Armbian in Rock Pi X (from Radxa)

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Armbian is a community driven open source project. Do you like to contribute your code?

16 minutes ago, Pharizna said:

Intel X86 processor

ARMbian   If you take out the ARM part, it loses its purpose, doesn't it? You've got all the programs and features of Armbian available for x86 and many more, in plenty of distros, ppa's etc..



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As stated Armbian is basically a mostly unmodified Debian/Ubuntu userspace with a kernel below it that allows these OS to run on the SBC.

So regularly installing common Debian/Ubuntu on this Intel architecture based board will bring up mostly the same. Though some hardware optimization tweaks have to put on manually if you like to use them. zram for example.

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21 hours ago, NicoD said:

Except that there is nothing special about Armbian. 

A build system that gives you superb option to boot your hardware with a specially prepared kernel and its not called Buildroot or Yocto. I would kill for having x86 Armbian when preparing our Threadripper server. Or my desktop machine - both are based on latest hardware which doesn't just work OOB on Ubuntu or Debian based distros, Arch is too reckless on the other hand. Just about every kernel out there sucks and preparing custom build with userland of choice is what we have achieved here. I would also use Armbian on other x86 builds, if this would be simple, since those possibilities and has important tweaks that are ignored in generic distros such as Debian / Ubuntu. 

If anyone is willing to bring x86 build support to the armbian build system and maintain it, it wouldn't be that stupid after all.

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