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Video : How to install OMV on Armbian Buster and set up a SMB share with it

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10 minutes ago, ElizabethSasha said:

I have tried all steps in this videos but nothing help.

Due to the insane amount of detail you gave with your error description it will take quite a while to sort things out.

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vor 21 Stunden schrieb horvat.kamca:

Similar issue here. Armbian-config actually didn't install openmediavault, it just configured apt so that openmediavault can be installed.


Therefore, after armbian-config was finished with configuration, i'd to drop back to shell and install OMV with


apt install openmediavault



Or you use the OMV install script at https://github.com/OpenMediaVault-Plugin-Developers/installScript installing OMV5 on Buster or OMV6 on Bullseye.

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