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  1. On 9/16/2023 at 8:34 PM, adrian0541 said:

    How can I determine the type of hardware I need to search the drivers for? How do I know my Wifi, Ehernet and sound hardware?


    I've installed Hardinfo from the APT repository and made a scan of the hardware if it helps. I Also Installed AIDA64 on Android.

    Generally the best way to determine your hardware is to open the box and look at what chips are installed (but that sometimes in tv boxes isn't helpful as the manufacturers are known to use chips with fake markings).  The other thing to do is to hook up to the serial console and review the uboot output and early kernel output.


    With arm based tv boxes and boards the hardware is made available to the kernel via the dtb file.  So it is the dtb that maps the kernel to the on board hardware.  So if you aren't using a dtb explicitly designed for your board/box you won't get working features as the linux kernel won't know what the correct hardware is.  That is why with these tv boxes where there are only dtbs for a small handful of them that you are unlikely to get all features working on a box.  This is why the suggestion is to try all the dtbs and find the one that is closest to your hardware (i.e. has the most things working).


  2. As I mentioned earlier, there are issues with newer builds and the uboots currently shipped in the distributions (things 23.5 and later).  So as others have noted if you have as s905x2 or x3 box you currently should use a 23.2 or earlier build.


    With 23.5 armbian introduced a new build system.  So everything about the build process for armbian changed.  There are two changes that I am aware of that are or may be impacting the amlogic tv box builds. 


    The first change is that the FAT partition is created differently than the old build system.  There are comments in this thread that indicate that may be an issue, but I haven't dug into this to know for sure.


    The second change is that the build system moved from kernel uImage files to kernel Image files.  This is to standardize all the armbian builds onto the same file type.  A uImage file is the kernel  Image file processed by uboot tools to add some additional info to the executable.  This used to be required for uboot to boot a linux kernel, however newer uboots can load plain kernel Image files directly.  I think the issue with the u-boot-s905x2-s922 uboot is that that uboot doesn't have the support to load plain Image files built in.  The u-boot-* files come from the work of balbes150 when he used to support amlogic tv boxes.  So they are about 4 years old and need to be updated to follow changes in uboot.  I started, but haven't had time to do this yet.  If you have a current build (post 23.2) there should be a file in /boot/build-u-boot/readme.txt that talks about moving to newer uboots.  This is based on the work by hexdump originally.  If someone could pick up this work and submit PRs that would be very welcomed.  It would be a good way for a developer to get their feet wet in understanding a key part of the support necessary to make these amlogic tv box builds possible.



  3. @adrian0541  It would be helpful if you mentioned in this thread which box you have?  (I realize that you may have originally posted that information but after moving things around it isn't in this thread).


    Also to your original question, in the extlinux file you should just reference the /dtb/  directory (not the kernel specific one).  The install/upgrade to new kernels will potentially remove that kernel and replace it with a new one and then your box won't boot as that specific file will no longer exist.  The files in the /dtb/ directory are a copy of those for the latest installed kernel, so by using that directory you are isolated from upgrades.

  4. @n3o  As a moderator of these forums, I have been watching your postings.  You are abusing these forums and the people that contribute to them.  (Everyone, especially @RaptorSDS and @jock have been very willing to invest a lot of time to help you)   However, repeatedly you have been given specific information that you ignore, been given advise that you ignore and then you come back with more and more questions.  There are very limited people resources working on Armbian (and even less with TV boxes).  You alone are consuming way more developer time than any one individual has the right to receive.  This is open source, and therefore users are needed to contribute as much as they consume in resources from the community in order for this to work.  This is not a school where you can come to be taught how everything works, demanding the attention of everyone else to teach you. 


    Your latest questions are now venturing into very deep and difficult areas of code (none of which is expected to work on these TV boxes as has been mentioned to you).  If you want to continue down the path you are going, you first need to become an expert at these topics on known working platforms, then you can try to apply that expertise on TV boxes.  You may not realize it, but the questions you are asking, are essentially asking for weeks if not months of developer help to get working, if it is at all possible.


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