Orange Pi Lite 2 - H6 based

Chris White

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I would like to add the Orange Pi Lite 2 into the discussion of boards to support.  


Info from Orange Pi site - Pi Lite 2/



Hardware specification


H6 Quad-core 64-bit ARM Cortex™-A53


• High-performance multi-core GPU Mali T720
• OpenGL ES3.1/3.0/2.0/1.1
• Microsoft DirectX 11 FL9_3
• ASTC(Adaptive Scalable Texture Compression)
• Floating point operation greater than 70 GFLOPS

Memory (SDRAM)

1GB LPDDR3 (shared with GPU)

Onboard Storage

TF card (Max. 32GB) /MMC card slot


AP6255, IEEE 802.11 AC/bb/g/n, BT4.1

Audio Input


Audio Output

HDMI 2.0a

Video Input

A CSI input connector Camera:

Support 8 bit digital camera interface

Maximum still capture resolution for parallel interface to 5M

Maximum still capture resolution for parallel interface to 5M

Video Decoding

H265/HEVC Main/Main10 profile@Level5.2 High-tier ;4K@60fps, up to 6Kx4K@30fps

H264/AVC BP/MP/HP@level5.1, MVC, 4K@30fps

VP9,Profile 0/2, 4K@30fps

AVS+/AVS JIZHUN profile@level 6.0, 1080P@60fps

Video Outputs

HDMI 2.0a TX with HDCP 2.2 output

Power Source

DC input, USB OTG input can supply power



USB 2.0 Ports

One USB 2.0 Host, one Micro USB 2.0

USB 3.0 Ports

One USB 3.0 Host

Low-level peripherals

26 Pins Header

GPIO(1x3) pin

UART, ground.


Power led & Status led

IR Receiver




Supported OS

Android, Ubuntu, Debian

Interface definition

Product size

69 mm × 48mm



Orange Pi™ is a trademark of the Shenzhen Xunlong Software CO., Limited


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Donate and support the project!

IMHO a board bring up proposal for a new SoC, like the H6 should be a bit more informative than just copy paste the information provided by the boardmaker... Especially when they are two threads about H6 boards still here:


I think it's to early for a 'board bring up'. Both boards available at the moment are of minor interest (OPi One doesn't provide USB3,  OPi Lite2 doesn't provide GbE). The first interesting board IMHO is the PineH64:


Edit: Ok, pine64h is also available

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Thank you for the criticism regarding the board bring up process, this was unknown to me. 

I don't have any further information regarding this board aside from what is publicly available as this is not my area of expertise.  My hope was to begin the discussion and offer my assistance where I can.  FWIW, I do have this board and am more than willing to loan it out / assist with testing where possible.


Your thoughts on it not being of much interest may be true but I disagree personally.  While it doesn't provide GbE, it does offer the USB 3.0 port so expansion possibilities are there.  I've tested the stock Android image from Orange Pi with a USB 3.0 hub / GbE combo adapter and it worked great allowing me to mount several USB sticks and provided GbE networking I have not yet tested throughput on the GbE adapter using this board but previous iperf tests on other devices put it at about 900 Mbit/s.


My personal goal for this board is to use it as a media player on my TV so ultimately, a working Android image is all I need but considering it's low price and USB 3.0 line, I think having Armbian support for this board would be a great option for others.  

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I got one on my hands as of yesterday, I played around with OPi provided Ubuntu server image, but it is terrible.


I would love to start working on support for this board as for me it looks as quite interesting option.


Wireless chip there reports 2(!) bands and AP+managed mode combination, which means I can use it as Wi-Fi extender and other nice things.



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I also have orange pi lite 2 and one plus. Very cheap cost models. Ubuntu 16.04 downloaded from orangepi www works, i mean boot up..... they are beta version. should works only without GUI. 

1GB of RAM and 64 bit system it is a misunderstooding. I installed XFCE4 and mate but when you install firefox or qupzilla, browsers eat your memory and hung system. In my opinion it is wasting of money.  Only 32 bit armbian can help these boards.... But i dont know if we will wait..

PS H6 1.8GHZ is very fast i must say. 

