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Installing on vim 3, is it possible? Are there working instructions somewhere?


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Только что, NicoD сказал:

with Ubuntu 22.04 on eMMC.

All checks are only from Android to eMMC. Return android to eMMC. Start android and wait for its first launch (it should expand the DATA partition from ext4 to the entire size of eMMC). Launch Armbian from the SD card (+ boot.ini). REMOVE the u-boot package from the Armbian system (check that after that there are no u-boot* and linux-u-boot* subdirectories in the /usr/lib directory, if there are any, delete them), this is a crooked package and its files do not work correctly. DO NOT create any partitions manually. Run the installation on eMMC, perhaps the system will write that there is no u-boot, as it should be, you should leave the regular u-boot from android.

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@balbes150 I've done as you told me. Installed Android on eMMC, booted the Armbian with boot.ini file. Removed uboot directory in /usr/lib, installed to eMMC. On the end it said "no uboot found, quiting"

If I now try to boot the board I only get this.

Welcome to minicom 2.8

Port /dev/ttyUSB0, 15:27:18

Press CTRL-A Z for help on special keys



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32 минуты назад, NicoD сказал:

If I now try to boot the board I only get this.

It looks like the installation script is crooked and destroys the regular u-boot in any case, it needs to be changed.


Check this option (you can not restore anything on eMMC). Burn the Armbian image to the SD card, add boot.ini, start the system from the SD card, perform a regular installation, and BEFORE rebooting, mount eMMC and add boot.ini to it. Check the launch without an SD card.

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On 6/20/2023 at 7:13 PM, Erica said:

What else can I try? 


Hey @Erica please try this experimental image: https://github.com/rpardini/armbian-release/releases/download/latest-images/Armbian_20230600_Khadas-vim3_bookworm_edge_6.4.0-rc5.img.xz


Instructions, for any VIM3, in any state (middle button 3 times in 1 second tells the MCU to force the SoC to boot from SD/eMMC).

-> Write oowow (https://dl.khadas.com/products/vim3/firmware/oowow/vim3-oowow-latest-sd.img.gz) to SD card. Insert SD card with oowow.
-> Power on board, press the middle button 3 times + reset until it reboots into oowow.
-> Use oowow to clear the SPI ("fast" method is enough) *and* the eMMC ("fast" method is enough).
-> Use oowow to set "bootmode" to SPI. (This way it will try SPI, which is empty, then eMMC, which is also empty, then SD).
-> Power off the board (important. MCU changes don't take effect unless you power it off completely).
-> Write Armbian to SD card, insert the SD card with Armbian.
-> Power on the board. Boot Armbian from SD. Use `armbian-install` after preparing the partitions on the target device (eMMC/NVMe/USB).


Good luck.

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