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1 hour ago, Tido said:


Looks like 'old news' in the same thread 1,5 years ago


Yes that is old and only limited switch capability given.


1 hour ago, Tido said:

@Heisath  is this the latest news on the hardware front or is there another thread?



Correct that thread is pretty up-to-date. I have received the boards and confirmed the Power and Serial Mux is working (with minor changes). Currently we are developing the firmware for the sdcard muxer (STM32 based). The hardware of the sdcard mux seems good, I was able to connect a sd card to USB (and read with PC) and also to some SBC and boot it with reasonable fast speeds. 


The current step is advancing the firmware so it is possible to select which SD card to mux where via USB or I2C. 


You can check the state on the github

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On 2/26/2021 at 3:22 AM, Technicavolous said:

I get a message that I don't have permission to read that thread ... :[

Only initial communication, very much irrelevant, was happening in the private forum. Everything else is here, in this thread and on Github. 

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sorry for the late reply. Current state @Technicavolous Hijax and I are pretty busy at the moment so project is progressing rather slow, but:

Hijax is done with the final (?) revision of the power&serial mux board. You can check it out here:

Also we are working on the SD card muxing which is surprisingly hard: 

On the master branch I am working on the firmware for SD card muxer: (warning, the kicad files there are outdated. We should merge the branches).


Current state of the software/hardware combo is something like:

- Power/Serial working and controllable via i2c with a small script.

- sd card can be selected via I2C and gets accessible to the host with STM32 

- sd card can be attached to the slave. 


Main problem is stability and powering of the sdcards (related). Also there are some issues with the usb/mass storage driver in the STM32 but it is somewhat working. 



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