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1 hour ago, radek said:

Igor Could you build 32bit  armbian for H6 orange one plus? Please

At this moment we don't support 32bit target for 64bit CPU's and we don't support this board either. Perhaps in a few weeks or months. If you want to get things done quicker, take over some work:


29 minutes ago, Palmaborn said:

Ok guys. SSH it's ok. But I want X! :) I need GUI)) It's impossible?


Even this was near to impossible.

You need to stay with Allwinner stock 3.10.y kernel, which we will not touch, for next couple of weeks/months if you want to have X. According to my experiences, this kernel will remain labeled as development/testing at least by the end of this year.
It is "simple": start porting video drivers (they are actually already developed but need to get matured) and push your solution to the build script.

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ok i have made donation 20 euro for you.... i can build img file for pine H64 or Orange pi based on H6 allwinner cpu. I have free time but iam not developer.  do you have prepared build for pine H64? Im intereresting debian 9  also Ubuntu bionic 18.04 + X window xfce support

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i just copied pine64.sophine and edit...




# H6 quad core 4GB SoC GBE
MODULES="sunxi_codec sunxi_i2s sunxi_sndcodec 8723bs"  ???????????????????
CLI_TARGET="bionic:default"   ???????????????????

RECOMMENDED="Ubuntu_bionic_default:90" ???????????????/


please correct

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3 minutes ago, constantius said:

ok i have made donation 20 euro for you.... i can build img file for pine H64 or Orange pi based on H6 allwinner cpu. I have free time but iam not developer.  do you have prepared build for pine H64? Im intereresting debian 9  also Ubuntu bionic 18.04 + X window xfce support


Thank you. Remember, donations are unconditional, like love.

Well, we still need to find another 99.9% to get your wish funded or we do it virtually for free :P Since most of the work is done for free it is done when it is done.


1 minute ago, constantius said:

there is not pineh64 in config/boards

i guess orange pi lite 2 and one plus also


First build is months away from end users level and there is nothing I can do. Build targets are hidden to limit down wasteful support questions. If you are not a developer, there is a test build and that's about it. Remember, we don't provide any support for development versions since this is stupid, wasteful and expensive. Supporting development - teaching and explaining one to one (since they are unable to use search) to newbies - you need to double the expenses of the development.


8 minutes ago, constantius said:

please correct

You are wasting time.

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3 minutes ago, constantius said:

as I said, I'm not a programmer. So I'm basically not useful .... sory

You wanted to start with almost the most difficult problem which is hard even for a group of most experienced programmers :) In case you want to contribute to the project, there are plenty things to do for people who are not technically skilled. I already expose a few and yet another very specific one:

Upgrade whatever build you have to the latest beta (rather few different version since the output is kernel and board dependent) and update the manual for armbian config. This way you help programmers which have to write this down: (and they usually hate doing it, while some people love this job) (in case you are perhaps skilled video producer, do a video)


How to edit:

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I can upgrade some builds for example for orangepi boards... I can even test it because i have orangepi H3, H5 A64, H6. tinkerboard and miqi. But when something go wrong i will have stupid have no time to answer you are not for me to help.. I understand it. i dont know.... i downloaded build environment and i can build armbians debian stretch and ubuntu bionic... and update the manual.


I am disabled and currently not working. I have free time. I have a damaged left hand so writing is bothering me. But I will be releasing new updates, whether it's the kernel itself or new imgs. I know little linux. Bionic was supposed to go out today. I can build img based on bionic ...

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1 hour ago, Alexander Pestryaev said:

I've tried to build an image for pi lite 2 and it was built, but it doesn't work.

Quite normal. Upstream u-boot and kernel changes are severe and things break all the time at boards which are under development. IMO they are at least half a year away from the end user stage.

1 hour ago, Alexander Pestryaev said:

Did anyone test that image?

Automated builds made for developers and testers are never tested. Manual testing is expensive and nobody covers that. This build might work: 


A modern kernel is still far away from stock functionality. Video driver does not exist yet, so you need to use a serial console.

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Anyone has tried kernel 5.2rc1?

I think Cedrus driver support should be available by now.

Even in 5.1.y kernel the VPU part was working, as sunxi said.

Anyway, Has anybody tried desktop build? If I want to, is there a repository or something else I can download the image from instead of building it myself?

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