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First a short introduction

I am a Linux Noodle 

i recently bought my first sbc nanopi m4 v2 arm powerd board

idialy i would use linux fx to transit from windows envirement to linux.However most information (youtube Nico D) about using my new sbc uses Armbian as os.So i decidit to use Armbian to start with


this topic will be a collection of noodle questions

1)Armbian and gui...i find the default desktop plain ugly...

can i instal a other like cinnamon if not what other options do i have?(i dont care that mutch about resource use).

2) I know Armbian overclocks bye default to 2ghz/1.5...

however can i go higher with armbian if so what fille do i edit?

(my rig will come with water cooling)


3)nvme speeds...i found a linux guide that said u have to activate nvme gen2 to get to full speed do i need to do this in armbian aswell?


4)how do i set a swap fille under armbian?


5)Currently i am still reading the manueel /wikipage so far i havent booted the board itself.Can the 

board load  https://catanuniverse.com/en/game/  the browser version ?


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Since you mention @NicoD may I suggest you look at his other YouTube Videos because he covers installing other desktops , swap files and overclocking on Armbian and MUCH more.

He also has a fantastic video about his famous useful commands, you can download is useful commands and learn those, this would give you a huge boost forward in your learning.

After watching his videos you can post a comment if some things were not clear to you.




This is what I would do if I were you .



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13 hours ago, LNoodle said:

1)Armbian and gui..

IMHO, you will use it for a couple days. Then it will become a dust-collector. Otherwise this would be one of the very last thing to bother.


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