No More Orange Pi plus 2E ?

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I'm an happy armbian loaded Opi Plus 2E and Opi Pc Plus user and i want to thanks a lot the armbian community for their hard work on H3 devices.

I use Plus 2E it as a seedbox/NAS with two 2.5" btrfs Raid1 1gb usb hdd, I must say that i love that little board.


But, a friend of me wanted to buy one and told me that it was unavailable for now .


Do you think it's temporary out of stock or we can consider it a discontinued board ?

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On 13/11/2017 at 11:37 AM, tkaiser said:

If the description is exact (I hope not) then we or at least our users will have another reason to complain soon (since last OPi Plus 2E batch has RTL8189FTV and Aliexpress lists RTL8189ETV instead now).

Wait, what the fuck? I purchased a couple of OPi +2E only a few days ago solely on the basis of repeated assurances from Xunlong that they would be exactly the same as previous batch from before they went out of stock. After I got burned by the OPi Zero rev. 1.4 overheating issue, I was so careful not to be subject to unannounced changes yet again. I'll wait until they arrive and have a closer look before making too many presumptions. If this does indeed turn out to be true then I may have to reconsider any future intent to invest in learning about Orangi Pi and spending money on these things.

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