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  2. Hello; I tried again, wifi connected wthout problems wpa-wpa2 network with nmcli. Connect to open network not working with nmcli. I think , problem is a driver problem. It was tested wth external wifi card and connect to open network ok. But orange pi wifi card not connect to open network. Thanks. --- [ 726.849024] wlan0: authenticate with 30:b5:c2:ee:be:a5 [ 726.849131] ieee80211 phy0: ignore IEEE80211_CONF_CHANGE_MONITOR (0)IEEE80211_CONF_CHANGE_IDLE (1) [ 726.849148] ieee80211 phy0: Freq 2452 (wsm ch: 9). [ 726.849555] wlan0: send auth to 30:b5:c2:ee:be:a5 (try 1/3) [ 726.849798] wlan0: send auth to 30:b5:c2:ee:be:a5 (try 2/3) [ 726.849960] wlan0: send auth to 30:b5:c2:ee:be:a5 (try 3/3) [ 726.850580] wlan0: authentication with 30:b5:c2:ee:be:a5 timed out ---
  3. We don't care about CSC configurations, right? Perhaps its most commonly used, Raspian on RPi, is one of many. Answer = "Just do it." I don't care about RPi, otherwise it would already be in. I am just saying that if someone provides a working CSC it will be there and its future will depends on random people.
  4. This will only properly label the existing work done mainly by me in various branches. I started to develop some new feature, but perhaps more has to be fixed and rather make move to a new release. So "arm64", where most of the work and where naming is totally derailed from the actual work shell be renamed to new branch ... its an attempt to make it easy for others to join. If they have an interest, otherwise this will remain just my upgrade. But until nobody knows this is actually an upgrade, not just fixing one function, nobody even look into until its done. You can see what was already fixed, there are pleads what its nice to fix and perhaps some other have an idea to squeeze in some feature. Ideally this process shell be planned within Jira. This is not maintaining a separate LTS branch.
  5. Anyone ? Where to find driver for a FORESEE eMMC in armbian ? How to install it ?
  6. IIRC, @tkaiser did some tests and it may be the best or the best-compromise to use this for ZRAM. it says slack&whatspp... isn't already doing that? They want to close the gap between rivaling provider or so AND get some money to do so.. fair enough.
  7. did you now find a way to do it anyway, with as little people as armbian is?
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  9. it is not about the software, it is also about the people you attract and their expectation: Hmmm, but this works in raspbian, why not in armbian. Please fix it now.
  10. The question is not clear. Write details
  11. Negative. It's Armbian based. @tkaiser made those images solo for this purpose. Perhaps one day someone will submit a CSC configuration, like or ?
  12. Yes. Then its better to stay on generic versioning since Armbian is already not exactly the same as Ubuntu. We put a kernel in the centre and attach userland on that. Also add Debian's. This default/next/dev or legacy/current/dev already tells a lot about support status and since kernel is the thing we have now LTS around 4.19 ... which is good for most, while Allwinner is better to upgrade to 5.3.y and ASAP to 5.4.y when its out ... To not confuse with Ubuntu, we have probably only one option left -> 2019.10.n ... next major version 2020.02.n ... n for bug fix releases. Is this clear enough? It is unrealistic to properly maintain an LTS version at this stage. When we agree on this, branches shell follow this naming - clean out older. Master have version 2019.10.n, development (arm64 at this point) becomes 2020.02 or whatever its appropriate. Goal is that its clear at once where things are getting developed. - branches shell not go too far apart. Merging must be possible all the time. - critical fixes goes to both branches - other branches are open temporally only for features development - if any of those processes can be automatised, task should be put to Jira and version tags shell be set for the future in Jira. Clear rules, protocol of changing and communicating to the users ... and clearing possible points of confusions anywhere possible.. Can we define into the last detail, what would that represent? If someone knows exactly what shell be done, its easy and I am sure more people will be able to help. If we focus to master (2019.10) and development (2020.02) and if I focus only on development, someone should take care of current master branch. Merge bug fixes, while leave features for 2020.02. They need to be well tested. is ofc attached to 2020.02. One of the must-do tasks for the maintainer of this branch: In case a pull request with the fix or feature comes to the master (2019.10) it has to be shared upstream, to development as well. Also one should pull critical things from the development without any special request.
