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Hello together,


I want to know, it is possible to switch from BUSTER to BULLSEYE ??

I use the ARMBian for Rock PI4 with DEBIAN-.Buster and I plan to change it to Bullseye....


If there any reason, problems, etc. for do this?


Best regards




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Armbian is a community driven open source project. Do you like to contribute your code?

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First let's get some basics out of the way.  I don't want to assume your knowledge level, so maybe you know this already (or maybe not).


How familiar are you with Debian, in general?  The differences between Stable and Testing?  Because you used the term "upgrade" but I would not say that's accurate.  It's more like a trade-off.


Also, this is a general Debian question, so I moved it to the appropriate forum.

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8 hours ago, Zhexue. said:



If there any reason, problems, etc. for do this?



Distributions upgrades are unsupported by Armbian due to lack of testing (which is a result of lacking funds/manpower) but might be possible. However you are on your own.

Just make sure to freeze your kernel packages beforehand because the upgrade would install the Debian kernel package which WILL lead into an unbootable system.

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Hmmm why moving to 11 already, better wait till bullseye hit the streets imho...

Perhaps you ae better off with backports? I do similar for unbound ( wireguard-tools )? eg:


apt update && apt -y install -t buster-backports unbound


Last, but not least, dont know if you have emmc installed but you might test bullseye from sdcard?

Compiling with EXPERT=yes, eg for rockpi-4a ( my scenario ):




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