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    constantius got a reaction from lanefu in armbian added to the distrowatch list   
    Congratulations. Armbian is adedd to the distrowatch list.
    Already 2 years ago I submitted you to the list but then they refused to listen to me, despite the fact that RaspbianOS was placed a long time ago.
    I think that this will further influence the popularity of the venture.
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    constantius got a reaction from gounthar in support for RK3399PRO   
    Will there be support for the RK3399PRO processor? e.g. for a Rocki pi N10 SBC?
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    constantius got a reaction from gounthar in Orange pi One Plus Kernel 4.19   
    1.8 GHZ works with Orange PI image Xenial Desktop - kernel 3.10.
    These two fans are enough... Iam enable watch youtube 360pp.

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    constantius got a reaction from Jaroslav Lhotak in Rockchip RK3399   
    I have bought Orangepi RK3399 via aliexpress. On orangepi www site are img's files of linux dabian 9 and ubuntu 16.04. But this file not full system img that can be flash via RK_Android_Toll. They are precompiled rootfs files. According to the manual i have downloaded Linux4.4_SDK and build kernel ./build/ rk3399-orangepi. I also build uboot ./build/ rk3399-orangepi. i used existed roofs file debian9 and compile img system file ./build/ -c rk3399 -t system -s 4000 -r out/debian9.img. Then i entered hardware to the maskroom mode and ./build/ rk3399 -p system -i out/system.img. Finally i flashed system.img to the emmc memory. But when i plug in device i have black screen. Nothing is booting. Others people have the same problem. Something must be wrong with the precompiled roofts files or Linux4.4 SDK. People ask on orangepi forum about this problem but forums' admin say only "do things according to the manual". I must say manual is not clear. No other support from orangepi. Do you plan to build armbian for orangepi RK3399 device?
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    constantius got a reaction from gounthar in La Frite (AML-S805X-AC)   
    La Frite will be avalaible on november 2018. Now you can back it on kickstarter web page.  specs.; This is my proposal to support.
    Best regards
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    constantius got a reaction from raschid in banana pi single boards   
    after all, you know that you do not have to. so I asked through curiosity
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    constantius got a reaction from Igor in Brovo for a new look www page   
    Brovo for a new look www page. Good job... Excellent
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    constantius got a reaction from guidol in Orange Pi Lite 2 - H6 based   
    I also have orange pi lite 2 and one plus. Very cheap cost models. Ubuntu 16.04 downloaded from orangepi www works, i mean boot up..... they are beta version. should works only without GUI. 
    1GB of RAM and 64 bit system it is a misunderstooding. I installed XFCE4 and mate but when you install firefox or qupzilla, browsers eat your memory and hung system. In my opinion it is wasting of money.  Only 32 bit armbian can help these boards.... But i dont know if we will wait..
    PS H6 1.8GHZ is very fast i must say.