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    NicoD reacted to JrRockeTer in Nanopi-M4 SATA HAT   
    Thanks @NicoD Your videos are good, I subscribed and look forward to seeing more on the nanopi and the N2, I also must look if you have Asus Tinker board ones as I set up my DMZ on that and am about to set up a LEMP server with Nginx.
    Also thanks for the info on RecalBox and I'll look at the RockPI videos
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    NicoD got a reaction from Werner in Armbian Certification   
    Here you go ;)
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    NicoD reacted to martinayotte in H6 Famous Reboot problem   
    I must have done something wrong, because after another trial, it works !!!
    So, I will investigate to figure out "what are the differences between those 2 u-boots", because I didn't found any yet ...
    EDIT : Bingo ! The missing thing is CONFIG_NR_DRAM_BANKS=1, although the documentation isn't explaining why, but it seems that diffs between OPis and PineH64 revealed this.
    I will do full image for OPiLite2 and OPiOnePlus and see if this issue is definitively gone ...
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    NicoD reacted to martinayotte in Orangepi 3 h6 allwiner chip   
    I've committed stuff needed to fix those random MAC for both OPi3 and OPiOne+
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    NicoD got a reaction from lanefu in Armbian Certification   
    Here you go ;)
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    NicoD reacted to JrRockeTer in Nanopi-M4 SATA HAT   
    Thanks heaps for this, I'll have a look this weekend (I'm at work)
    Looking forward to moving on with it.
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    NicoD reacted to Shades_aus in RK3328 Media Script (Rock64, Renegade)   
    Just to recap for those that don't want to watch the video, here are my findings.
    Using board - Rockchip 3328 4GB DD4 Renegade (ROC-RK3328-CM) by FireFly.
    OS - Armbian_5.75_Renegade_Debian_stretch_default_4.4.174_desktop.7z
    Steps taken:
    - Install default Armbian image as seen above.
    - Download and extract JMCC's media Enhancement script ready for installation.
    - Update Armbian 5.75 image with apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade
    - Re-Ran media-script and firstly, only selected System and installed Glamor.
    - Re-ran media-script again, selected ALL applications except System (because I did it in previous step)
    - reboot the device
    - Icon corruption has now been fixed. The desktop is still nice and snappy. (Compositing is ON)
    - MVP player now plays 1080p sample video with CPU to spare. (acceleration seems to be working)
    - MVP works well in window resized mode or full screen. Both seem fine with CPU to spare!
    *- MVP 4k video is still not working properly in either Windowed or Full screen.
    - Chromium seems smoother in 720p mode, still a bit flakey, however, instead of crashing a refresh can be done. (CPU usage too high.)
    - Chromium is no good in 1080p or above in full screen or windowed. (CPU usage is too high, HW acceleration must be not working.)
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    NicoD reacted to PDP11 in FidoNet survival philosophy   
    Just a tip for something that has helped me from getting a heart-attack over the many years of online discourse....
    Back in the day (ugh-really?) there were only TWO rules for participation in the store-and-forward Fidonet system:
    1) Thou shalt not excessively annoy others.
    2) Thou shalt not be too easily annoyed.
    Breaking *either* rule, got you kicked out.   Strangely enough, rule #2 was broken more often than #1.   And it helps you grow a skin, no matter what is said.  Most importantly, it keeps you hacking, and not getting a heart-attack.
    For Devs, maybe the OpenBSD philosophy can cut through some of the angst:
    1) Here's what we're doing.  Hope you like it.
    2) Shut up and hack.
    Dunno - been through many Usenet and Fidonet flame-wars.  Not worth it.  DEC vs IBM vs Sun hardware yadda yadda.  Binary only distributions (talk about blobs!), with per-seat / per-cpu, and "bundled" apart so that you don't even get a compiler, (and your department won't pay for licensing - hence the glee over GCC) - don't want to break open the Unix-wars again...
    The point is, these "disposable" SBC's aren't worth getting a heart attack about.  Do what you love, but unless you are actually part of making your OWN board, don't get a heart-attack over it.  Or over clueless users like me.  Or devs that shouldn't even be reading this!
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    NicoD reacted to JMCC in RK3328 Media Script (Rock64, Renegade)   
    Cool one! It is the first time I see myself quoted on a YouTube video LOL. Good job.
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    NicoD got a reaction from pfeerick in RK3328 Media Script (Rock64, Renegade)   
    @JMCC The video is ready.
    I don't think it will get too many views. But it can help other frustrated users
    Thanks for the help.
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    NicoD reacted to munocat in My Journey with The Rock64   
    I ordered it of amazon, so it will be easy to return. I will look into the Odriod C2. TY
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    NicoD got a reaction from munocat in My Journey with The Rock64   
    I fear this is again not the best choice. I don't have a Le Potato. But I've heard there are some problems with it.
    I've got the Odroid C2 which has got the same specs. I love it. Hardkernel is for me the best in software support for their boards.
    I hope Le Potato will do you well.
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    NicoD reacted to lanefu in My Journey with The Rock64   
    Hi.. Le Potato is a great.. board.. but it's am Amlogic SoC, not AllWinner
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    NicoD got a reaction from munocat in My Journey with The Rock64   
    The M4 is also a RockChip. But the company behind it, FriendlyElec is a lot better with support. And almost everything seems to work well. I use it daily, I use it for Blender rendering, for video editing, for gaming, programming, watching youtube... The Rock64 isn't good for those things. It's best to use as a NAS.
    It was the first cheap one with USB3 + GigE. But Pine64 is just the worst company when it comes to software support.
    So the Pine64 boards or best for Linux freaks who like to test and tinker a lot. I would not advice it for a normal user. I've just made a video about the Media Script on the Rock64, and how to overclock it to 1.5Ghz. Now rendering and in an hour it'll be online. I say it many times there are better boards for these things...

