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M.2 NVMe SSDs for NanoPC-T4

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Hello to everyone ,


We have several T4 boards and can't get the NVMe SSD we currently have - Toshiba KBG30ZMS256GA - working ...

Tried different 4.4 kernels and various distros . The SSD itself proofed to be working in Mikrotik RouterBoard RBM33G . Before we buy some other NVMe SSDs to try , I want to ask for advise . 

Is it ok to get such messages from kernel :

# dmesg | grep -i pci
                   PCI I/O : 0xffffffbffee00000 - 0xffffffbfffe00000   (    16 MB)
[    0.119383] PCI/MSI: /interrupt-controller@fee00000/interrupt-controller@fee20000 domain created
[    1.540416] PCI: CLS 0 bytes, default 64
[    1.948302] phy phy-pcie-phy.5: Looking up phy-supply from device tree
[    1.948312] phy phy-pcie-phy.5: Looking up phy-supply property in node /pcie-phy failed
[    1.950471] rockchip-pcie f8000000.pcie: GPIO lookup for consumer ep
[    1.950482] rockchip-pcie f8000000.pcie: using device tree for GPIO lookup
[    1.950510] of_get_named_gpiod_flags: parsed 'ep-gpios' property of node '/pcie@f8000000[0]' - status (0)
[    1.950757] rockchip-pcie f8000000.pcie: Looking up vpcie3v3-supply from device tree
[    1.950858] rockchip-pcie f8000000.pcie: Looking up vpcie1v8-supply from device tree
[    1.950870] rockchip-pcie f8000000.pcie: Looking up vpcie1v8-supply property in node /pcie@f8000000 failed
[    1.950884] rockchip-pcie f8000000.pcie: no vpcie1v8 regulator found
[    1.950892] rockchip-pcie f8000000.pcie: Looking up vpcie0v9-supply from device tree
[    1.950901] rockchip-pcie f8000000.pcie: Looking up vpcie0v9-supply property in node /pcie@f8000000 failed
[    1.950913] rockchip-pcie f8000000.pcie: no vpcie0v9 regulator found
[    1.971648] rockchip-pcie f8000000.pcie: invalid power supply
[    2.471703] rockchip-pcie f8000000.pcie: PCIe link training gen1 timeout!
[    2.471905] rockchip-pcie: probe of f8000000.pcie failed with error -110
[    2.593787] ehci-pci: EHCI PCI platform driver


Our system is current Armbian

# uname -a
Linux boise 4.4.174-rk3399 #31 SMP Sun Feb 10 00:37:23 CET 2019 aarch64 aarch64 aarch64 GNU/Linux


The diagnostics is uploaded to


Many thanks in advance


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I don't know if this'll be useful to you, but what the hey...

When you say "the NVMe SSD we currently have", does that indicate a sample size of one? I can't comment on the error, though, beyond the obvious "It doesn't appear to work." (My board is currently out of service.)

Your Toshiba device appears to be M.2 2230 form factor with no on-board DRAM: more compact (and potentially difficult to mount on the T4) and generally more expensive and slower than other options. If you don't have an investment in it/them, I'd look for:

- M.2 2280 form factor, M key;

- PCI-e 2.1 or later (basically every M.2 NVME device);

- x4 width, as it's available (x2 is acceptable);

- On-board DRAM buffer.

Lots of folks use Samsung SSDs. I personally chose a Phison E8-based device (Liteon MU X), a v3 x2 device like the Toshiba but with on-board DRAM, because it was cheap ($28 on eBay for 128GB, new/sealed). As always with cars and computers, "How fast do you want to spend?" The Phison E8 can be outperformed by a good SATA SSD (or better NVME SSD, obviously) in saturation benchmarks, but that's an odd target application for a $110 ARM dev board.

Are you constrained by time (product research), money (choosing a known-good but potentially more costly item), or both (potentially having to purchase and test multiple devices to find an appropriate solution)?

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Yes, that Toshiba accidentally turned out to be the only M.2 NVMe SSD we currently have for testing. And looks like it's not a perfect fit.  We ordered a couple of M.2 2280 SSDs - Samsung & Kingston , and will test with them when they will be delivered. And we constrained by time and money   - don't want to waste them playing with multiple drives available on the market .. Thank you very much for your reply ! I'll update upon our results with Samsung and Kingston.

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Thanks to everyone who replied ! It was bad luck with Toshiba .

Successfully verified 3 different M.2 SSD models :

Samsung 970 EVO

Kingston SA1000M8

Intel SSDPEKKW128G801


All three are working just fine (as it should be) , Samsung is the fastest .


Beware of  Toshiba KBG30ZMS256GA !


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Hopefully, I'll be trying a Samsung PM961 512GB soon.  I had the possibility to get a Toshiba SSD and I'm choosing not to, at this point, thanks to this thread.  It may work, though.


I'm going to be trying it with the nightly Armbian Stretch with the 4.20.y kernel.  Have others been using this one or the build based on the legacy 4.4.y kernel?


I had tried the legacy build but had some issues so I thought I'd try to nightly build to see what happened and so far seems to be working fine.

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I haven't tried the most recent kernels, but video was a bit spotty with the mainline as of a few months ago. Looks like Rockchip's status page:


...hasn't been updated recently. Anyway, the 4.4.x has worked well for me, but I... have basic needs (e.g. NVMe not disappearing).

Rather like IBM (up to the '80s, at least), nobody gets fired for choosing Samsung SSDs. Pricey (compared to the NanoPC-T4), but reliable.

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I'm using it headless so I don't need a desktop or video.  I'm setting up OpenMediaVault and so far so good.


Are you saying that with 4.20.x there are issues with NVMe?  I would need to rebuild.  Where can I find more info on this.  I was having issues with 4.4.x and that's why I went with 4.20.x


As for the Samsung, well it's not new, so very reasonably priced, $130 CAD total.  The specs are great and I figure I will always be able to use it later.  Only about $30 more than the Toshiba I was researching.

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11 hours ago, ArmBoy1988 said:

Are you saying that with 4.20.x there are issues with NVMe?

"Were", at least, likely rectified by now. There were a few posts earlier this year.

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