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armbian sucks

Dante Alighieri

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1 hour ago, Dante Alighieri said:

The last version is totally broken, unusable.


Keep in mind that you are smearing people that have nothing but costs dealing with you and hardware you want to use. Without our work, you would stuck on some old kernel forever while they would keep selling you more and more with as cheap software support as possible. We give you software that gets regular updates (now for about 10 years) and eyes to see. Here you can apologize and here you can help with your share of 0.5% of costs we get covered by random public. Also this work gets to other Linux distributions.


There is no bug without logs. People that will perhaps bump into this topic has to understand what you are talking about without plugging hw - that you have to earn.


1 hour ago, Dante Alighieri said:

The once half-decent armbian is ready for the bin now

There are older images in the archive. Use them.

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