    Good luck
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    NicoD got a reaction from pzw in NanoPi Duo2 support?   
    @pzwI also got one of those. I haven't tried any armbian on it. I did use images for the M1+ from FriendlyElec because they were better.
    Maybe the one from Armbian works.
    It is end of support. But could be a good base to build upon.

    I should pick it up again and try. I made a wifi cam with a small powerbank. But I'm not happy of the camera. Picture isn't stable.
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    NicoD reacted to pzw in NanoPi Duo2 support?   
    Hi @NicoD ; Looks like a good start for sure.  I also consider a learning project for me, since I would like to learn more about how the kernel etc works, so I can make the needed overlays where needed...  But for now I need to make sure they are loading! (Pretty critical step in the process!)
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    NicoD reacted to martinayotte in Orangepi 3 h6 allwiner chip   
    Yes ! I was blind, because I've only search in my stuff, the glitch was elsewhere :
    @megous , Megous 5.0.y branch has USB0-IDDET wrongly on PC6, one of the eMMC data pin, I've fixed it by assigning it to the good PC15 pin.
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    NicoD got a reaction from JMCC in RK3328 Media Script (Rock64, Renegade)   
    @JMCC Progress.
    I downloaded the image again. I downloaded the script again, I used another 4A PSU, an SD-card instead of eMMC, another wifi dongle. But still the same. After I installed the script, I reboot, open Chromium and play a video. After 2 minutes hard crash and the system reboots.

    Then I noticed the only thing I didn't change was my usb hub. I can't use my wifi dongles when they're plugged into the Rock64(can't find my network, but it finds all the others(also weird)), but they work external plugged in a usb hub. So I switched the hub for an extension usb-chord.
    I haven't had any crash since then. +3 hours now. I can't hardly believe this usb hub is the cause, and why that one kernel doesn't have the reboot with that hub. The hub does have a problem, when the Rock64 reboots, it doesn't turn on the usb devices at boot. So I had to replug them every time.
    Now I don't have this with the extension cable.

    I do still sometimes have the "aw snap". But not much. Mostly when it's on 1080p. 720p 30 is perfect(Youtube), 720p 60fps also doesn't work well. Some 1080p works perfect, most doesn't.
    I'll keep testing to see what happens. It's looking good now. The few "aw snap"'s are acceptable. I've watched multiple videos now.

    If anyone could try this script on his rock64 and see how Youtube plays in 1080p with Chromium/Firefox, that would be awesome.

    Sorry for the hassle. I hope it's ok now. The video is comming in a couple of days now. Thank you. Cheers.
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    NicoD reacted to lanefu in SOPINE Not working   
    merged https://github.com/armbian/build/pull/1324
    thanks @NicoD for doing the homework.
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    NicoD reacted to martinayotte in Orangepi 3 h6 allwiner chip   
    It is there on the commit I did on Friday ... I'm currently running 5.0.y from the eMMC ... Oh ! you're right ! I've the eMMC still on 4.20.y ... I must have forgotten some thing ... Now checking !
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    NicoD got a reaction from alex.scott.961 in Orangepi 3 h6 allwiner chip   
    Everything seems to be working very well. I've tested the USB3, works fine. +300MB/s.
    5G wifi works great (5MB/s)
    It is fast for a quad-core. Only my Odroid C2 can keep up when it's overclocked to 1.75Ghz + ram OC 1104Mhz. It can't keep up at stock settings.
    I've used a mid-large heatsink with a 5V fan connected at 3.3V and while maxed out for 2hours it didn't go over 52°C.

    Last time the temperature shot up to +70°C after a second maxed out. It's not doing this anymore.(I don't know why, it's the same heatsink, just another image)

    Now it does throttle at 60°C. It goes down to 1.3Ghz. So this is a big difference. Maybe this could be done a bit better. Example : at 70°C to 1.5Ghz and +80°C to 1.3Ghz?

    It stays at 65°C and 1.3Ghz with heatsink and without a fan.

    So without a fan you don't have a good performance right now.

    I couldn't get acces to the eMMC. Maybe this still needs to be added.

    Otherwise it's a joy to work with.

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    NicoD reacted to lanefu in Armbian-NG, armbian's little brother project   
    So I'm trying to be enthusiastic about this for you, but it's kind of a disappointment to post an announcement like this on the Armbian forum and literally not have any code.   
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    NicoD reacted to AndrewDB in Armbian-NG, armbian's little brother project   
    I would like to announce that I am getting started on an armbian-derived project, Armbian-NG. This is not a fork of Armbian, nor a rewrite, it's a derived project that piggyback's on the excellent work by Igor and the entire armbian development team. I think of Armbian-NG as armbian's little clumsy brother, who is just learning to walk but has great potential. 
    In as few words as possible, Armbian-NG will be a Python (set of) script(s) that runs natively on Aarch64 (64-bit ARM) hardware (running Ubuntu 18.04 or later) to build Armbian images. More details  can be found here: https://github.com/AndrewBCN/Armbian-NG
    As with armbian, anybody is welcome to contribute with code and ideas to Armbian-NG. And since no project is worth its storage space without a logo, Armbian-NG already has one. 

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    NicoD reacted to lanefu in SOPINE Not working   
    i made a patch from his tree and u-boot compiled.. I'll share an image and a WIP PR in a bit
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    NicoD reacted to martinayotte in SOPINE Not working   
    Right ! Only 3 small commits :
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