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Firefly Station M3 (rk3588s)


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2 hours ago, balbes150 said:

version 20220916 with the change proposed by tkaiser


Well, I was talking about 3 different issues:

  • switching with ASPM from powersave to default (you chose performance now, no idea what this does wrt consumption, switching from powersave to defailt is 100mW)
  • io_is_busy (that's addressed now though in a redundant way but doesn't matter since only delaying the armbian-hardware-optimization service by a few ms). Both these changes should help with NVMe (and PCIe device) performance in general
  • setting the dmc_governor to performance instead of dmc_ondemand (results in 600mW higher consumption though). This is reponsible for better overall performance since the dmc_ondemand governor often does not ramp up memory clock fast enough. A comparison between clocking LPDDR4 with only 528 MHz vs. the current maximum of 2112 MHz is here: https://browser.geekbench.com/v5/cpu/compare/17009700?baseline=17009078

The latter isn't addressed at all but I posted multiple times how this can be changed from userspace:

echo performance >/sys/class/devfreq/dmc/governor


32 minutes ago, blondu said:

Does the change help NVMe SSD speed?

@balbes150 did (only) two changes and the io_is_busy tweak will help with every storage device (USB and SATA too). No need for a new image since you can simply edit /usr/lib/armbian/armbian-hardware-optimization. Or overwrite it with the contests of http://ix.io/4aFe

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Version 20220916 contains an error in the installation files, do not use it to install on eMMC (if you start the installation process, then you will have to restore u-boot using a USB-C cable). There will be a new version with the correct files in the near future.

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