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OPI Zero Plus H5 and GPIO library

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Hello everybody.


I'm little bit confused with this think.

Which libraries are good (best) for H5 OPiZeroPlus board .?

 - WiringPI

 - ArmbianIO

 - GPIOzero


or ..??


I have small script for timer switch, but it is not stably as well as I can.

Button press is not accurate. (some pull-up/down are missing probably)


Thanks for answer or suggestion.


(PS: I'm not a programmer guru)


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Hi Jrd,


I also just started programming the OPi Zero Plus and I am using ArmbianIO as I understood the other two are for the Raspberry or don't support the H5. The problem that you describe could be contact bounce maybe? I didn't get to test the buttons in my project yet.



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On 12/14/2018 at 6:58 PM, JRD McLAREN said:

Which libraries are good

Within armbian you find following User-Supported options:

ArmbianIO (sysFS) or
userspaceIO (libgpiod),
pyGPIO accesses 'pins' directly through /dev/mem

 ArmbianIO API

 User Space IO is Python 3 and Java 8 bindings for user space GPIO, SPI, I2C, PWM and Serial interfaces


 pyGPIO - A 'more general' python GPIO library based on pyA20


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