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    Christian_ reacted to martinayotte in Allwinner H3 boards, use image on different board   
    It is in the default U-Boot environment, the default fdtfile is declared in board defconfig...
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    Christian_ reacted to soerenderfor in Rock64 CPU Overclock using cpufrequtils   
    sed -i "s/MAX_SPEED=.*/MAX_SPEED=1512000/" /etc/default/cpufrequtils
    "1512000" instead.
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    Christian_ reacted to chwe in HDMI-Monitor bricked tinkers today (next 5.60)   
    or... you SSH into a working SBC and use it's spare UART pins to ttl into the non-working SBC... 
    Likely to be one of the most silly things I've ever did with an SBC.. But hey, it works...  (at least @martinayotte will like it.   )


    do we have UART2 and UART3? at least on mine (4.14) we use UART3...  @TonyMac32? Or was it back then when we used UART2? Can't remember anymore..  
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    Christian_ got a reaction from Igor in [SOLVED] RT5572 Wireless Adapter does not work on my Rock64   
    The problem was the wifi region setting unset, this prevented to tune the radio to channel 1.
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    Christian_ reacted to Igor in No more images for Orange Pi 2 mini?   
    Orange Pi Mini 2 was never directly supported and yes, you probably can just use the image from Orange Pi 2. Disappeared boards appear here:
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    Christian_ reacted to guidol in ESPTerm - a nice Idea fore the Debug-Port   
    Yesterday I came across the following - for me - fine project (Demo-Page):
    ESPTERM Release 2.3.0 Cricket
    Its a VT100-Webpage-Terminal on a ESP8266-Microcontroller which opens a Accesspoint.
    You could connect via this VT100-Webpage-Terminal to the TTL-Port of the ESP8266.
    TTL-Connection is done (like allways in TTL-Connections) with RX,TX and GND
    I connected my Orange Pi R1 via TTL and 115200 Baud and could "work" at a (max.) Terminal-Size of 80x25
    (80x25 is max. in the downloadable binary - if you do compile by yourself mor is possible.... 132x50 would be fine )
    So if you have a misconfigured Network-Connection (missed the /24 in the IP of the server in nmtui) and you dont want to use a USB-serial-Dongle because every Dongle wats its own driver  - here a second solution