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  2. Firefly RK3399 (with official active cooling fan) sbc-bench test results: It shows impressive CPU performance numbers when overclocked to 2.2/1.8 GHz, but that definitely requires a fan.
  3. tkaiser

    NanoPC T4

    So in the end we discussed a lot and then @Igor decided to use another kernel branch:
  4. TonyMac32

    Asus Tinkerboard

    Default kernel is again bootable, still has some issues, anyone able to build/debug please do so and either put in fixes or give me recommendations.
  5. TonyMac32

    Sinovoip made the BPI Wiki editable!

    I concur, and I have a feeling the editable nature of the wiki may be... impermanent, let's say.
  6. Today
  7. I tore out the crappy wifi on my OPi Zero just now and was trying to use an external realtek dongle. No luck until I copy-pasted the wifi section out of the fex from an OPi without wifi, e.g. [wifi_para] wifi_used = 0 wifi_sdc_id = 1 wifi_usbc_id = 5 wifi_usbc_type = 1 wl_reg_on = port:PL07<1><default><default><0> wl_host_wake = port:PG10<0><default><default><0> wl_host_wake_invert = 0 Replacing the wifi_para in orangepizero.bin with this disabled the onboard wifi and allowed my realtek to work. thx!
  8. lev2k

    Armbian for Amlogic S802/S812

    Yes I know and thats no big deal, since I`ve already set up the cross-compile environment on my Ubuntu PC, (or even compile the kernel directly on the box which takes only 15-20 minutes). I've compared the .108 and .99 .configs from your images, but they are completely different, so no idea where to start... I also compiled the mainline Kernel (4.18.rc8) from here Boots and works fine so far, but like all mainline Kernel, no HDMI-Out with the S812, thus only useful for server OS.
  9. Also if you remove U56 (the LDO for wifi) that conveniently leaves you that pin (PCM0_DOUT) spare to use for its' god-given purpose, that is, driving WS2812B leds (for example). The Allwinner I2S hardware is dope- it has its own PLL so you can overclock it to crazy speeds (e.g. 100mbs)
  10. Yesterday
  11. TonyMac32

    is an pc chipset Heatsink good for OPi1?

    Not bad at all. If it isn't shorting anything out and you can tolerate the geometry, it is fine. Stick with copper or aluminum for heat sinks, more mass results in higher temperature stabilty, more surface area means more dissipative value.
  12. TonyMac32

    Librecomputer Renegade RK3328

    On the RK3288 boards, if I am remembering correctly, the drive level is modified in the dts to avoid this issue. Is that possible with the RK3328 at least? I think the mmc IP is the same, but don't quote me on that. [edit] This part of the dtsi shows the default 4 mA drive levels for the pins. Tinker Board sets the equivalent RK3288 pins to 8 mA: It would stand to reason you could do the same with RK3328:
  13. alexparser

    armbian-add-overlay - can not found headers [SOLVED]

    Problem solved after system upgrade to Kernel 4.14.18
  14. Hi! Is the next major release planed already? What is eta?
  15. cmcgaha

    Debian 9 Stretch Builds Failing

    Hi Igor. Yes. That builds now. At least for K1. I will try on other boards tonight. I compiled, burned to uSD and booted on board. Basic stuff seems to work so far. Thanks
  16. Igor

    dm-raid module missing

    I doubt rarmbian-config can not make such a mess. Start with a clean image or clean the mess Remove: apt purge linux-image-dev-sunxi64 linux-dtb-dev-sunxi64 linux-xenial-root-dev-orangepipc2 linux-u-boot-orangepipc2-dev and switch back to stable. If you fail ... start with a new image.
  17. Didi

    Armbian for Amlogic S912

    Hi, I got an issue with booting up of Armbian (Debian 9 Server) from the link provided by @gnthibault on my Tanix TX92. Everytime Android is booted but not the OS on the SD Card. I'm very new and a noob in these case. All I understood is there have to be a special dtb file in the boot dir but witch one is the right in my case ? By the way, the original Android mustn't break at this time. Only when it worked well with the SD card, flashing to the emmc is an option. Hope of some hints of you. THX in advance.
  18. the OPi Zero header is also available on the OPi R1
  19. martinayotte

    how nand-sata-install works

    It is technically possible, but maybe you will need to tweak few things manually before rebooting from eMMC, so I don't think it would be easier ... You won't save time either, since you would still need many SDCards to burn several boards in parallel. If only one boards burned at a time, simply re-use the same SDCard on each board and issue nand-sata-install.
  20. Marthinius

