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  1. What dtb are you using? what uboot are you using? what menthod to invoke multiboot are you using?  Have you used any other build on this box?  In order to help you, you need to provide every detail of what you have done.  You originally posted this in the HA thread.  So I was assuming that you at least had basic armbian running and you were trying to install HA on top.

  2. So you mention the ophub builds.  Just so you know those builds are not Armbian builds.  They are a fork of Armbian and use the Armbian name without permission.  They do not participate in Armbian development nor do they participate in these forums.  So any ophub questions need to be directed to them, not here.


    So you say the armbian community build doesn't work, but you provide no information on what is failing.  I'm not a mind reader so I can't help you if all you tell us is that it doesn't run.

  3. I know you mentioned this elsewhere, but I thought I would point it out for those that stumble across this post.  Notice that they even go so far as to change the markings on the CPU to say it is something that it is not.  It is also common that manufacturers will customize the android firmware to report incorrect ram/storage amounts.  So sell you a 2G/16G box that android reports as being that, only to find out it really only has 1G/8G of real components.  When it comes to these cheap boxes, the only thing that matters to the end customer is the price generally, so the manufacturers do everything they can to cut the cost.  Because when you have 100 boxes being sold that all essentially do the same thing, a consumer naturally looks to the lowest price to make their buy.

  4. 1 hour ago, alec said:



    These are not Armbian images.  Where did you get them?


    1 hour ago, alec said:

    u-boot.ext copied from u-boot-x96max.bin and u-boot-x96maxplus.bin

    This is not part of any Armbian image.


    1 hour ago, alec said:


    Images prior to current nightlies and after 23.02 are known not to work with the s905x3 based boxes.  But current nightly builds should work.

  5. 6 minutes ago, Alon djboy said:
    Uboot/Get Result/ Disk initial error

    Does the tool connect, see your box?  and allow you to choose your android firmware image file to upload?  What options are you choosing during the burn? 

  6. 19 hours ago, robertoj said:

    I was expecting it that the user overlays appear in the armbian-config utility... but my dtbo didnt show in the system>hardware selection options... is this normal?

    It depends on what you mean by normal.  Currently the OVERLAY_PREFIX for this board is set to: OVERLAY_PREFIX="sun50i-h616" as the overlays are currently being shared between the h616 and h618.  So if you rename the overlay with that prefix it should be picked up by armbian-config.

  7. Try a different SD card.  I've seen with recent kernels that  a lot of SD cards that I have are no longer are working, especially 64G and larger cards.  It you have a high quality 16G or 32G SD card try that.  I don't have this board so my suggestion may be completely wrong but it would be interesting to hear your results.

  8. 6 hours ago, Khadas said:

    didn't understand if the current official Armbian for S905 soc supports eMMC flashing, I read somewhere that it's not supported yet but I'm not sure.

    It depends.  Generally if you follow the installations instructions posted in the FAQ section on this site, then yes it is supported in most cases.  The one case that is known not to work is for the first generation of the s905 CPUs.  Chips labeled s905.  The second, third and beyond generations should be fine.  So the s905x (w,d,l, etc), s905x2, etc should work.  Just the first gen s905 is known not to work.

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