Armbian on Gt-King Pro

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Good morning all,

I share my Armbian experience on the Beelink GT-King Pro, and therefore after several tests where the system often ended up frozen, I currently have a stable armbian system running. I was able to install my web-server at home (Yunohost) and everything seems to be working fine .. So I share :

I used Armbian_20.10_Arm-64_buster_current_5.9.0.img from which I flashed on a USB key
I recovered the meson-g12b-gt-king-pro.dtb file from the last Manjaro Manjaro-ARM-xfce-vim3-21.03.img
I recovered the uboot.ext file on the debian 5.10 build by @darkstar =>
So I was able to start Armbian from USB, however, it is necessary that there is only that connected to USB otherwise the start-up does not work (apparently with the system on SD card there are no problems with have multiple USBs used)
And so with that, the system seems very stable, of course I only tested for the implementation of Yunohost but it seems that this is the way to have Armbian stable on the GT-King Pro ..
That's all, because I'm not really an expert in armbian but you just have to experiment.
I take this opportunity to thank @jfl from the Beelink forum who helped me a lot, thank you brother ..
Have a good day..

P.S: I put the *.dtb files taken in Manjaro-ARM-xfce-vim3-21.03.img as well as the uboot.ext file taken in Darkstar's Debian-5.10

And a paste of "armbianmonitor -U" =>


u-boot.ext meson-g12b-gsking-x.dtb meson-g12b-gtking.dtb meson-g12b-gtking-pro.dtb

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Il y a 5 heures, balbes150 a dit:

Drôle. Je vois que les gens ne sont pas timides et se livrent ouvertement à des vols et font passer le travail de quelqu'un d'autre pour le leur. B)

Sorry @balbes150 there must be misunderstanding ... I am using google translate ...
Sorry if you think you were stolen, that was not my intention at all ..
I use your great armbian construction and I thank you again very much .. Without you nothing would have been possible ..
But for it to work correctly on my gtking-pro, without "freeze" of the system I had to recover the 2 files that I mentioned in my post, since the system seems to me to be very stable and that's why I am sharing my experience, other people owning the Beelink Gt-King pro may be interested in being able to test Armbian, it seems to me, but maybe I was wrong ..
If you feel that I am a thief by posting this, well asked and I will delete the post.
Have a good day.

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1 hour ago, balbes150 said:

It's not you, it's  refer to those who did it.

Oh okay, but I didn't know anything about the theft stories ..

Sorry again ..
On my gt-king pro I tested Manjaro but I could not set up yunohost under this OS,

I tested the Debians posted by Darkstar on the Beelink forum but in both cases there was a problem with "Iptables "therefore impossible to install Yunohost also ..
This is where @jfl told me about your Armbian build, which I tested directly but there was a system "Freeze" problem, I am discussing it on the Beelink forum and thanks @jfl who already had not badly tested (and especially who has the same gtking-pro model as me, S/N: SA9H....) he suggested that I test with the solution with the * .dtb file (taken from manjaro) and the uboot.ext file (taken from debian-5.10)
And it has been working without "freeze" for several days at home with a functional Yunohost installation (web server), so I share, hoping that this will allow to have a stable and more "official" Armbian version on Beelink GT-King Pro..
Thank you again @balbes150 for his work, I have 2 tvboxes which can start Armbian thanks to you ...

Have a good day..

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On 4/15/2021 at 11:27 AM, balbes150 said:

Funny. I see people are not shy and openly engage in theft and pass off someone else's work for their own.  B)

Dear balbes150


We all appreciate your effort about armbian and Librelec,

But all linux projects are GPL licenced, GPL means everybody on earth can use or modify this software.


Please stop naming this as theft, if you tried my Debian build linked by AC2N you probable saw that:

I build this kernel from direct kernel source, not from your git branch.

I build this image using fenix scrip like you, but none of fenix script developers called us thieves.

I hope you can understand what I mean,


Last word : I added a note on my topic on be-links forum "u-boot.ext was compiled by balbes150 from armbian" is it enough for you?


I build this image because none of your builds or another build was running smoothly on Gt King Pro...

Thank you again for build the u-boot.ext file.

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16.04.2021 в 19:45, darkstar сказал:

I build this image using fenix scrip like you, but none of fenix script developers called us thieves.

I have never used fenix scripts. These scripts use my developments for universal multi-loading and they are "modestly" silent about how and where they are taken from.

You built the kernel yourself, but I am very interested to see how you will run the system if you remove from your BOOT archive all the elements that you are not related to as a developer and to which the fenix scripts are not related (aml_autoscript s905_autoscript etc).  B)



19.04.2021 в 16:53, cuker сказал:

Where are the sources of this famous u-boot.ext ?

First, show me what you personally did.  B)

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On 4/24/2021 at 5:54 PM, balbes150 said:

First, show me what you personally did.  B)

I did few things. And still do them from time to time.


But this talk is about your work :) Is this u-boot.ext even your work? Doesn't come from LibreELEC originally ? Or maybe I'm wrong (which I have no problem to apologize for it).


Also isn't u-boot open source software? So binary should have the sources available somewhere? Online or per request?

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@cuker Some of the amlogic u-boots that were in balbes150 builds come from the work of hexdump. (I don't know if balbes150 further enhanced them or not).  Look at the following thread for hexdump's repositories and building instructions

I have rebuilt some of these from source to see if I could, as I don't generally like using binary code that I don't know the origin of.

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i think only very few came from me (most probably only the ones with hdmi output, which i mentioned to him and suggested that he might use them in his images if he likes them) ... i think most of the other u-boot.ext files in his images were either built or extraced by @balbes150 himself

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