    Samba work poorly or not at all

    Ok...I formatted the SD card and re-install the system. First I tried to install Samba. Still same problem on clean system.I tried the ubuntu, debian. Nothing help...still same error SAMBA SERVICE LOADED: MASKED (/dev/null,bad) Active: inactive (dead) This is probably a bad installation script for samba Status: systemctl unmask samba systemctl enable samba systemctl restart samba ...some error after tried restart samba so: rm -R /var/cache/samba/* sudo rm /lib/systemd/system/samba.service sudo systemctl enable samba.service nmbd.service sudo systemctl start samba And now systemctl status samba is clear and run....
  21. constantius

    pine64 sloppy DC connectors

    these photos are pine64-lts ( 1 ) and rock64 ( 2,3). I have to gluted both. Barrel from rock64 was very frequently used. ( year old ). Not good quality from pine.
  22. martinayotte

    Problems installing docker

    Right ! All newer SoC boards are not using NAND anymore but eMMC instead ...
  23. Staars

    Armbian usable on RK TV-Boxes?

    I agree. While I am quite happy with the current state of the z28pro-Image in Armbian (and I invested a lot of time) it is quite useless for many potential users because you would need one particular image for (nearly) every rk3328-box. It would be better, if we could develop in a more modular approach and I think this is possible. Beside that, I still hate this annoying maskrom-thing
  24. jirkaj4

    Armbian for tv box Z28

    Hello. Does anybody have function image with armbian for TV BOX Z28? Type of board: XJH-Q7L-V00
  25. Johhny Blue

    Boot issue, pin pullups

    Thanks Olivluca. It worked perfectly for me. J.
  26. Last week
  27. Not that i know of, I don't think there is a need to port gc2035 when ov5640 is a better choice. IMHO. Maybe wens have something working.
  28. Anatolii Kraskovskiy

    Going crazy with Orange Pi Zero Plus2 H5

    Всем спасибо за участие После опробования нескольких сборок, можно сделать вывод - armbian как всегда на высоте Конечно есть недостатки. Одни - сними можно смерится, другие - подробность и доступность документации - желательно устранять Методики "борьбы" за живучесть, чёткой нет. Linux довольно сложная система, а систематизированная литература не так много (в принципе я не нашёл) (кроме выбора SD карточки и блока питания), а то что есть, не очень соответствует .. Чувствуется, что при создании системы "веселились" все кому не лень (если только хватало мозгов) А теперь конкретно по плате и ос к ней Orange Pi Zero Plus2 H5 очень привлекательная плата (просто то что надо для малых систем контроля и управления), даже малый объем оперативной памяти (по сравнению с смартфонами) не смущает. На ней практически есть всё что надо и самое главное emmc. Что опробовано - работа с ком портом, работа с микрофоном и опознаванием речи. Из всех сборок на момент лета 2018 года наиболее подходящая 5.38 stabile Debian 9 и 5.38 stabile Ubuntu 14 Причина, почему я задавал вопросы (нет): Нет инструкций, что бы и как подключить, и как обращаться с программным обеспечением Почему не было изображения - не запускался рабочий стол - не корректные установки дисплея рабочего стола - автоматическое определение, не все мониторы и телевизоры автоматически могут определятся. Почему не работала клавиатура и мышка - все завязано на идентификацию по дисплею, а так как идентификация не прошла корректно клавиатура и мыш не заработали
  29. Heimdall

    Odroid C2 freezing after upgrade

    That´s for long discussion, but computer (some intel nuc like) for 130€ will be in the end better for me (if I count spent hours with problems) then Odroid for 100€ But when I was buying Odroid at release, I was hoping for great support, but actually, Hardkernel doesnt care too much about C2. It suprise me that about XU4/MC1/HC1/HC2 they care much more And I want just headless server. I am not talking about some ARM for Kodi, because that is also not so well developed.. so for headleass.. do I want too much? Interesting, for me it was not working on clean NEXT installation. With default (3.16) kernel it works well.. with clean installation also system is stable now and not crashing every 12 hours
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