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  1. The first full paragraph in the instructions says:


    Note: If you have previously run other distributions on the box such as coreelec the below installation will not work.  You will need to restore the original android firmware before attempting the install.  coreelec changes the boot environment in ways that are incompatible with these Armbian builds.


  2. Based on your question, I don't think you really understand what Armbian is.  First off, armbian is the build framework used to build images for SBCs.  Secondly Armbian maintains source code for kernels and uboots for various SBCs.  An Armbian image is basically the output of the Armbian build framework that combines Armbian kernels and boot environments with essentially stock ubuntu or debian user environments.  Armbian isn't really a separate linux

    So in some ways what you are specifically asking for doesn't make sense.  But I do understand what you are trying to accomplish.  You essentially want the armbian build framework to combine your kernel/uboot with the ubuntu/debian userspace to create an image.

  3. Emmc will be faster and emmc is more more reliable (i.e. supports more writes before wearing out) than an SD card.  Though as you point out, an SD card generally provides more storage.  Also the quality of SD cards varies tremendously.  With SD cards if you pay a premium you can get a good reliable card, but many are inexpensive and low quality.

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