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Use NanoPi Duo UART1 pins



Hi there,


i need some help with using the UART1 pins 8 & 9. I own a Duo with Ubuntu 16.04.6

I've installed a software that is able to send codes over the UART1 pins to my smart home system. The software is 'active (running)' but has no connection via UART1.


UART1 is enabled(npi-config) but i does not work. WiringNP is required for my software and installed.


Is there any point i've missed? 

Did i have to switch UART1 pins to in- and output?


One error i get:

Service Control Manager on computer xx.x.x.xx cannot be opened. You may not have permission to do this.


PS: These pins must work, i rebuild another thing that's works fine! Software configs are the same, that is not the problem.



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