RK3399 Stable? Move subforum from Development to Bug Tracker?


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I have a suggestion for the moderators:


Please move the Rockchip 3399 subforum from development to Bug Tracker if its ok!


Most of the boards listed there: Nanopi Neo4, M4, NanoPC T4, Rock64PRO, Rock Pi4 are now marked as supported on the Armbian download page.

I read a comment from @Igor sometime ago (not able to locate right now) that the only thing holding back the sub forum transfer was a lack of moderator action.



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Armbian is a community driven open source project. Do you like to contribute your code?

I think with the next LTS mainline kernel this will be possible. Right now there are still a few odds and ends, RK3399 is not as well supported as RK3288, for example. It's far better off than RK3328 though. We have some fragmentation of the RK3399 boards due to bootloader difficulties with RAM, Rockchip has been extraordinarily slow to improve LPDDR4 support

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IMO there's no reason to rush here.. before we haven't cleaned some of the mess in bootloaders I don't see much of a reason to change things. Yes the boards run surprisingly stable, but there are still odds here and there. I think most of the overlay features are not fully tested (compile log at least indicates that some of them might need some inspection as well) and we still have various kernel sources for the bsp kernel which needs to be cleaned first, and as just noticed, the odds regarding rebooting starting again with the pinebook.. There isn't much of a difference between the bugtracker forums and the dev forum at all. 


And 4.4 kernel gets old (no matter it is supported well or not), so might hit the fallout of this with the next versions of debian/ubuntu. So the same thing happened with 3.4 on sunxi shouldn't bite us again (kernel to old for recent ubuntu/debian but a bunch of interesting features are only available there).


2 hours ago, aaditya said:

Most of the boards listed there: Nanopi Neo4, M4, NanoPC T4, Rock64PRO, Rock Pi4 are now marked as supported

they could be marked, "potential harmful to your family" and people would still use it productive... :lol: our "supported" definition is so generic (https://docs.armbian.com/#what-is-supported) that it means in fact nothing.. :ph34r: (I'll burn in hell for that statement I know).. At least when people run into problems they should be aware that things are working progress right now. Most basic seem to work without major issues, but for everything a bit more fancy (camera, display etc) there's not much tested and proved to work right now. Multimedia works only on half of the boards (those belong to rk3399).

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