 5.14.    It should be easier to get drivers integrated & working with a newer mainline kernel.




Merged into 5.14


       PMIC - AXP305


New Devices Supported


      Tanix TX6s

      X96 Mate

      Xunlong Orange Pi Zero2




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