  13. OMV for Raspberry Pi should be based on Raspbian - which is actual based on debian (stretch or buster).
  14. I just came across this article (for those interested in the freedom aspects, per the title): I still haven't been home yet to play with those ODROIDs nor the IP cameras I ordered back in August. See what I mean when I say I have no time? :)
  15. if we have the same naming as ubuntu, people expect the same behavior (e.g. 20.04 being then a LTS version). I would consider being part of LTS on one kernel as long as we have a proper definition such a LTS "project" (e.g. features don't get back-ported, running boards more conservative to keep the maintenance coast lower). Without clear 'rules' what people can expect from a LTS-like build and what they can not, it doesn't make sense.
  16. I'll guarantee that it will be sufficient.. We even let US citizens write our documentation.. Honestly.. A bunch of people (including me) are not native native english speaker (and writer) so we'll never have 'the perfect' documentation.. But it's not the marketings department here writing some fancy stuff for the next hot shit.. It's that others understand how to do it. So as long as others can follow the instruction after your writing everybody will be fine with it. And if it's understandable or not can be tested by letting someone build under vagrant who didn't build before. that's just the old text we had there as well.. (but there are rumors that even some devs here sometimes build on native hosts - shh.. it's still not recommended. ) we just don't have that branch anymore (dev branch of buildscript).
  17. @Igor, @mother, I normally build with Vagrant, and things were working fine three weeks ago. I realize that the changes that were made two weeks ago moved some files that used to be in the "build" directory to have been moved to the "build/config/templates" directory. That is , for example, where the Vagrantfile is now. I just tried going to that directory and entering Vagrant up Vagrant ssh cd armbian ./ and the build has definitely started I am not sure whether this was the intent, that is, to have people build from the build/config/templates directory. Butdoing this right now this might solve Mother's initial issues. It looks to me like a lot of the changes made were actually for Docker, and I haven't yet had time to figure out whether the whole userpatches move has anything to do with Vagrant.
  18. I'd recommend keeping Kobol's option of the little clear window w/mounting holes on the front panel for the OLED status display.
  19. Hi adodago, sorry for the late response: this may not end up being helpful, but in the past when supplicant files for WiFi connectivity haven't worked for me I've used 'nmtui' from Network Manager to do the initial connection legwork, and then extracted the correct values out of the nmtui config files later. In my experience it's been able to connect to all APs I've tried.
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  21. Wondering what the OMV Image is made of. It is for the Raspberry PI, but is Armbian based.
  22. Sorry for misunderstanding. I was referring to HW sellers and makers in general. Some are better in this, some worse but I am afraid that its a common marketing practice to forget about that detail. When Pine64 (and other similar boards) appeared on the marked, their low quality board support package (boot + kernel) came with many closed sections - basically chip makers SDK. We/community had to reverse engineer, wrote from scratch, fix bugs. Most of functions of the Linux kernel are free but not the drivers you already exposed. That is IMO too expensive to hack, make from scratch and will probably never be. This means such devices will always need a black box to function. (I hope not) Its about how this device is presented to the public but if you look around ... Raspberry Pi. People don't care or have no idea what that means. Sadly. That's good to know, but we would probably need something with AC radio in 2020. Probably they choose 8723cs also because of Bluetooth. A compromise. Bottom up, there are no free phones.
  23. He did the implementation and last changes:
  24. Hi Igor, It seems that i didn't pointed out clearly what I am heading for. Sorry about that in the first Post i added: I already managed to build an running image. This Thread is about the Documentation. So I am willing to update the unclear points in the docs if my English is not too bad. I just need a tipp from someone who knows how vagrant/virtualbox building was intended to work, because i have no clue how this virtualisation stuff work in detail and what could mess up what ! for me version a) just worked find and i got a good running root-encrypted image. I just wonder if there are some cons to a) and some good pros for b)
  25. If you are referring to replicant I do not agree. I tell people purism has been misleading, omitting and vague about free software and their products. If pinephone gets on sale for the general public and it gets marketed as a free software or open source phone without detailing which devices on the phone require non free software in order to run then I will tell people the company misleads people. thinkpenguin told me, the usb 9271 wifi card is still being manufactured. And it should be able to fit in a phone. According to pinephone's irc they had not considered the ar9271 usb option. One solution might be to add a nano usb hub to a later pinephone mainboard. Pinephone's irc said, there is no sdio slave controller for the ar9271.
  26. Yet another version of IRC. This time for 8.5 MIO $
  27. Xfce work successfully with panfrost (mesa 19.2, nanopc-t4).
  28. Aha, my bad. Completely forget about that. If Vagrant magic doesn't work, perhaps just manual way by installing Ubuntu 18.04 into the VirtualBox? And then compile native inside that.
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