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  2. What's the difference if I need to manually configure the port where the IR receiver has been soldered. Later I'll try H3droid. I'm not sure what it is that it's easier to confiure up a separate pin Clapper algorithm analyzes the envelope of the audio signal. And my system based on the neural network and HMM with the Viterbi algorithm recognizes individual phonemes and letters in the word. The difference between an ant and an elephant )) And there is no understanding in any system. There is simply a memory in which the dictionary is kept and a possible suitable answer and choice
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  4. Completely forgot this stock androids on eMMC... It's not that uncommon.. There's a reason why we push people to the usb-ttl. Even if it's not solved everything yet, you see now what's going on during boot.
  5. NanoPi Duo (plus Mini Shield)

    I received a NanoPi Duo today. Since I did not order the shield I set up for Wifi. A preliminary network performance test using speedtest-cli shows about 18 MBit/s with the on-board antenna, and 20 MBit/s with an OPiZ-Antenna (ca. 1,5 m from AP). Though not impressive, this is significantly better the OPiZ WLAN performance - despite the identical driver(and close to the numbers reported by @TarableCode). Nice little board, though ...
  6. Orange pi zero random hangs

    Yes, you are correct. To soon. I remove them.
  7. Orange Pi One bootlooping with current armbian

    ... and (hopefully) fixed: a717f1a Funny how the problematic code here is identical to the "bad" example here.
  8. Boot process changed. Start with a new image and don't' update. I hope you understand that we don't care to provide any stability for testing images? They work or not. The file is one path up. Copy it there.
  9. ARMBIAN for Amlogic S905 and S905X

    I haven't tested these utilities on core 4.x I hope you are using a 64 bit system and installed the 32 bit multilib ? To all Update test image 4.14.0-rc1-next-20170922.
  10. Hello guys, I need my device to load armbian , autologin and run my application fullscreen. Can you give me a hint, please, what I should add into customization scripts ? Thanks
  11. VLC Issue

    What about with stock mplayer? Does it work OK?
  12. Looking for board for nas

    I can't agree more. I'll definitely try this and report back. If this small problem can be fixed, then there's suddenly good use for it.
  13. Armbian build farm

    Personally I prefer to purchase something that I can use in a later machine if possible - but this all depends on how you look at it. If the board is going to be busy doing a lot of work, then some cheaper but not-so-capable modules might be a better overall purchase, but I'll leave that up to you to decide. I've been there a couple of times. It's even worse when a product vanishes completely. Eg. you don't find 2.5" PATA drives everywhere anymore (they're still on eBay). Almost can't purchase them in Denmark from the stores (well you can, but they cost 3 times a SATA drive and there is only one to choose between).
  14. @spicedreams Fixed in sources.
  15. Pinebook install to eMMC?

    mmc-utils is already present in Stretch, and we could probably build it for older releases too, but can't give any ETA due to some HW related issues.
  16. Quick Pinebook Preview / Review

    Well, I don't know if adjusting these 3 values in the way they are set now everywhere was much by intention and not just by accident. By looking at a lot of similar values (like CPU frequency steps, DVFS OPP or DRAM clockspeeds) in the meantime I came to conclusion that whoever defines them in the first place can do almost what he wants (numbers not being questioned) while later it needs an insane amount of discussions/efforts to change such numbers again. After thinking somewhat about it given the PSU's 3A limitation and people probably attaching even a host powered USB disk to their Pinebooks having pmu_runtime_chgcur set that high seems questionable to me. These were the values we started with: pmu_runtime_chgcur = <0x1c2>; pmu_suspend_chgcur = <0x5dc>; pmu_shutdown_chgcur = <0x5dc>; And that's where we're now: pmu_runtime_chgcur = <0x708>; pmu_suspend_chgcur = <0x5dc>; pmu_shutdown_chgcur = <0x5dc>; (only change: increasing charge current on a running system from 450mA to 1800mA while not touching the other values).
  17. ODROID C2 - legacy only or not?

    Ah ok, thank you for the clarification. So if I do purchase a C2 for mainline use I shall be an "early adopter" as they say. I shall give that some thought. Cheers,
  18. 1920x1200 resolution?

    Does anyone know what to do to enable 1920x1200 resolution? I've done the xrandr newmode/addmode and it shows in the display app but doesn't work. At the command line... xrandr --output HDMI-1 --mode 1920x1200_60.00 xrandr: Configure crtc 0 failed The monitor and tinker board support 1920x1200 and it works with tinkeros.
  19. Asus Tinkerboard, I need to upgrade PSU?

    Update: I'm happy to report that my tinkerboard and northpada power supply - are still alive and in one piece (including the cables/connectors, yes I checked) - after being continually under load for almost three days. The board (under a GPIO connected fan) and psu got warm, but not hot to touch at any point, the microusb connection on the board, never once got warm. BUT: @tkaiser is right - even if the manner he goes about it is less than tactful - the board should be powered by GPIO. But in my case, headless usage with only a few devices connected, I don't foresee any issues. So if you plan on powering by the microusb connector (which isn't recommended ) it should be okay with a decent PSU, well in my case it is, but YMMV.
  20. Rock64 Mini NAS and media center, works?

    I would have a look at the docker swarm modes and kubernetes as the pi has had a lot of work with them. Not sure to be honest as used to be pretty on the ball with Samba4 but lost track if they have failover clustering sorted presume they will have. Samba isn't the problem as that is just a share but the actual storage maybe DRBD Have a browse through this blog but I am starting to think a FS such as LizardFS or Ceph is a better option with newer distributed SoCs.
  21. Rock64 image for server only. Why?

    Board is the development / bring up phase. There will be desktop image ASAP. Thanks.
  22. The VPU driver

    I will be looking at this tomorrow with Armbian, the 4.14 stuff and the various other odds and ends got me off course. I will try it on the intended kernel first, but then I'll see if it goes with 4.14.
  23. Yesterday
  24. Running Xserver on NanoPi NEO Plus2

    Just letting whoever looks at this know that the solution to my problem has been found. Sometime in the future I will post it here, just don't have time now. If you don't see it here within the month and you are looking for the solution feel free to give me a poke. Thanks!
  25. Le Potato (S905X)

    the USB port at the bottom closest to the ethernet port has dedicated bandwidth. "I found this here" sounds interesting, dual boot: We ran into an issue with dual boot Android and Linux due to the way Amlogic packages the Android. We are continuing to work on this.
  26. thanks, so def. a race condition where opi lib is faster then chown/chmod .. thanks, I'll try, it's acceptable solution for me if it works
  27. Add Support for RK3399 (2xA72+4xA53)

    I'm looking for a RK3399/RK3328 for a battery-powered mobile NAS/music player briefcase build. I want 4GB RAM for possibly using ZFS and replacing general home NAS functions. $135 with free shipping for 4GB RAM/32GB eMMC RK3399 model -- seems not a bad deal considering accessories. Powered by 5v 2a but I would replace that with 5v 4a for stability I think. Is there a reason to pay $199 for the Firefly RK3399 4GB model over this? I will be initially testing USB3 with a JMicron-based Mediasonic ProBox-type enclosure, which supports eSATA PMP and USB3 JBOD -- I have two 8-bay models that have worked well with ZFS for 8? years: started with MacZFS/Hackintosh, now archlinux, 2x raidz2, 5 Seagate+2 WD+1 HGST drive failure in that time. Using Linux since 1.2.6 so no issues tinkering/helping where needed ..
  28. Orange Pi Zero H2 Only Red blinking

    Dear Alberto. Thanks for your useful answer. I tried installing Armian Ubuntu 5.3. For it, I put the card in the device and tried direct ethernet connection. Not successful, it appears in the list of devices but does not ping and does not connect via SSH. In Win10 appeared a COM8 communication port over ELMO GMAS driver, as you mentioned earlier. Now i can connect and enter the user / password but only over COM. How u configure Ethernet to enable ping/SSH? Thanks. EDIT Router DHCP is enable. ifdown eth0 ifup eth0 Error LOG: Sending on LPF/eth0/e6:96:3d:ce:68:c2 Sending on Socket/fallback DHCPDISCOVER on eth0 to port 67 interval 3 (xid=0x77eafe5b) DHCPDISCOVER on eth0 to port 67 interval 3 (xid=0x77eafe5b) DHCPDISCOVER on eth0 to port 67 interval 7 (xid=0x77eafe5b) DHCPDISCOVER on eth0 to port 67 interval 11 (xid=0x77eafe5b) DHCPDISCOVER on eth0 to port 67 interval 11 (xid=0x77eafe5b) (continuos loop)
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